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Effective skills are the skills which develop by continual learning of the process and it's hard to reach that level as you want but you can say that you learnt all as you want to learn.

Always act with a clear focus

Make good relationship and communication in efficient manner

Being Flexible

Optimal performance.

Recognition as well as appreciation.

Always should exhibit high motivation.

For effective management style person should be natural in decision and straight forward towards their maintaining the working style in professional manner. Effective management skills are about ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them. Consider asking your staff to set out the standards they expect and then go through these with them - giving them ownership means they will have already bought into the management process. Look back on your career and think about the managers you reported to. What qualities did you like and can you emulate these?

Required Things to know about effective management

Managers always be friendly with their staff and know about the skill of specific person. Always try to give open and positive feedback that generate free and inspirational environment at work place. Staff also put their best efforts in specific task and give better response to the top upper level managers. When somebody doing the right thing in right way at that time motivation is necessary to do that task again in very effective way.

Processed skills.

Also there are two different types of skills which are necessary in order to work successfully in teams.

Task skills would comprise all my Engineering work experience, and knowledge which I have gained during my studies.

Process skills are normally strangers or skills which are even non-existing in our curricula. These skills would enable the ability for me as well as for my team to work towards organisational aims.

Process skills could be subdivided as follows:

· By guiding on "how to work systematically"?

· Through setting out clear aims.

· By managing time effectively.

· Use of creativity enhancing tools.

· Active listening.

· Sense of humour.

· By taking initiatives.

· By sharing and by combining ideas.

· Motivation.

· Also being trustworthy.

Time management :

Personal time management skills are essential skills to be an effective manager . People who use these technique s routinely are the highest achievers in all walks of life, from business to sport to public service . If you use these skills well , then you will be able to function exceptionally well , even under intense pressure.

Important rules of effective time management

Selective reading , such as to underline the main points and to understand the main theme of learning material such as books , novels , magazine , newspaper etc .

Making a list of things according to the priority on per day basis .

Keeping the things at proper place , so that I can find important things at the time of need .

Giving importance to important tasks first and less important tasks after according to the time .

Doing and completing one important task at one time and then start other , rather than doing different tasks simultaneously because it can affect efficiency .

Differentiate between large and small projects .

Pareto analysis is a very simple technique that helps me to choose the most effective changes to make.

It uses the Pareto principle - the idea that by doing 20% of work , I can generate 80% of the advantage of doing the entire job . Pareto analysis is a formal technique for finding the changes that will give the biggest benefits. It is useful where many possible courses of action are competing for your attention.

Saving time for important tasks .

Reserve some time to complete important task , when nobody can disturb you .

Setting deadlines to complete tasks on time .

Reviewing your performance in order to check efficiency .

Write down long-term objectives .

Stress Management : Hans Selye was one of the founding fathers of stress research. His view in 1956 was that "stress is not necessarily something bad - it all depends on how you take it. The stress of exhilarating, creative successful work is beneficial, while that of failure, humiliation or infection is detrimental." Selye believed that the biochemical effects of stress would be experienced irrespective of whether the situation was positive or negative.

There are very many proven skills that I , can use to manage stress. These help me to remain calm and effective in high pressure situations, and help me avoid the problems of long term stress. Keeping a stress diary or carrying out the Burnout Self- Test will help me to identify my current levels of stress, so I can decide what action , is required . Job Analysis and Performance Planning will help me to get on top of my workload. While the emotionally - oriented skills of Imagery, Physical Techniques and Rational Positive Thinking will help me to change the way to see apparently stressful situations. Finally, the article on Anger Management will help me to channel my feelings into performance.

Work Stress :

At work place , I have to manage stress , because it is very important to cope with stress . Adequate resources help to reduce the stressful nature demands.

Overcoming Anger :

Sometime at workplace or in practical life it is very important to control anger , because rather than becoming aggressive and reactive it is important to think .

Resilience Quotient :

Resilience is about deciding how assertive I am going to be , and how co-operative . So , I need to be clear about what are my objective , and what are my capabilities actually to achieve my objectives and accomplish my mission .

Mental Agility :

Creativity and self knowledge is very important which consist of following features .







I think that , interpersonal skills are quiet enough which I possess . But , need to focus all other necessary perspectives .

The Seven Habits of highly effective management:

Proactive: Action before time . It means to increase circle of influence ; and to decrease ' circle of concern'.

Begin with the end in mind : Clear cut objective and a transparent objective .

Put important and most urgent things first :

Matrix which is mentioned above in time management is important .

Four Quadtrants:

Q2: I put it first because it is very important . Here we mention long-term objectives .

