Professional Development Planning For Strategic Managers Education Essay

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This Study is mainly focuses on the managers who need to be developed in professionally. The main aim for them is to develop a strategic plan for them to develop. This is the most wanted thing that every organization is lacking. So each and every organization needs to have some plans for developing their managers. The developing plan for the professionals is a responsible on the personal development section of an organization.

Here we have to identify the personal and professional skills related to the manager who seek to be a successful manager, but the importance of this identification should be to identify the existing skill and the imagination skill that need to achieve. So we have some kind of taught task to understand and clarify in this assignment.

And also we have to find out cases which the mangers who are able to achieve the organizational objectives and the meantime achieve their own goals in life. The managers who can make the environment according to the situation are the vital part to understand. They can take the more decisive actions that will boost the organization's missions.

Here we have to understand the manager's skills according to help the organizational strategic plans. Also we have to provide a strategic plan to develop the manager's skills. This is very crucial part that every manager doesn't suite in a common plan.

Finally we have to provide a persona development plan which is according to the findings that we got from the information gathered.

In nutshell we have to find out or to understand the skills that are directly related to decision making of the organization to change the direction of the organization.

Identify the Personal and Professional Skills and providing Methods to improve them

If we take a manger that is popular in success of his life we can find the right person to identify the right skills. Every successful manager has some skills on their success. And the skills that are unique in their life. For successive strategic manager we need to identify some skills related to managerial level and also some skills that are coming inside of successive man/women.

Once we take skills that are belonging to a successful manager those should be in line with the strategic goals of the organization.

And also we have to understand the strategic goals of their own life are also fulfill under this skills as well.

We can identify few personal skills that are not related to the professional skills. But if we take that in to analyze and make some critical evaluation we can find out that most of the professional skills are the same in personal skills. Any way we can list down and analyze some of the personal skills that are related to the professional skills developing.

Here we also discussed the practical methods to develop and improve the skills as well.

Analyzing information skill - this is the most important skill that one should have. Not only the managers but also all the people must have this as the personal skills of their life as well. When we understand some cases we need to know the exact information regarding that. And we are able analyze the information we got and be able to take a quick decision regarding that is must for all.

Here we can also use our knowledge to this decision making process. So we need to analyze the information correctly and according to the knowledge we have we can make the change immediately. So this is very vital skill that we must have to be a professional player.

Communication Skill - the most wanted skill for a successive manager. This is most important especially for a manger who is handling a crowd. He/she must be able to make the right command in the right time to the right person. So this is one major changing way that a manger must have.

With an effective communication we can make any changes in any kind of organization. Manager must have the ability to speak the needed statement or speech is very important. So the others may have the clear picture by delivering the mush needed speech or the statement.

Making/Designing Skill - this is the crucial and very special skill a manager must have when he is in the operation work. In the strategic plan we have many targets that need to cover up by the ground workers with the guidance under manager. So if the manager is a typical persona who doesn't have the skill of changing the design according to the situation it will be a huge issue in the successive strategic goal achievements. When there are any environmental changes happens in the outside and the inside of the organization the manager must have the ability to understand and change the whole process according to the situation.

We must have the ability to see the future of the happening and make some corrective decisions according to the changes.

Solving problems Skill - this is equal important skill than all the other skills we have discussed. Any way without this problem solving skill any manger cannot survive. Everyone must have the ability to approach the problem that need to be solving immediately. The solving problems are an art. Here we need to know the few other skills that related to solve the problems.

The art of solving problems have few stages we can identify is the most important things. Gathering information is one major skill that we must have when we are going to solve a problem. The approaching part, finding alternative, solving methods analyzing are the main parts of problem solving. So we must have some personal qualities in addition to the all of above skills. Here we have to have more than two skills to solve any organizational problems effectively.

Planning skill - every manager is a good planner if he is successful. Manager has to make the decisions according to the strategies which were made by the board of directors. So when we come to the practical situation of the organization we may have hell lot of issues on the strategies made by the BOD. So the manager has immense responsibility to protect and achieve the goals set by the top management.

Everyone has a dream on their mind. All the people are trying to make their dream come true. So they are working according to that aim on their mind all the time. They have their own plans and it is also align with the organizational goals and strategies.

We also have to discuss the personal quality of the persons or the mangers. So the qualities that are related to the professional skills have to consider. The quality of skills is depending on the personal qualities. We can identify some few personal qualities as follows.

Calm, Sensitive, confident, punctual hard working, responsible, Strong team worker, trustworthy, well organized, leadership, enthusiastic, adaptable, polite are some of the personal qualities that a manager must have with in him/her self

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Personal Skills Audit

Here we have to understand the auditing skills that e have and make a personal skills audit. The important of this plan is that we can identify our strength and weaknesses and the areas we have to develop can be analysed according to that.

Here we have to identify the skills areas that are not related to any development needed. But as we mention on the above we have to focus on those and those are also so much important to develop our personal skills audit report.

Here we have following areas that need to be filled and analyse by our self. So the first part of the personal skills audit is focusing on the skills that need to address ourselves. We have to identify and assess the personal skills we need to establish. And then we can find out whether the skill we defined can do for me? For answering this we can categorize this in to three main parts where we can do it well, OK but need more practice, and finally I can't do this. After making a self-decision we then find out whether the skill is really needed for me or the importance of the skill. So collecting all the skills details we have a good self-evaluated personal skills audit form that can be useful for our personal development plan as well.

