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Where I am now? What skills have I achieved? Where do I stand in the world in terms of employability?

In the last academic year, during my internship with Modman's Royal Café, Lucknow (India) as a marketing executive I gained practical skills and also it provided me with the substantial value required in the workplace. I was given several different responsibilities like developing partner relations, conducting conferences, etc. this also included promoting and enhancing the current services of the business. During the internship I learned various marketing concepts and models which helped me to analyse the market with broader perspective and also facilitated me to apply the theoretical knowledge practically in the workplace. I worked with different people coming from all walks of life which helped me in gaining confidence and provided me with the real world experience. (Refer Appendix B and Internship Certificate)

The labour market in India has become more complex than before and it is essential to possess specific skills and knowledge in order to survive in the market. Over the course of my internship I developed a strong personal work ethic which will help me in developing my future career goals. The reason to why I am determined that I will be able to endure because the internship allowed me to develop those skills and ethics which are vital in the workplace, it provided me with comprehensive outlook and also it has placed me in a much better position to make choices about my future career path.

Furthermore, I visited Leeds (U.K.) for my 3rd semester. The experience I had in the U.K. has made me more determined as an individual. This gave me an insight into my personality that I have developed my skills globally.

How Leeds affected me and my perceptions?

I learned different aspects of life. My visit taught me a lot; I have improved my skills remarkably. I have become more independent than before. During my course of study in Leeds I had joined many societies like photography, writing, print making, etc. I learned a lot during this span of time by communicating with different people from different culture and backgrounds. I got an insight into their mind set that how people think. Talking on the professional line, knowing people globally has developed my networking skills and communication style. What I have experienced and learned from my visit is definitely going to help me in the future both mentally and professionally.

What I am after my visit?

I am know more concerned about reaching out and meeting the needs of others, though I have to work harder on ensuring that I do not compromise my own interests at other peoples' expense. Most importantly, I have to work on my time management skills to do the timely and orderly completion of any given task. (Refer Appendix D) Talking on the development perspectives, I am know a very responsible person and have learned to prioritize things around me. This has developed and enhanced my employability skills to a great extent.

During the last academic year, with the help of various modules I was able to learn different aspects of the business environment. (Refer Appendix E)

Module Name

What have I learned from this module?

How can I apply these skills/knowledge to the things I do in the future?

Global Business Context

This module helped me in understanding and exploring globalization. I learned how a business formulates, what impacts globalization can have on businesses. It also provided me with the recent concepts and framework of the global environment.

During the course of this module I had various assignments which helped in broadening my skills and knowledge which included the launching of a new product to giving a complete detail oriented analysis of the chosen country which would be favourable for doing business. Looking from a global perspective, this will definitely help me in increasing the potential benefits of any business and able to serve to its bottom line.

Employability Skills

This module helped me in understanding various employability skills required in the labour market.

During the course of this module, I worked in a team of 6 members each of us belong to different background, it helped me to understand and manage diversity. (Refer Appendix B.1) I learned what difference a C.V. could create in order to find me an appropriate job? Moreover, I along with other team members ran an assessment centre through which I was able to learn how to interview and also how to get interviewed. From a future perspective, this will help me in understanding the required employability skills in the global labour market.

Business Analysis and practice

This module helped me in comprehending what is business? This included strategizing, decision making, handling the finances of a company, marketing of the product, effective interpretation of the information. It also involved an extensive research and putting the research into a plan.

During the course of this module, I along with 5 other members worked in a team. This incorporated establishing an automobile company, from giving a brand name to the company to its strategizing. I was the managing director of the company, this gave me an insight into a business, and I developed my acumen throughout the working of the plan. Also, it helped me to develop my leadership skills remarkably. (Refer Appendix C.1 and B.3). What I learned from this module will definitely help me to intrinsically understand the global labour market and customer perceptions in any business.

Human resource Management

This module helped me in understanding the role of HRM and how to apply various HR policies in an organisation keeping in mind the critical understanding of needs and wants of the employees.(Refer Appendix C.3)

During the course of this module, I learned what HR policies are and how it can affect an organisation in both negative and positive ways. This included the resolutions to be provided for the given case study and applying the HR policies by providing them with workable recommendations and their potential benefits. This will definitely help me in future to act as a HR analyst and provide any business with feasible recommendations which will prove to be productive.

Operations Management

This module helped me in developing the ability to understand various operations performed in an organisation and selectively apply operation management concepts to various organisations to improve operational performance.

During the course of this module, I learned various attributes of assessing an organisations operational activity. This involved an individual based multimedia case study which helped me to comprehend and examine various operational activity of an organisation by providing them with feasible recommendations in order to improve the performance. From a future perspective, this will help me in developing and evaluating the operational activity of any business and thus improving the operational performance.

Managing Workplace Diversity

This module helped me in understanding the concept behind managing diversity.

During the course of this module, I learned various perspectives related to diversity and their positive or negative impact on the business. It included an individual based detail oriented analysis talking about the discrimination in the workplace and what possible policy measures a company should incorporate in order to succeed as a business. From a future view point, this will help me to understand various diversity issues prevailing in an organisation and how I can work to make organisation diversity positive in order to gain maximum from the employees.

Business Decision Making

This module helped me to develop an understanding of psychological, behavioural and systems views of decision making in an organisation and encourage an analytical and systematic approach to decision making.

During the course of this module. I along with 5 other members worked in a group to analyse and identify the given issues in the case study and provided with feasible recommendations with their future benefits. I developed my teamwork and managing skills during this assessment. (Refer Appendix C.2) Teacher's reported on my teamwork and performance that I have the strength of getting along with people having different perspectives towards life. This along with managing and leading a team, I believe will constitute my priceless strengths considering the change which is required in today's world and make a difference in whatever I do.

Why I think that what I learned from these modules and other experiences will help in the future?

India being an emerging economy, jobs are increasing day by day. We are all aware that recently skills development has become one of the top priorities of our country. In the present scenario, employers are also aware about the employability skills required for a particular position. The reasons to why I think that I have improved my employability skills are the modules and the experience (U.K.) from which I have learned a lot in the last academic year. Though there is a room for more development, but the modules helped me in understanding and examining my own abilities through which I have improved my soft skills which play a vital role in the present global environment. So this is why I strongly believe, what I learned has made me more ‘employable' than before not only in the Indian labour market but all over the world.