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In this assignment I am going to present personal and professional skills audit and I will evaluate my personal skills and the techniques during my job in Pakistan in Mobilink a telecom company to access my professional skills which helps me to achieve strategic goals and also helps me to give strategic direction to this organization. In my assignment skills audit helps me to evaluate the strategic skills which I need to meet the current and feature leadership requirements. I will also identify my preferred learning style which helps me to make a progress my leaps and bounds.


Following are some of my current personal and professional skills.

1. Personal skills:

These are some of my personal skills which I think I have in myself and which helps me to

set and achieve my goals and objectives. With the help of these skills, I am making progress day by day. I distribute it in group. These group skills into three different categories these are fallowing.


Independent learning

Goals skills

Self management:-

Self management means the skill and ability to handle or manage your responsibilities, yourself and challenges in your work place and personal life as well. It also means how you can set your aims and objectives and how you set your time for achievement of your goals. You should have knowledge about your work and also should have knowledge about your planning. Your flexibility that shows your interaction about your work.

Independent learning:-

It is the ability, which is developed through my completely learning period from school to university level. It helps to take my responsibilities for deciding what they need to do, to do this and to have this ability, learners need to set their goals and their deadlines, organise themselves and their work and feel confident about talking and acting upon deciding.

Goals skills:-

It is a skill to process for thinking about your ideal future and boost yourself to turn your future into reality. It helps you to choose where you want to go in life. It is the ability to set your goals and objectives, plan how to achieve them and monitor yourself.

2. Professional skills:

Professional skills distribute with planning and narrate the skills that need to deliver services and to make clear how it can be acquired. Some professional skills are as follows,

Communication skills

Team work

Organisation skills or leadership skills

Problem solving skills

Time management

Communication skills:

This is the ability to understand all about delivering message to people clearly. It could be written or oral. For a good communicator you should be able to understand the message conveying by the receiver that is received correctly and there is no confusion between the sender and receiver.

Team work:

This is the skill to work in a group or in a team. Working within their group, giving them respect, understanding each other and building good relationship with their group members at all levels.

Leadership skills:

This is the ability to set goals and objectives and plan how to achieve them. There are two kind leaders. Some leaders have lots of qualities, they can take decisions, they can handle the conflicts and they can build the confidence within their subordinates. Some leaders are task oriented, they simply want to get things done.

Problem solving skills:

This is the skill to understand the problem and give the best solution to solve the problem and give new ideas. With this skill you can handle the problem which may after become huge.

Time management:

This is the ability to manage your time. How you set your time to get the good results of the organisation. It will help you to identify and focusing on the activities that set by the organisation.

These are the skills I have and it will help me in the current and future roles to achieve my goals and objectives.


The ability to find out the gapes in your personal knowledge and acquire it individually these are.


Self appraisal

Self management


You should look on all those things and try to find gape in your knowledge and get the way to cover this gape and make a progress day by day. Self management is only the skill where you can audit your self that where you are standing at the movement and what else you need to develop your self independently so you will be able to achieve your aims and objectives. I use to implement the self management process in my self and it really helps me allot in finding the gapes in my knowledge and also help me to cover it and go towards the success.



Time management is ability to manage your time.

Some time I can not manage my time.

I feel stress in time in managing my time.

I can easily complete my all jobs in certain time.

I feel my self second number in burden that I got stress in managing my time. I can get rid of this stress by making it more flexible and by rescheduling my time table.


Ability to lead any organization or certain group of people

I can not make the people united for long term.

Leading any organization is difficult for me.

I can lead any organization in any situation.

I feel my self on number one. I can lead any organization or certain people of group in any circumstances.


Able to communicate with the people from different part of the world

I fell hesitation while communicate with the people of my upper level

My accent is not understandable

I can communicate with any level of people any time, any where with out any hesitation

I got my self on number three but I can improve my self by doing more meetings and communication with my upper level people


A person who is able to manage and control personal reactions against challenges and responsibilities is called self management.

I can control my personal reaction against challenges

I can not control my reactions in some situation

I am very good in self management

I feel my self on number three but I feel that I need to improve my self more in this skill.


Decision making is to make decision in any type of situation for the betterment of organization and also in personal life.

I can quickly make decision in any type of situation

I get confused while making decision

I can not make decision without help of some one

I feel my self on number two and I have to improve my decision making power.

These are the audit of my some skills now I am going to discuss my preferred learning style which helps me to improve my skills.

Evaluation of Skills in SWOT analysis:

A personal SWOT analysis provides internal and external skills that I got during the life are as follow.


My strengths

My Weaknesses


Opportunities in my career

Threats in my career

My strengths are good customer dealing, order getting, communication, personal selling and full commitment to my work.

In weaknesses, I lose my patience some time in uncertain assigned job in time, or in job enrichment position.


These are some following learning styles.






My preferred learning style is activists because:

Activists can learn best when they have practice during the work or activities and also have experience of job done which helps in building career and decision making for future and learning.

I take some time to earn and experience what I have to learn and what I need for future development.

Learning during work or activity to give has two advantages; one is money and other experience.


My personal development plan I conclude that I have a different skills but I still need to learn I also include my learning style and how it will help me for my future role and responsibilities. I also mention the target and dates and how it will be meet and I also extend my personal development plan and how it will help me to make professional and expert in my job.