Q1 Here , I need to make deadlines in order to solve crisis .

Q3 Works which are important but not urgent .

Q4 Not urgent , not important busy work .

Think: I need to think and observe positive .

Understanding: While listening need to stay , think and respond .

Synergise: Synergy is important , Because I need to share insights and open the heart and mind.

Consistency : Continuous development learning , Also I need to balance four dimensions .

Physical , Spiritual , Mental and Social / Emotional dimensions.

Caveat: I need to analyze and to do precautionary measures .

Personal skill

I mention personal skill which i manage very efficient manner and i also think i am good at those specific skills.

Quick decision maker :

In critical situation most persons are frustrated their self but i analyze that thing very fast and take decision which i think i have to do first because it is very important to do that thing. As a example when i was working in electronics company as a service engineer, there are many problems about electronics equipment i have to solve very quick so i made decision to do thing in right way otherwise take help from my staff.

Time management:

I am recognising my self as good time manager. As I have ability to make and all sort of use of time. Time management is plays vital role in the development if any individual. Every individual has to be more efficient at managing their time.


I am also thinking that I am good at arranging the meetings. I do have ability to arrange meeting at accurate time finish in time period. Every individual who are lead the organisation has to be vary good at the arranging the meetings. Arranging the meetings is useful skill which has to be improved for every good manager.

Three Professional skills for an effective manager :

1: Staff Management : The role of a branch manager is embedded with the development of his/her staff members either they are junior or senior. But , to ensure staff development some important features are required , which are mentioned as follow.

Counselling: It includes a face to face talk with employees about their personal/professional issues and suggestion that , how can they resolve problems effectively? So, I should need to do counselling with them in order to normalize the environment. Also , I need to understand their attitudes and behaviours and need to come with possible solutions which can help them.

Multitasking: To be effective manager it is required to focus on the need of multitasking , because it is very important to be flexible while performing different duties. Also , as a branch manager , I need to address workforce that they should adopt versatility skills for performing different job at same time. Because , with the help of multitasking skill company can progress in race of competition.

2:Communication development:

Interpersonal/ Skills: Interpersonal skills are sometimes also referred to as communication skills , people skills and/or soft skills. How we deal with others can greatly influence our professional and personal lives, improving these skills builds confidence and enhances our relationships with others. At work place it is very essential to be a good communicator. Communication could be both verbally as well as written. An effective Communication is not just about speaking and listening , it actually includes listening attentively , understanding subordinates or team workers , responding after thinking , and also adopting appropriate styles and languages in order to provide information correctly.

3: Management Development:

Adair's Action Centered leadership concept: To choose the most effective approach following Situational Leadership qualities are important .

The skill levels and experience of the members of my team.

The work involved (routine or new and creative).

The organizational environment (stable or radically changing , conservative or adventurous).

My own preferred or natural style.

As a good leader , I will find myself switching instinctively between styles according to the people and work they are dealing with. This is often referred to as "situational leadership".

Achieving The Task

Developing the Individual

Building the team

Organizing Meetings : Within company to discuss the important matters with work team and also to deliver some important and urgent massages an effective meeting is good opportunity . In outer world meetings reflect the image of company . Meeting must have


True things about me....

I can very clear what's going on around me .

Always make an helpful plans to take decisions.

I always would like to know more about my company .

People like to work with me because of my helping nature.

I have no difficulty to experience new methods and techniques and specially with electronics and communication system.

Not sure about me...

I tend to jump to the conclusion , without thinking .

I don't become curious about solving problem.

I am strict at my job , not lenient .

I am active rather than passive .

I believe and consider others abilities .

The Action plan

In order to over come my weaknesses and to be much successful in the future I will consider in implementing the appropriate strategies in order to improve on the areas which I have mentioned below.

To manage my time efficiently.

To take appropriate measures to develop my presentation skills.

Also to take serious measure to control my temper.

Areas to consider - To manage my time efficiently.




The Evidence

To follow a daily timetable

Giving priority in order to complete the difficult tasks first.

Attaching deadlines to my work, over coming lazyness,

By avoiding interruptions.

For Lifetime.

For Lifetime

Less stress at the end and creating a balance between work as well as in my personal life.

It will enable me to gain more free time for my self.

Areas to consider - To develop on my presentation skills.




The Evidence

To deliver effective presentations through out.

By planning and organizing on the topic which I have to present well in advance and when presenting should take measures in order to involve the audience as well.

4 - 6 months.

Getting feedback from teammates and colleagues.

Also feedback from the audience.

Areas to consider - To follow serious measures in order to control my anger.




The Evidence

To control my temper when there are many tasks to complete.

