Population and environment degradation

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Population and environment degradation

Geography of China

Population is gathering of human beings on the earth, as in biology, a population is a set of inter-breeding organisms of a particular species. Over population is not a threat only for that certain country but the whole world and its environment. There are many environmental problems in the world are caused by the population size. Increase in population means less of everything such as, food, water, tress, animals, etc. and increased in houses, electricity, power, transportation, etc. The bigger the population the more cause of the global warming. As we all know, “global warming” is the currently major and biggest cause to the environment by vehicles and ozone due to the population growth. That is directly impacting the world's environment and by this we are putting ourselves and our innocent wildlife in danger by causing water shortages, soil erosion, loss of forests, air and water pollution. Moreover, increasing population all over the world will be hard to survive for humans. Since human continuously destroying natural resources, developing countries like China and India facing problems of living of standards.

A rapid growth in the population can make our planet dangerously unstable. The impacts on the environment due to the population size can affect the uses of natural resources, production of wastes, air and water pollution, etc. The water and air pollution can be harmful to the human health too, such as, air pollution can cause respiratory diseases and water pollution can cause water borne diseases. Furthermore, natural resources, for an example forest is an key function in increasing the environment by controlling ecological balance, such as, maintaining soil fertility, conserving water, regulating water cycles and flood, balancing CO2 and O2 substance in atmosphere. By destruction of forest means we are cutting the tress which are producing oxygen (O2), building new homes and produce waste and dump them into water that affects the Marine life. In addition, more human begins on the earth equals more usage of transportation and an increased in vehicles. The more use of transportation means the more CO2 produced in the air. CO2 causes the air pollution that is harmful to the environment. Increased use of petroleum products causing air pollution and ozone that results in global warming, affecting whole ecosystem. Record indicates that about 3 million die from pollution each year (Fischlowitz-Roberts). Population size can affects the greenhouse gas emission. The effect of fuel increases the consumption levels. Greenhouse gas emission can causes problem to health as well as to the globe. Moreover, a rapid growth of population means building more houses therefore more electricity is being used. Also, more people then more food being consumed therefore more trash is being produced. Increase in food means increase in water and chemical usage.

Due to the population growth it leaves many affects on the environment as well as on the people's lifestyle. A negative effect on the environment causes many health-related problems. As I have mentioned earlier, many different factors or types of pollutants can affect people's health. For an example, air population can cause respiratory and cardiovascular system, gas consumption, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide can be fatal to health, etc. In result, people's health insurance or bill will be high. Also, smoking can cause cancer and pollutes the air that can affect the environment.

Historians are predicting how people will react over food and natural resources that they are using for survival. The population is increasing day by day so we, as the globe need to be cautious about certain things that don't harm the environment. On a personal level, I would definitely favor the population control for a better environment, because better environment means better life/health. By controlling the population you can lessen many affects on the environment. If medium population and/or not over or under population then every individual needs will not be highly demanded. We will not need to produce more food, therefore less waste and less waste means less burning. Also, the energy requirement is as much important to a human being as food. The major source of energy is oil, so if it is overpopulated then more oil will be needed where we are dependent on foreigners. The usage of the vehicles will be less so the air will not be polluted much. Furthermore, diseases that are caused by pollutants will be less.

After taking the Lifetime survey, I realized that there will be many people out there who will concerned like me to become environment friendly by saving energy, which means saving planet. I still did not achieve hundred percent yet, that means there are few things I need to changing in my lifestyle too. First of all, I most recommend people to change light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs because it does what it says. I did notice the significant difference into my electric bill. I also observed at my friend and family house that their thermostats set at redundant temperature. One technician advised me to set my heater in the winter at 680F or below, 780F or above in the summer and hot water heater to around 1350F. Another thing for my house, personally I use reel mower to cut lawns instead of gas mowers. Since I have farming background from India, I pile banana peels, grass clipping, etc. into the yard and compost which also makes plants healthier rather than using chemical pesticides. I agree with survey that we should use solar energy to dry our clothes. It might take our little extra time, but in long run worth it. With more, people must consider using public transportation if they can. People must walking or riding a bike to the corner store. Again most importantly, turn off appliances if you done using them.

I think it was necessary to control the population rate the way it was increasing, otherwise we may destroy our standard of living. As a result population got under control but it had caused other problems like age structure of overall population and abnormal sex ratio. If no more than two or three children policy will imply regardless of which sex then these problems might solve at some extent. People must understand the simple logic, that the limited resources of a family are ideally shared when they are only two children. So every person, every family needs to participate in the population stabilization movement. People around the world needs to be more educate to save this world and from the environmental problems. To save from the air and water pollution, as individuals and as a country, we need to educate the people and uses of efficiency vehicles and appliances. In addition, individual should learn how to run the cars and other appliances on solar energy, electric power, etc. in order to be a clean environment. By doing that, it reduces the greenhouse gas emission. GM motors or any car company needs to make 100 % electric car that doesn't pollutes the air and it will keep the environment safer. It will not only reduce air pollution, but also due to less fuel consumption it will not cause any problems to health, such as respiratory or cardiovascular system or any other illness/diseases. An important aspect to save from the environmental problems due to rapid population growth is the population controlled by the birth rate. If it limits children per family then fewer vehicles will be used, less electricity will be used, less food will be produced, less waste will be burn, etc.

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