Positive and negative effects of globalization


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It is very crucial point for the china in terms of "globalization". For china its always seems to be two sides of coin. It brings both advantages and disadvantages. But it is important to convert disadvantages in advantages with tidal wave of globalization by implying the strategy into correct matter. ("http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/dsjh/t27161.htm").

China had found their own way to cope up with the things according to their national conditions. In the past few years they maintained the growth of over 9.3% on average. So china is in category of developed country. They have implemented the socialism with their own characteristics. So due to globalization they become the 6th largest economy and 5th largest trading country. Their opening to another world is quite complex. That is for developed and developing countries both not in the field of economic but also of social development. During their strategies they paid full attention to comparative advantages so it resulted into good technological and capital development. The negative affect could be seen as the economic crisis that they are facing due to lack of management. But it is more advantageous. The important thing to be noticed is: The United Nations reports that the trend of globalization has made "the poor poorer and the rich richer".

China's contribution to economy growth is remarkable. China's economy is one of them which could be steady when the world economic growth remains weak. They are successful to escape from the poverty of past. Billions of consumers are gaining from the low prices and high quality of Chinese goods. They gave chance to medium and small overseas entrepreneurs to invest and also put the nice image in the investment. Their standard of industrialization also increased and its international competitiveness also strengthened. Due to globalization, china provided the big rising market. So after all, impacts of globalization on china can be viewed as a growth of china worldwide. ("http://www.lotsofessays.com/viewpaper/1709936.html")


The main aim of this research is to identify the marketing strategy adopted by the Chinese company. The main focus would be on the decision that they have made. After reading this report one can able to understand the current position in the market and their status. The data which has been gathered is totally based on the electronic sources.

The company named "china air" established few years ago and they succeed to maintain their shares in market. Their venture extended rapidly. They operate four sectors: Airline, Engineering, Airport terminal services and others like catering. "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_China"

Their marketing strategy was to build a strategy on a genuine understanding of the customer's true needs. They decided to eliminate the short-term suppliers where possible, they integrate the quality factors to enhance the marketing strategy. For that they have used technology at their best. They made many mistakes as well. They were competing with world leading giant airlines as well as local small operators at a same time. This can create the possible confusions about the brand in the market. So, many of the service initiatives and practices are replicated easily. "http://managers.emeraldinsight.com/quality/articles/pdf/air_china.pdf"

The growth of the last 10 months is shown here. They jumped 11 percent, the most since April 29, to HK$7.52 as it resumed trading following a two-week halt. They know how to invest or use money wisely. In addition, they jumped 253 percent in Hong Kong trading in the past year which is very big in terms of growth compare to any company. "http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-03-12/air-china-advances-most-in-10-months-on-share-sale-update2-.html"


This literature contains the information based on the electronic database. To support the data interviews and observations could be taken as a part of evidence. The information which is provided here is precise and logical. The data could be gathered by interviews of customers, feedback of customers and the opinions of stakeholders as well. The methods are different but at last one can able to understand the scenario behind the study.


Like other companies china air also faced so many hurdles. But due to strategically plan they won the market and easily maintain their place into market. There were loopholes in the management as well but they quickly overcome from it. So this is how any entrepreneur has to work for his newly establish firm.


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"Despite its work relief elements and large government programs, the New Deal is best understood as a defense of Chinese capitalism because its main programs attempted to create a stable environment for private enterprise"

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