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Personal and professional development planning is a result of successful structured and supported process undertaken by any individual or group of individual. It is their learning, experience, performance and their action plan for the attainment of their personal, educational, social development. Now it's a common practice by the government and organizations to develop and implement the personal development plan for their employee and stake holders. Which in turn would be beneficial for the organization or government?

The aim behind the philosophy of personal development plan is to build upon the capacity of individual or group how they are learning, review it, plan it and make correction if required. The motive behind the personality development plan is to find out the hidden unleash potential of any individual or group. To encourage the individual towards the positive learning thought the life.

Recognize and value past and present achievements.

Identify transferable skills and personal competence

Evaluate the weaknesses & strength in range of competences

Form clear development objectives

Set up a development action plan

Collect together evidence and information for a personal profile

Collect evidence for a portfolio of achievement

Clarify personal and professional goals

There is a famous saying from George Elliot "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

George Elliot. There is no end to end process for personality development as per my view, although it's a continuous learning outcome which helps an individual to perform better in his or her current work and responsibilities. Develop skills and competencies; realize ones potential and career choice and personal development. The types of career are available today for more complex and variable from the traditional career streams. Perhaps someone needs to write their own career handbook because regardless of the career choices one should require to choose the career for oneself by considering his/her strength and weakness and their total personality assessment.

I remember my mother suggestion towards choosing a job for me. According to her the job I should choose should be interesting to me it is of vital important. I think most of the time about this whenever I plan for my future. Actually I had a desire to become a persona like my father who has been a role model for me. He has run his own successfully for a long time. The reason behind this thought was very easy because my father is a successful businessman so he gave me everything whatever I demand, just because of this I want to be become like him. However as I am growing up my thought is changing for sure still I want the job related to business but now I made my vision narrow down and specifically that I will do business related to fashion industry. I have decided about my career by giving a thought on my mother words and combining my interests, taste, strength and weakness. To become a businessman is my desire however I like fashion and I want to be an integral part of my life. A post of fashion brand marketing director is well suited for me and it fulfills all my desire, I set it as my career goal for now and future. In the commitment towards reaching my goal I need to strategically analyze myself have a clearly awareness, discipline and strategy. To make everything ordered and to be achieved an individual personality plan is very necessary.

Personality Development Opportunities:

To make any plan executable the first pillar is self awareness. It is very critical for the attainment of the desired career. I can define my developmental strategies and discipline only after knowing my strength and developmental area. However in case of mine I am pretty assuring about my strength and developmental areas. My strengths are dutifulness, caution and artistic interest, but I need some improvement on the area of cooperation, activity level and imagination. By knowing my developmental area and focusing on those and capitalizing on my strength I think I can improve myself comprehensively. Some of the basic style which found common in leaders and higher level managers are:






Role modeling




Assessment of Personality:

Several Self- assessment tests have perform to assess the personality. The web page and has been used. Following are the outcome of the various activities performed for assessment.

Facts about the basic personality

The personality of any individuals is categorized basically in five general categories. These five characteristic are written below against each category my score is mentioned. These characteristic make up human nature and behaviors


My Score





Openness to experience


emotional Stability




A score between 12 to 15 suggest high degree of the characteristic, 7 to 11 is scored by mediocre person while below 6 is relatively low into that category.

As per author if someone scores high marks in the conscientiousness factor than it means the job performance of the individual would be significantly impressive. The high score on extroversion factor suggest that I don't hesitate in sharing my view with other mates. A moderate score on emotional stability is good enough. The low score on openness to experience suggest my unwillingness to the new things and experiments it may predict that training effort on me could not be productive (Formy-Duval et al, 1995 and John, 1990).

My Jungian 16-type personality Assessment

With the help of these tools a personality can be assessed based on four broad categories. This exam tells about the individual whether one is S denote sensing or N denote intuitive, T denote thinking or F denote feeling, E denote extroverted or I denote introverted, P denote perceiving or J denote judging. There are in total 16 type of personality can be identified.

My personality has been assessed as FESJ. It means I am extrovert person with having good interpersonal skills while judging the situation and making any sensible move (Marcic & Nutt, 1989).

Assessment of Core Values

Core values are the set of consisting ethical values which relates the culture and orientation of any individual or organization. In the evaluation of my core values I have narrowed down the 18 listed values. The top core values of me are Integrity and Authenticity.

