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In Malaysia there are many policy changes in education that has been done in the past few years. One of the most well-known education policy change that invited many important debates in the nation was Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik Dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI). This policy change is the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics and Science in the English language. PPSMI is a government approach that was intended to improve the proper usage of the English language among the youngsters who are still schooling at the primary and secondary schools in Malaysia and as well as the adults which is a future vision of this programme where after the graduation the proper command of the English language will increase sky rocket. This policy commences as a plan of the Malaysian Government which happened only after the Cabinet assembly on July 19th, 2002 under the supervision of the Malaysia's fourth prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad. The Malaysian Ministry of Education has mentioned that the policy would be executed in sequence of dissimilar stages, making the 2003 school session as the first batch. This will be pioneered by the students of standard 1 in primary school, and Form 1of the secondary education stage. The PPSMI policy started its complete implementation to every secondary student in the year 2007 and to every primary student's in the year 2008.

PPSMI was implemented in the year 2003 for the fastidious school students who are enrolling in Year 1 and Form 1 in primary and secondary schools respectively. Student who are in different standard and form are not affected by it, and carried on to learn Mathematics and Science in the mother tongue. The policies education materials were obtainable in packages sort consisting of the following components:

Textbooks: These Textbooks will be handed out to the students as the fundamental source of knowledge on the concept and skill's of the Science and Mathematics subject.

Activity Books: These Activity Books are handed out as a additional material for students to exercise throw out what they have understood from the concept that is learned from the textbook. These "Buku Latihan dan Aktiviti" or "BLA" were provided to student in standard 1 of the primary school stage only.

Teacher's Guide: These are the material prepared for the teachers as references and path to arrange and make sure efficient teaching is implemented of the Science and Mathematics.

MyCD or "Pupil's CD-ROM": These are the "Buku Latihan & Aktiviti" or "BLA" in the form of multimedia presentations. It is given in the form of compact discs and is incorporated with every purchase of the Activity Book. The content's of the MyCD consist of interactive games and simulators as well as electronic tests. This would just make students have more excitement and fun in Learning.

Teacher's CD-ROM: This material contains additional exercises, important exercises and much more. For an instant it has question banks, extra activities as well as URL's of websites which is significant to the particular subject. These CDs are incorporated in the Teacher's Guide.

Science Practical Book: This book is available to ensure that Science is educated in practice and not only in hypothesis form.

Glossary Book: A glossary book is acts as a reference guide that contains description to terms enveloping in the Science and Mathematics subject.

As for the execution of this policy in Chinese schools, the nations union of Chinese schools Dong Jiao Zong made an objection, and a negotiation was made as a subsequent to the protest. The verdict of the protest was that the lessons of Science and Mathematics was made done in both English and Mandarin.

The lucidity for the decision to alter the standard of instruction from the Malay Language to the English language was intended for the education. The education of the subject Science and Mathematics was completed based on the worried government about the human capital growth of the country towards reaching the aim of a benchmark of a developed nation, and also as an early preparation to be a contender in this age of globalization. It is very broad known fact that the field of science and mathematics forms the crucial outline of the foundation and play a vital role in the growth and development of a nation. A very big number of innovations and discovery happened fast in these two fields and information shared is mainly in the English speech most of the time. In conclusion, the policy is the verdict to implement PPSMI as a major reason to ensure students' master the science and mathematics subject. It is also not rare to us that the information of the main sources are accessible in the English language. Indirectly, we also hope that the execution of the PPSMI policy would be a major contribution to the maturity of students' command in the language.