We can make a chart as follows for our convenience.


I am sure that I can do this.

I am not sure but think OK, but need more practice.

I am unable to do this or I can't do this.

What is the important rate for this skill, Urgent/normal/not important

This is a quite popular personal skills audit form. We can list down some of the vital parts of the personal skills areas. We also discussed these in the above as well. But in this we need to be systematic.

Organization of learning skill area - here we have to identify the following points that are related on the organization.

I have time management strategies

I can prioritize my works and the activities that are related to internal and external

Can I work for the deadlines?

I am very well know that I need to learn more effectively

So in this kind of questions we can get the information where we are and where we are heading at.

Note making and Reading skill area - this is more important to managerial level workers. Each and every one need to read for getting more information as well as gathering knowledge exposure from the outside modern world.

Do I know which kind of books I need to read?

Do I have places or books for keeping the records?

May I using the most appropriate method to read?

Can I make a short note when I am in an important meeting or any other activity?

Is there any place or book that keeps my information stuffs?

Note making is very important when it comes to giant multinational organizations. But any how they are using the modern technology to make the world easier. So the reading will bring you a new life or the massive advantage for developing a quality skill that will guide you to the success.

Information seeking Skill Area - every manager or anyone who are planning to become a successful professional person needs to know the many things updated. So he/she must have some knowledge in information systems that they can get the information easily.

Can I use the resources based on the information systems in library?

May I know the information sources indifferent kinds?

Can I search information by using electronic sources?

Can I use the searching gateways that are in the internet?

Do I have the ability or the knowledge of evaluating the information I get?

So these are the self-evaluation questions that we need to know ourselves. We can get the real picture of how we can handle the information systems and sources to become the professional developed manager.

Communication skill area - this is the most important aspect as we mention in above paragraph. So let's find out what are the questions we need to answer in this regard.

Can I express my views to others clearly?

May I have the guts of speaking in front of peoples?

Do I making any plans before I speak or making a presentation?

Can I use the visual aids while doing my presentations?

Do I work as a member of a team?

Can I appreciate the views of others?

So these are the communication self-evaluation questions. If we are doing a skills audit in we must have these kinds of questions that should be answered by us.

Working with number of people skill area - this is common for any manager or leader who is working in a top level of the organization. And also we have to work with people who are in different backgrounds and different ethnic, political, cultural views. So we must have the ability to handle these people and respect their views in different areas of speciality.

Do I have the confident to express my views to the team?

Do I know how to tell my commands in a right time?

Can I get works done from the people I have?

What kind of plan do I need to have to handle these people?

These are the simple thinking that will make the evaluation tells about the ability of handling the people in a same time.

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Personal Development Plan

First we have to have a statement objective according to the personal goals that we need to achieve. We also have to have a personal skills audit before making a personal development plan. We can have following few questions to answer and find out the position where we are now.

Personal development Planning

Did I identify my personal goals to achieve?

Am I got the full awareness on my SWOT analysis?

Can I identify the opportunities that I am having right now?

Can I make my personal development plan without any hesitations?

So these are the simple questions that we need to answer for making the personal development plans.

Any way firstly e must have our personal vision/mission and goals according to the SMART. That is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound should be the goals we have.

So according to the goals we have with our own we can identify our strength and weaknesses and also threats and opportunities as well. We must have this SWOT analysis first so that we might know where we are heading to. So after having the SWOT we then go straight to the personal development plan.

We must have the following criteria in our personal development plan.

It must be a Clear cut - we can have the information or the plans clearly.

Clearly define why I am making such plans.

It should be focuses on the personal goals I define.

In every personal plan we must include,

Our life future purposes

Our dreams or the big picture we are willing to see

Our values those are brief in the plan

Final output or the product that I am looking to be

The ways I did wrong and mistakes and steps taken to correct those

The well successive parts in life and the path

So these are the ingredients of the personal development plan. And we have to make our personal development plan according to these criteria. We have to use the personal development planning tools to make our plan a clear and effective one. The tools are,

Events - we must have the clearly defined events that we are going to do.

Mentors or the supporters - we must have some guidance for successive. It is good if we can find some superior person to monitor us or give guidance according to the goals we need to achieve.

Educational materials - these are needed to make the exact goals we need to accomplished. So we may not go the wrong way if we use the right books and journals. This is also good that we can read some ex-successive personal profiles.

(Source: Department for Education and Skills (2003) Management and Leadership Attributes Framework. DFES Leadership and Personnel Division, April 2003.)


In this study we have to identify the important of the personal and professional development for mangers. But from the beginning we need to assess the skills and the capabilities that need to be a good manger.

Here we discussed the personal and professional development plans that are related to the organizations strategic plan. So we need to understand the limitations of the personal and professional development bodies. So then we also had look in to ourselves. That by making a personal strategic audit or we can say that this is a self-evaluating system. After conducting that kind of personal skills audit we can clearly identify the areas which we need to focus on more.

According to the personal skills audit we can make the personal development plan. So after having the personal development plan we can align our lives according to the organizational goals.

We have a skills audit plan in this study which will help us to make a self-evaluation and also helps us to take corrective actions according to the areas we need to improve.