Personal And Professional Development And Learning Styles Education Essay

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I am a staff nurse from my home country Nepal, but currently I am doing health and social care assistant job since one and half year in a resident care home. I have completed my NVQ level 3 and currently I am student of BSC (HONS). During our study period we have different subject to study, among them one is personnel and professional development. Subject itself about development of knowledge and learning ideas. So my assignment today is related to SWOT, SAPRA and learning style. In my view these are the improving point for us I coming days. SWOT refers to strength weakness, opportunity and threats, SAPRA refers to skill and personal reflective activity and learning style is the method to find our strength and weakness point, so that we can improve in future.

First of all my assignment is related with personal and professional development through various method of learning style among them I prefer SWOT, SAPRA and Honey and Mumford learning style. So first of all I want to explain about SWOT analysis, like if I have good qualification experience in some field , I am honest myself. These all things are my strength which helps me to achieve my goal, where as if I pretend myself as I could not do any type of work, thinking that my qualification is not sufficient to meet some requirement , I have no experience etc, these all are person's weakness point, so if person have weakness point they feel shy and don't tell to other , instead of doing that they need to accept their weakness point and try to identify and improve in future. Similarly we are working our own related profession, I need to accept that is my opportunity, some external factors may hinder my progress like money, competition, which can be threats so we need to motivate our self to do action plan. The second one is SAPRA, it is related , which helps to develop our skill like, understanding our skill which means what can I do ? and how well can I do ?what I shall learn ?. my developing plan to reflect my skill , my study skill which includes using internet and online system, using enough study materials, try to seek advice from other, discussing with tutor. Evaluating my skill by using it (SAPRA), altered for feedback, reviewing what I have done, IDP using which means , looking for handout instruction to complete box , making plan to approach with my increase confidence in skill and the third one is learning style , so among learning style, which helps me to find what am I ? like activities (Do), reflectors (review), theorist (conclude) and pragmatists (plan ) as well. It helps me to find out my strong and weakness point , so that I can improve in my coming future.


My subject is about personal and professional development, so first of all it is necessary to know what does it means ? personal and professional development is defined as the process in which the organization and individual need to be engaged for learning to meet challenge and opportunity with in a boundaries which helps to meet the balance . it is related with individual groups and staff of any organization. So to development my personal and professional plan I have selected three learning style which are SWOT, SAPRA, and Honey and Mumford learning style. Before starting my learning style , we need to know what do you mean by that ? and what is that stand for ? so in first hand I apply SWOT on myself , therefore 1st we need to know about SWOT. The full form of SWOT is strength, weakness, opportunity and threats, which can be defined as a strategic planning way to evaluate strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats. SWOT has two factors, internal and external factors, strengths and weakness comes under internal factors and opportunities and threats come under external factor. As well strength and opportunity comes under positive point and weakness and threats come under negative point. Strengths is stands for management, channel distribution, leading the brands scale etc. weakness stands for weak brands, management , sub-scale, low customer retention, absence of important skills. Similarly opportunities stands for new channel distribution, changes in customer taste, change in government policies etc and at last threats stands for advance in technology, change in population age etc. SWOT is essential because it has 4 steps of planning for achieving our objectives. SWOT analysis is used in any decision making situations.

When I apply SWOT on myself after that I evaluate myself how I am, because one day I saw an advertisement an newspaper about requirement of nursing in Dubai , I feel myself happy to apply on that job, but when I went that place they present us about hospital and its requirement, in some points I meet requirement and in other points I scared myself that thinking I am not eligible for that post, because when I attend presentation lots of middle age and old lady was there , so I thought myself that the old ladies have more qualification more than me and may be they are more experienced . I know that is just my bad feelings but I can't think positive on that things so when I compare myself with SWOT, I found my positive on strength and opportunity and negative on weakness and threats. So how I build confident myself to fight with any situations and I improved on my negative points, that I need to build confident on myself and self attitude.

On the second hand I apply SAPRA on myself, before applying it is necessary to know something about SAPRA, the SAPRA stands for skills and personal reflective activity. SAPRA is complete package of our skills, that's why it has a wide range of topic including numeracy and IT. We can use SAPRA as to develop our skills and confidence, there is a model which is very useful for it , they are plan, do, review and refine. SAPRA is made to give ideas for where I am right now and how I am feeling about different skills. We need to be realistic when we are answering and need to build confidence. If we don't speak truth and frankly then we will lose out our self. All the information that we shared will be confidence. When we apply SAPRA, first of all we need to understand our skills, what will I learn? plan, transferable skills, like how can I improve my study skill and after improving it , doing evaluation when we do evaluation when we do evaluation then I can know my score feedback form. so next I will review and collect the skills so that I can develop it and at last using IDP, looking at handout instruction to complete box and make a plan to approach by increasing confidence in skills that I identified which I need . so in SAPRA we have 8 individual learner profile. Among them I have chosen communications, before examine on communication, I like to write something about it. In a simple definition, communication is the process of spending or receiving message between two or more individuals. The individuals we work with may have barriers to effective communications such as , speech difficulties due to disabilities, deafness, poor sight, noisy environment, poor cognitive skills, difference in language spoken. From the university of Bradford I got a table to developed on skills area on communication, so I filled all my knowledge on table and at last there is a rate on overall confidence, which are confident, quite confident and not confident, so my score was on quite confident, so Ii found myself that my communicating skills is not to bad but also it would be better If I have scored confident on communication skill. I feel myself happy to apply SAPRA on me, to develop my skill.