In all the important facts about how the PPSMI policy is one of the major steps taken for the country to be a strong contender of the nation in this era of globalization, but unfortunately there is also a group of the countries citizen who went against the PPSMI policy. One of the very strong campaign that was done to go against the policy was the Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI (GMP). This movement was headed by Dato' Dr Hassan Ahmad who is the ex-director of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. This movement also consisted of 40 NGOs and political party in Malaysia. The very large valid point that the Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI overlooked was that education policies throughout the pre-independence such as Barns Report and Penyata Razak (Post Independence) was extremely connected to that periods education system and was suitable too. That time period would require improvement for the certainty for it to remain appropriate and relevant to the education system of the current time line. Policies were formulated for valid and inarguable purposes. Looking at the similarity, if we were to take a peek back at our past, there use to be those "sekolah bawah pokok" before sovereignty. So does it make sense for us to make a statement that the student of this era have only this method to gain knowledge because we administer to do way better of then. We, the mainstream had a thought that it would be very suitable to make a review and perk up on the policies to have the certainty that our education system can remain connected to the current time line demand instead of a few previous policies which carry a high chance to hold back the today's generation's upcoming. On the point of enlightening heritage, there are plenty of other programme and performance to ensure that the current generation are filled with potentials to become heir to their own cultural heritage and their mother tongue too. As accountable citizens, it is responsibility of us itself to get done what is intended for our current generation and for them to not be dependent solely on the government to do their job. Whatever that is said, we have a high confidence level on our cabinet, and we also have the believe that our cabinet ministers are intelligent enough individuals to make sure the finest policies are introduced to guarantee a bright future for our nation. As we are all are alert, the Ministry of Education had a 5 series round table conference to solicit the view of all the stake holders. Throughout this conference various views were shared. An individual cannot push another party to adopt his or her outlook if thier views were seen as improper and does not bring any beneficit to the country. In spite of that the Ministry of Education had brought those views into deliberation and also has done a research, and the result was published and presented during the formulation of the cabinet paper. We are won over by the fact that any suggestion that had evolve from this procedure would be a very sound one and the fundamentals of the suggestions is presented during the round table negotiations. Furthermore, we also advise GMP to be more open and logical and give some recognition to our cabinet as they are no any ordinary people instead they are intellectual citizens of the country and will go through the MoE's suggestion on PPSMI before the policy is complemented. Based on the number that turnout for the round table talks, it gives us no chance to extremely disagree with GMP that folks who attended the talks were 'TANGKAP MUAT'. Instead they are very convincing individual and nothing like those who had been a support to them in captivating the particular matter to the streets. There are also authority on the teachings of the Mathematics and Science subject and not literature and language as what they have in GMP. To GMP, there is only one advice that can represented has the nations voice, which is "please consider on this fact".

In the PPSMI policy as well, the Standard One students in the year of 2003 will sit for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination which falls in the year 2013, and this of course is having them been educated Science and Mathematics in English for their entire years of schooling.

But at this current period, halfway through the programme, the policy is already being re- examined as I mentioned earlier. We cannot ignore the fact that we have not shaped even a single batch of students who have studied the Science and Mathematics subject entirely in the English language. It is a logic view that the performance data for such students is only obtainable after the SPM examination which falls in the year of 2013.

More trials should be done to make available sufficient and correct statistics for a statistical analysis. The alteration of the PPSMI policy halfway through will only produce confused students.

PPSMI has been an elongated issue in the talks but wanting in any crucial action. The circumstance is actually a strategy to provide the students with the finest tool, i.e. English, and this can be done by the learning of Science and Mathematics in English.

The opportunity to maintain PPSMI is secluded under Article 152 of the Federal Constitution, which ensures the freedom of learning and teaching in other languages, including English.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause (1), for a period of ten years after Merdeka Day, and thereafter until Parliament otherwise provides, all proceedings in the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal or a High Court shall be in the English language: Provided that, if the Court and counsel both sides agree, evidence taken in language spoken by the witness need not be translated into or recorded in English.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause (1), until Parliament otherwise provides, all proceedings in the subordinate courts, other than the taking of evidence, shall be in the English language.

As a add on, the Education Act 1996 supports the fact that "pupils are to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents". The Education Act 1996 also states that "and whereas the purpose of education is to enable the Malaysian society to have a command of knowledge, skills and values necessary in a world that is highly competitive and globalised, arising from the impact of rapid development in science, technology and information".