The above top two core values which I put on top most priority have been mentioned. These are the values which are inbuilt in my nature and I practice these into my day to day life. I anticipate that my leadership style would also be derived from integrity and authenticity (, 2009).

Attitudes toward workplace diversity

The Exam tries to find the attitude of the examinee towards the workplace dynamics. The test taker could be classified as either pessimistic or optimistic not in isolation but on the basis of marks scored by them in the exam. The higher the score the higher the optimistic view of the person, the lower the score the person is more pessimistic. Score varies from -35 to +35.

I was able to score good enough in this exam. I scored 22, which suggest that I am an optimistic person and know how to work in diverse workplace (Hostager & demeuse, 2001).

View on the Nature of people

Physiologist Mcgregor Douglas has proposed a theory on the behavior and style of employee. It is known as agency theory or X and Y Factor theory. This theory says there are two type of people in the universe one lazy and disinterested in work they need a supervisor to review their work (Type X) on the other hand there are people those are responsible and go getter they just need the task (Type Y) (Haire et al, 1966). Type Y people are sensible and hardworking they just need the direction rest they will do themselves they don't like to be monitored and supervised.

The scoring pattern of candidates in this theory varies from 8 to 40. A higher score suggest the inclination of the test taker towards the x type people. A score less than 16 suggest the person belong to y category. I scored 18 in this test which suggest I flexible in my perceptions and well balanced between the autocratic and team playing activities.

Emotional intelligence

Emotion intelligence is equally important for any individual as it has been found most of the leaders lead their follower by their emotional intelligence. They understand the sentiment of the other person and then reply accordingly. It is one of the greatest arts which is inherently born quality though there are discussion that it can be learnt also. Emotional intelligence (EI) can be defined as the assortment of the Competencies and the skills that have shown to influence the personas ability to win over the environmental demand and pressure. People those are on higher side of emotional intelligence have the ability to accurately judge, evaluate, express and regulate the emotion and feeling of others as well as theirs (Goleman, 1995).

The exam basically tests the five dimensions of the examinee which measure how much a particular person is self managed socially horned, empathetic, self motivated and self aware. The scores vary from 10 to 50. Higher scores suggest with high EI. Most of the leaders Like Abraham Lincoln, Barak Obama, Aristotle are high on their Emotional intelligence. I score 41 in this exam. A higher emotional intelligence predicts that in future I could be successful in managerial and leadership positions. I am possessing the technical and interpersonal abilities (Goleman, 1995).

Developmental Objective:

Short-term Developmental Objective (1-6 Month):

In Order to achieve my desired goal of the life initially I build upon knowledge. I will study as much as I can. I will do well in my class to build my foundation strong. I will read as much book as I can so that I will spread my thought process and enhance my thinking arena. I also need to join various co curricular activities to improve on my cooperative skills. Last but not the least I will try to understand the global cultural so that I will be able to manage and understand global culture while working.

Medium Term Developmental Objective (6-12 Month):

As soon I finish the short term development objective I need to work on my training level. Now I need to learn how I can improve my personality not only by reading books but also from the society. I need to pay attention every little thing in society happening. I need to think about other s I need to finish my homework and other things as soon as possible. I also need to cooperate with club to enhance my cooperation level and increase my activity level. Finding a job in the campus could be a good move. In summer vacation my plan is to join charcoal painting and dancing classes so that I can build more solid foundation for a career in fashion designing.

Long Term Developmental Path Goal (1 - 3 Years):

This is period where greatest emphasize must be given towards an individual improvement. Till now I have gathered the knowledge from the books. Now it is time to study how the marketing and financial part plays into the business. How the theories learned from book applies into the real business scenario. How can I turn the knowledge into the action with skills and ease would be the main purpose for my improvement in these three years of my developmental planning. Although I need to absorb the other classmate opinion about me what are changes they observed within me. I need to learn from the experience of my teachers.


In conclusion, in order to achieve every goal in my life, doing an individual personal development plan is very important. It not only can help me to know my real position specifically but also can let me think and do every action logically and orderly. Being a marketing director in an international fashion corporation is not that easy. However, I'm sure I can achieve my goal by following my plan step by step. Because of my interests, hard work and persistence, I believe there is one day I will have a big career in the fashion area.