By prioritizing as well as by managing my time in a much effective manner.

2-3 months.

By taking measures to be happy and calm always.

Skills Area

I am good

I need more practice

I will not able to do


1= necessary

2= Fairly important

3=Not necessary



I can analyse assignment (essay, report etc) questions to determine what is expected


I know the difference between an essay writing and report writing


I can produce a written plan to answer an assignment question


I can punctuate, use grammar and spelling correctly


I am confident I can express my ideas clearly in written form


I am able to adapt my writing styles to suit the appropriate media/audience


I understand the need to reference my work to avoid plagiarism



I am able to express my views verbally


I am confident speaking in front of a group of people


Making plan and deliver a presentation


I can use visual aids to support a presentation


I work well as a part of a group or team


I am able to listen to and appreciate the views of others



I am able to use a word processing software package to produce my assignments


I can use a variety of different computer software (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access)



I am competent in making simple calculations


I can present numerical information accurately


I can competently use a variety of numerical techniques (e.g. percentages, fractions, decimals)


I can interpret and present information in graphs and illustrations



I am able to plan my revision time


I am able to set myself goals


I am able to use a variety of different revision techniques (e.g. practising questions, mind mapping etc)


I can select and use techniques to help me retain and recall information


I use strategies to help me in the exam room (e.g. planning time, coping with anxiety)



I know what is impact of stress


I know more about my personal symptoms of stress


I can identify strategies to overcome with my stress



I am able to identify my personal goals


I am a good judge of what my strengths and areas for development are


I find the opportunity outside the box of my course e.g. Groups, societies, employment


I make plan for my personal development


Here I have done carefully personal analysis of my self. And now I am able to recognise all the points where I need to more concentrate for achieve my goals. Form this personal skill analysis I am able to identify my negative points which is real fact to my life and I have to accept and need respond them as early as possible for successful completion of my masters. As I deeply go through I had find I am good at communication, pretty good at to take quick decision, motivated, innovative, good organised and confident. Rigours I have to more concentrate on speaking, sense of humour and laziness.


TASK 1 :

Personal development plan is a process by which person can manage their own development by going through a process of reflection and structured planning on how they can reach to their goals.

Personal development is also necessary to learn the things as you know that you become more appropriate by develop proper duration of plan. Plan will be effective and it helpful to increase your performance as well as stability of your work. Moreover , It is a process by which individual can learn new things, raise performance level, education and career development. The main objective of PDP is to raise your thinking to do the things which are important , analyse how and what are you doing to achieve that, plan and learn yourself to understand individual responsibility. There are large number of proofs that PDP will helpful to you :

To become more efficient, self- dependent and quick learner.

To understand how you learn in efficient way and relate it with broader context.

Improve your basic skills for your study as well as career development.

Evaluate your personal goals and work hard to achieve your goals.

Always be positive thinker to learning whole your life.

Planning is very important. The action or practice of organizing special courses to prepare ahead of time with the primary and fundamental process. To this fundamental aspect of management appears to be effective carrier. While it is true that all people do not always plan their actions. Every potential employee organization plans a special value.  For efficient plan take view of everyone and become neutral towards decision and the process is involved personal beliefs ,goals and objective.

For making effective personal development plan we have to go through personal self evaluation. From we can able to find where am I and what I need to do for achieve my goal.

Self Evaluation: Where am I now?

Progress File

Target Setting: Where do I want to get to?

Feedback & Reflection: How well did I do?

Action & Practice: what did I do?

Action Planning: How can I get there?

Personal development planning cycle

Own experience of profession:

I would like to pursue a career as an operations management and want to be a successful operations manager in the multi national company. Operations manager have the role to manage the technical people in the organisation. They have main responsibility to manage the heart of the organisation, so to be a successful operation manager I have to develop my personal development plan and have to work hard on it. I mention where you are and how you going to achieve that by setting your goals and objective.

Goal - Setting: If you don't know where you are going , you will probably end up somewhere else- (Lawrence J.Peter) . By setting goals , I can easily clarify my mission , seriousness of tasks and motivation towards precise works. It , is always important to ensure a right track.

Accomplishment of goals consists of money, networking , experience, competence and knowledge of market.

Setting Objectives: To be an effective and successful manager my objectives should be specific , measurable , achievable , realistic , time-bound. Because , these features will help me to review the strategies which are helpful for the accomplishment of tasks effectively..

I have design my career objective for the next 12 months which are as follows.

Objective 1:

To be able to pass my current education that will serve as my primary foundation in learning the theories and concept of operation management.

Action which i take place for achievement of my objective.

Spending more time on reading, study related critical issues and new updated news about my related topic.

