Philosophy Of Sports Teaching Or Education Education Essay

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The importance of participating in physical exercise has been increasingly accepted, which can not only strengthen one's physique and build up the resistance against diseases, but also play a positive role in forming the healthy personality. Character is one's understanding of the situation of nature, people, as called the main subject and the society, which is the combination of one's dignity, responsibility, value and character and is like one's soul. The formation of one's character is influenced by one's living environment, one's education experience, one's social practice and etc. Children, who are in the period of physical and psychological maturing, have the most exuberant energy in their life and the strongest curiosity to accept new things fastest. And the period is the gold age of children. During the period, many of the external factors, including education will have a decisive impact on the character development of children. On the aspect of physical healthy, we must pay enough attention to physical education. It is very important to enhance children's awareness of the importance of sports participation and promote their physical and mental development. Also the leadership ability of children must be improved. Some interesting activities can be held by children themselves to improve their enthusiasm, organization ability and leadership ability.

For children under 10, the formation of their self-esteem is significant for their future development. Firstly, the teacher should show his respect to children, by which the child will like and respect himself. Secondly, adults should believe in children and talk with them like the communication between friends. For children, it is the most broken-hearted thing not to be treated fairly by adults. Thirdly, the magic power of adults' attitude also reserved much attention. For example, if the teacher regards the child as an excellent and train him as a good student, then the child would naturally be in accordance with the direction you want him to be trained, which is determined by your attitude. The last one, children should do their own things as possible as they can. Let children decide his life is the basic method of building self-esteem. Children must be told that his own fate must be determined by himself, which will help them develop their self-esteem.

Recently, children are rather lazy in some extent. They have no interest in sports, dislike sport activities and are reluctant to take their physical education, which is not a good sign for these students. In order to cultivate children's interest in sports and help children form a good habit of physical exercises, parents and teachers must take actions as early as possible. On weekends and holidays, parents should walk or climb together with children. After a much longer time, children will be strongly interested in physical activities and develop a good habit of physical exercise. After forming the interest, children will have an objective knowledge of sports knowledge. As the saying says, life lies in movement. Teachers and parents should have the patience to cultivate children's interest. Taking more activities and exercises will be very beneficial for children's future growth.

In sports, parents, siblings, peers, teachers and coaches have the significant influence on children during early childhood. Parents' role is to instruct children to be interested in sports exercises. Siblings constitute an individual's first playgroup. Peer groups are particularly important after childhood. Peers provide a strong influence for group activities, including team sports. Peer group preference for passive activities can lead a once-active child into sedentary adolescence. The coach should not only inspire the morale of children, but also excavate children's potential and discover more possibilities. And sports coaches should focus on knowledge training and skills training of children. Especially, the excellence of children should be paid much attention and recognition is a very important method to make children take action. Generally speaking, parents, siblings, peers, teachers and coaches should play a positive role in the physical development of children.

The teacher's wrong demonstration will restrain children to understand the concept of sports actions, which will cause children's wrong actions. And then wrong actions sports will form the wrong power setting, which is a rather serious problem for children. Therefore, the teacher must work every demonstration carefully and strive to make a correct, skilled, light and beautiful demonstration. Students are curious and they will be interested in new things. So the teacher's first demonstration will draw children's special attention and left them the deepest impression, to which the teacher must pay enough attention. In the process of sports, the preparatory activity must be paid enough attention by both teachers and children. Generally, the preparatory activity is to have the major muscle group, joints and ligaments take enough activities. In order to provide necessary service for teaching, the preparatory activity must be targeted to the education purpose. Based on general practice, the preparatory activity is a specialized practice, which is similar with general practice in the aspect of nature and structure materials. In order to complete physical tasks successfully, it is very important to distribute the proportion of general practice and special activity reasonably.

The first stage of learning is cognitive stage. In this stage, children will receive many new information and knowledge about sports skills from the teacher. Based on these information and knowledge, children will carefully monitor each step of sports activities because of their curiosity about new things. The second stage of learning is associative stage, in which children will integrate their knowledge about sports skills and organize some single actions they learned into a integrated activity. The third stage is autonomous stage. After integrating activities, children's skills will be more and more rapid and perfect, which means an great improvement in the integrated activity formed by some single actions.

Like other courses, every child has the desire to show himself to others. An opportunity to demonstrate themselves must be given to children. There must be some performances of sports skills in physical course, which will greatly mobilize children's enthusiasm and initiative. Often, a sports movement is complicated by a lot of compound movements. To complete a complex movement successfully ,each branch action must be correctly made. In the process of children's sports practice, it is necessary to encourage them to do some innovation on actions on the basis of general skills. That doesn't mean that children's movement can be random or irregular. It just means the importance of combining the foundation and the innovation. Also, in the process of performance activity, children will have the opportunity to have their organization abilities and leadership abilities greatly cultivated and improve, which is very important for their future development.

An excellent coach should have sports technology, technical knowledge and communication skills. Among them, technical skills and knowledge is mainly engaged and obtained in many years' specialized training. The knowledge is acquired and formed in the practical exercise training of many years. Also an excellent coach should have his athletic skills and motor skills reach an advanced level of automation and let his students understand and master the sports technology with willingness. That is to say, the coach should has a clear and solid understanding of the specific concept of sports. Communication skills is also important for an excellent coach, who should know clearly how to communicate with children in order to inspire their interest and potential in sports. Through kind communication, the coach can also help children develop their character and self-esteem, which is decisive in children's life. With excellent technical skills and knowledge to teach children in the course and good communication abilities to become children's friend in their life, the coach will be an excellent, or even perfect one.

In the course, the teacher has consistently suggested the philosophy that coaching and teaching is to find a method to " capture the attention of the learner", with which I am greatly agree. Here we can comprehend " the attention of the learner" as learners' interest in the subject. Interested in one thing, a person will strive to do this thing, which is similar with the situation of learning. If a child is interested in learning, he will learn faster and better. As a coach or a teacher, on the one hand, he should teach students the knowledge and enable them to master important skills. On the other hand, he should pay enough attention to cultivate and maintain children's interest in the subject. A multiplier effect will be get with the two aspects. The key to learn a course actively and effectively is to guide the learner to get started as soon as possible, which will let the learner learn the course actively instead of passively. In short, the following aspects should be done as a successful teaching philosophy. Firstly, the teacher should take the opportunity of playing in class to inspire students' interest and curiosity. Secondly, adequate teaching materials should be prepared for classes to make the teaching process more interesting. Thirdly, in the process of teaching, people-oriented is very important, which means that the teacher should exert the main and objective role of students. Fourthly, the teacher and students should establish a new type of teacher-student relationship, which values the emotional communication between teachers and students and pays much attention to cultivate students' interest. Finally, various extracurricular activities should be carried out to maintain students' interest.