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After the MBTI test, it shows that my character type is ISFJ. I think this result is quite fit with my personalities. For example, I like helping and supporting others. Also, I prefer manage the details. I prefer follow the rules more than break the routine. I am precise and thorough.

Quiet and friendly are the first impression that my friends always use to describe me. responsible, and conscientious. Committed and steady in meeting their obligations. Thorough, painstaking, and accurate. Loyal, considerate, notice and remember specifics about people who are important to them, concerned with how others feel. Strive to create an orderly and harmonies environment at work and at home.

For SFs, the goals of communicating is to be personal, respectful and inclusive to help people who are important to them to get what they need. But others may experience their style of communicating as too personal

As a leader, I will be good at supporting and assisting, working hard and follow the rules while avoiding conflict. I would like to lead by encouraging others in tasks that suit them best, influence by ensuring that information is accurate, things are organized, focus is on setting priorities based on the needs of individuals.

As a team member, I am reliable team members who enjoy cooperating with others to achieve common goal.

Research majors before deciding

I prefer learning that is based on practical information and immediately useful.

There is a pitfall for this type of character, for instance, because this type of person prefers the predictable and orderly, they may find it difficult to deal with change.

Tips for finding satisfying work, for example, find opportunities that allow you to complete tasks or provide practical services, specialize, find activities that require close and careful attention to detail, organize and manage, accept change as a part of life and learn to adjust. Have some fun

According to research of Dr. Howard Gardner, there are at least seven distinct areas of intelligences for each person. Everyone may be having high intelligence in several areas. For example, I am good at Interpersonal intelligence and Verbal or Linguistic intelligence, but I need to have further development on Logical or mathematical intelligence. Since it is quite easy for me to comprehend one’s feeling, for instance, when I watch a movie or read a book, I am easily affected by the story. Moreover, I love learning other languages, for example, I have learnt Japanese and Korean. I find it is very interesting and enjoyable when I learn something new.

However, logical or mathematical intelligence may be one of my weaknesses, since I got a poor score in year one for those subjects which includes lots of complicated calculation. Therefore, it is no doubt for me to have further improvement on this intelligence.

Theories X and Y

Participative leadership style

Personality, teamwork style, leadership style

Using various theories and frameworks

Personal strength, fit well of your lifestyle

SWOT analysis


Functional skills

Work-contents skill

Adaptive or self-management skills

Part II. Personal Career Development Strategy

Your career aspiration

Think about the nature of career you most would like to pursue when you graduate, with reference to your personal assessment results (i.e., Part I - Self-Assessment Analysis). Your career development time span should spread across short-term (immediately after your graduation), mid-term (5 to 10 years) and long-term (11 to 20 years) horizon. Different time horizons of your career development should be characterised by different income levels, different management responsibilities (in terms of, for examples, headcounts, value of the capital/asset, sales volume etc.).

This section is to describe the nature and prospects of the career(s) chosen.

Skills, abilities and experiences likely to be required for the career

Report your interviews with the following information:

Vanessa Chan

Job position: Career Advisor

Organization: City University of Hong Kong

She has worked about 20 years, she has a lot of experiences in retail industry as she did marketing job on retail company, moreover, she was a HR trainer and became a HR manager in a Hong Kong famous bank.

She got interested in this career is because she likes to talk with people, and she thinks that this career gives her a sense of satisfaction, because it helps u-graduated students to plan their own career road. And she feels successful when the students told her they found a job they like.

The skills and abilities required in the career and

Communication skills, gives advices to the company or division manager, networking, the bridge between employer and employees English,

training: fast learner, good analysis abilities

familiar Employment ordinance, compensation and benefits,


problem solving

personalities: active and outgoing, C&B: can be a bit quiet, but good at mathematic or calculation

Spend a week to familiar with a training topic that she did not learn before, and after this week, she needed to train the employees to have such kind of knowledge and the workshop was successful.

Still having good relationships or network with her past colleagues


Not graduated: join more activities, especially try to do a post that needs organizing some activities to show to your future employer that you have some experiences or skills of events organizing.

Fresh graduate/ Entry Level:

Do not change job frequently, try to stay on a job for two to three years, it will help you to learn not only of this position, but also the culture of this company and the operation process.

Learn from others and ask.


Middle-level or senior level:

Try to meet more people, and join more gatherings to strengthen social network, it is very important. Train up the communication skills and negotiation skills as in this level, it will be the management post. There are some subordinates and cross departments or divisions projects. In this level, good communication skills are needed.

Top level:

Prioritizing the job, since she said in this level, to be a HR manager, it is required to handle the whole HR department, the ability to prioritize the importance of the job is very important and necessary and judging people by facts, not their identity.

Helen Ma

Job position: Career Advisor

Organization: City University of Hong Kong

She worked at least 20 years and worked in IBM to be a sale after she graduated, then she worked in Heng Seng Bank to be the trainer of HR. Then, she worked in other companies to do HR field’s job. She now opens a HR consultancy film.

She got interested in this job is because she likes to give advices to people and since she has a lots of experiences on HR field. She gains a sense of achievement for this job as it really puts into practice what has been learned and experienced. She really enjoys this job as many students told her that what she suggests is really helpful to plan their future career.

Key skills and Abilities

To know people, understand their behaviour;

Active listening

To be coaching;

Give advice;

Study and read a lot about people, careers and behaviours;

Know the culture of the company and help workers meet their goals;

Have heart and mind open to receive more and more things.

Client Orientation

Change Leadership

Effective Interactive Communication

Education: at least a degree holder


Especially for those who do not have HR degree, it is recommended to take some HR training courses before entering in this field.

Major accomplishments:

Even she did not know much about computer or software and hardware; she is willing to spend a lot time to study a lot of knowledge about computer knowledge after she worked on IBM. And it is really helpful for her to become a trainer in Heng Seng Bank for heading the I.T. employees.


People Skills

In small companies, an HR officer / manager needs to handle all aspects of human resources work. In large corporations, job duties are more divided and HR staff may specialize in different areas such as recruitment, staff benefits, and staff training. No matter what job duty, HR professionals have to deal with people in their daily work. Therefore, they need to possess sound people skills.

A Helper

HR professionals work for the well-being of colleagues in the company. Therefore, it is essential that they enjoy helping others in a corporate setting. If one does not like helping others to solve problems, HR career is not a suitable choice.

Agreeable Personality

In most job duties, HR professionals need to negotiate with people, and so good communication skills are necessary. HR jobs may also involve handling of grievances and settling conflicts. So, a persuasive yet pleasant personality is desirable if one wants to develop a career in human resources.

take courses in business, social sciences such as psychology and sociology, and finance.

A Masters degree will eventually be required if you are in competition for the best jobs.

Effective interpersonal skills so you can interact successfully.

Knowledge of computers and information systems.

Effective spoken and written communication.

Comfort with diverse people who have various educational levels, cultural heritages, religious practices, ages, work experience, and opinions.

Understanding of statistics and finance.

Conflict resolution skills.

Able to set and accomplish goals and work as a member of a team.

Demonstrate a high level of integrity, confidentiality, and fairness.


Their personal profiles (name, job position, organization)

How did they get interested in this career?

What are the key skills and abilities required in the career and what education and training did they receive to develop them?

What were their major accomplishments?

Their advice on how to effectively manage such career.

Gap analysis

Part III. Implementation Plans for Achieving Career Goals

Develop an action plan


Human Resources related job, marketing,