Engage and join in the group studies and discussion about the latest topic on operation management and business issues.

Sustain good quality of studying habit and take initial action at the instant.

Think out side the box for getting new opportunity.

Take advice from professionals so , I get more clear abut my technical things.

Deadlines of time for achieving above objective.

For the period of the next 12 months the time frame of all the activities is singularly divided in to increased efforts of the studies. aside from the regular classes session, there will be a one or two hours of research work and doing an assignments. In the free days and free schedules I will be seeking for potential venue for related learning. I am willing to sacrifices few hours for other educational purpose.

Objective 2:

To be able to seek for other opportunities for applied learning or part time employment on vacation, that would serve me as avenue for the execution of the theories and concepts that I learnt at the college.

Action which i take place for achieving above objective.

Look forward towards field related opportunity so during that time i learn things which learn only theoretical but how it works on working environment.

Try to find out new sources, read magazine and news paper or advertisement.

Estimate the possibility of applied learning.

Deadlines of time for achieving above objective.

Approximately 2 weeks before the scheduled college vacation, I will look for firms or an organisation that need interns or part time employee. Inspit of waiting for my result I will plan for my future possible plans. I will also engage my self in to other things which are making me more productive.

Objective 3:

To be able to linkage or connections to people who will be instrumental to my future professional career. Networking and communication is an effective strategy used more consequently by individuals who actively engaged in either job search or in building their careers in the organisation where they belong.

Action which i take place for achieving above objective.

Attend legitimate events such as forums and discussing involving credible speakers talking about my field of interest.

Being establishing social relationship with professors, exports and good students.

Create an updated business card.

Socialise and be friendly.

Deadlines of time for achieving above objective.

Everyday is an opportunity to learn, to meet other people and to improve my self. Every week I will keep me well informed on upcoming activities of my college and a community which I belong. I will try to make record of the activities that I had attended and the people I met. I will reconnect with and try to spend some amount of time for socialisation.

Task 2 :


The SWOT Analysis commonly used tool for identifying gaps and potential for improvement. The SWOT Analysis is very easy to conduct and the explanation of the whole exercise does not consume a lot of time. The SWOT Analysis was first used by the marketing guys so it is really a very simple tool. By doing this swot analysis individual can find out their weakness and strength and how individual can transfer their weakness into strength by short out critical analysis of personal things. As per my view i have some weaknesses so if i find out that weaknesses and think about that how to short out that weaknesses by putting my individual effort. If I manage my weaknesses then no matter where am I and what I m doing to overcome that situation.

This is such kind of things which identify strength and weaknesses and analyze the flow of opportunities and threats from them. If individual can look at his personal strength and weaknesses and separate them , and develop specific talents and skill you have to advance in your career.

A key tool in the strategic planning process can also be applied to career planning. This tool is a marketing analysis using the SWOT technique. A SWOT analysis focuses on the internal and external environments, examining strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment and opportunities and threats in the external environment

Strengths at start of this programme:

Effective communication

Quick decision maker

Time management



Eager to learn new things

Self discipline

Sense of humour


As see thoughts my strengths at the starting of this course it seems to be not sufficient. I do have effective communication skill but some time I am not well effective at my communication. I think that I am good at presentation skill but some time lack of preparation I am not able to do perfect presentation.

Apart from them I am really very good at time management. I am always be on time weather I am at job or to attend college. I am always plans my journey before to leave my home. And as a result of that I am always on time at every place. I am considering my self as innovative. As I have done my engineering I am always eager to learn new things. From my childhood I am eager to know what going thought me.

As I am described my self as organised, I am an organised person but I need to be more organised. I am always believed to be in self discipline, which I would consider as my good habit as well as strength.

Weaknesses at the start of the programme:




Self judgement

Lack of confidence

Less prepare for presentation

Presentation style

Less motivated

Writing skill


As if I go through my weaknesses it's more than my strengths. So, first of all I had aim to minimise my weakness and improve them as soon as possible. As I go to the perfection I am not so good at the perfection. The main reason of less perfect- ness in my work is my laziness. In many of the time I am feel my self in harsh which is lot affect to me.

In the some kind of situation I am not able to make quick decision. It I consider as big weakness of mine. The main reason of feeling bad is that in the practical world we need to make some important and fast decision. So this is my biggest weakness.

At the end of the programme I could see more effective and dramatic development in my self. I am feeling so because now I can see more strengths in compare to the weaknesses.

Strengths after the end of programme:

More effective communication

More prepared for the presentation

More innovative

Good self discipline

Well organised



Less harsh

Highly motivated

Self awareness

Weakness after the programme:

Sense of humour


Critical analysis.