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MBA is an advanced degree offered by almost all the business schools around the world. It deals with the essential skills for the corporate world by focusing on both on financial, economical, leadership and management qualities. Across the world it is one of the most coveted post graduate Qualification. Mostly students prefer to do MBA as soon as they complete their Graduation. But basically most of the students prefer to do MBA after for working in some organization for couple of years so that it can be easy for them to know which course they need to do in MBA.As it is divided into various courses keeping into consideration today's economy requirement like Finance, Human resources, Marketing, Tourism and some other industries. MBA itself has many options in it so it can be the reason students choose it as their career. This masters Degree can be done by any individual who is a graduate from any stream like science, commerce, arts and engineering and etc.This master course can be pursued at any age level because there is no age bar for doing MBA like other professional courses. This course is a bit exceptional from other professional courses as it doesn't have any particular restrictions for an individual like age ,special professional course ,expect it requires Graduation or sometimes it requires a little work experience. This can one of the reasons why individuals are more attracted towards doing this masters course and the other reason can be that it provides a professional qualification that can help us in our future career and at the same point of time it develops a body of practical knowledge. This combination can help us achieve our goals regardless of the profession we choose in our future. And not only that MBA also helped us to develop our business and interpersonal skills which can become our strength in near future .


My Background definitely belongs to the course which I am currently pursuing which is an MBA as i am a commerce graduate. However I have never thought that one day I will be actually doing MBA because I was never interested in doing this masters degree. Basically I have done my schooling from St.Francis High School which was a convent school in Mumbai. From my school days I was much more interested in sports rather than in studies. But apart from sports I had an ambition to become a merchant navy officer. In my school days I had planned everything for me like what I will do after completing my secondary studies like what subject I will choose for entering into merchant navy till that time I always used to think that I had planned my future. But unfortunately things did not work out as I had planned. Than after completing my secondary studies with a distinction I decided to choose for commerce as I wanted to become a merchant navy officer. Time went on than I cleared my higher education again with a distinction and finally decided to move on to my ambition but unfortunately due to some personal reason I was not able to make out for navy officer. And it was the most unsuccessful part of my life. After which I again engaged into my first year of bachelor in commerce and at that point of time my motive was to complete my graduation really had no future plans after that. And finally I completed my Graduation with a first class and the day I got my results out it was the day when I had to decide whether I had to continue studies or give it off .It was really a pressureful situation for me. But finally after lot of pressure and arguments I came to a solution that I will study and make my future secured in this fast growing and advanced economy where there is a lot of competition among individuals in job market. So it would not be so easy for me to get a good professional job in a corporate world.

At that time I had two options in my mind, either to do a CA professional course or either to opt for MBA. So I finally made a decision between the two of pursuing MBA.

There are multiple reasons why people chose MBA so did me and as it would be the integral step In my career. And having this degree in my profile would make a lot of difference between a good job profile, a good salary structure and unlimited unsuccessful job interviews. Basically people work for a good job profile and a good pay and MBA from a well known institution can help you to achieve this target and which can make our life more easy and simpler. High pay, job flexibility, security and satisfaction of work are the some of the few reasons why MBA attracted me towards itself and also MBAs are in high demand in top level organizations.. But I really had no plans doing my course from abroad in spite of my sister doing her Masters from United Kingdom. She always used to tell me to do MBA from the same country where she is. But I really had no intentions coming so far and doing MBA all the way leaving my own country and my family because I am a bit home sick. Than i gave a thought if a do my MBA from United Kingdom it would be a good exposure and the important part is about the education system which is quite practical than theoretical. And the best part would be I will complete my MBA in a year instead of wasting two years here and my sister would be there with me to support me. So that was the day I finally made up my mind and decided to study overseas.

BENEFITS OF MBA IN FUTURE MBA in today's increasingly global business world provides career opportunities in spite of growing competitions. It would be like a stepping stone for my bright future and my career because it will enhance my salary and high level job opportunities in this crowded job market. This master course will enrich in me qualities like leadership, economical, financial and management qualities. As it deals with leadership qualities it would more focus on teamwork and it would also give a multinational experience to work with different cultured and multi-talented people who will help me to get a very best result in this fast growing and changing environments. As it also deals with management which includes managing people, finance basically it changes the way we look at things. I think by choosing MBA I did a correct choice because it is like a promotion ladder in the business world and it will also help me to secure a top management position in an organization. MBA develops many qualities like leadership, initiative, team skills, managing skills, issue resolving skills and many other qualities which can make life easier and successful. And if i become an MBA in future it would be definitely a rewarding and life changing experience for me. So because of all these reasons I think MBA will benefit me in my future path and it's a right step in a right decision.

2.1 Learning Style Questionnaire and discussion According to RAPIDBI, there are many theories surrounding adult learning style. And it also states that this learning style can help to provide a community with a common and consistent language within which individuals can state their needs and trainers, facilitators etc can ensure that their sessions and learning interventions are reasonably balanced and likely to provide something for everyone. There are many different types of learning style among which Honey and Mumford learning style is one of them. It states that learning style questionnaire is a self-administered questionnaire which determines an individual's preferred learning style. And basically knowing a self learning style can accelerate the learning as we undertake an activity that best fits our preferred style. It can very useful in many different ways like we can avoid repeating mistakes by undertaking activities that strengthen other styles and also can minimize our weakness which can be very useful for us. In this type of learning style there are different types of persons like an activists the one who do things first, the reflectors who review first ,the Theorists who conclude and then prefer to do things and the Pragmatists who do things after planning. And as per this Learning style questionnaire I find myself as an Activists. An activist is a person who involves themselves fully and without bias in experiences which to some extent it's true because I involve myself in any particular work fully and love to do new experiences. And I prefer to enjoy here and now I really don't mind being dominated by immediate experiences. And also I am an open minded person and not sceptical to certain things which makes me very enthusiastic about experimenting new things. Also I believe in the philosophy "I will try anything once" because I think everything should be tried once and to be experimented as it's good to explore things to some extent. I basically would like to do things first and then i think about their consequences may be it just a waste of time thinking so it's better do and then think. Brainstorming is one of the qualities by which I can tackle problems and if I give a solution to one of the problem I prefer to look for another. I would love to thrive on the challenge of new experience but sometimes I get bored with its implementation and long term consolidation. And one of the most important things I prefer doing work on myself instead of involving others.

2.2 Problems As I think the way of me thinking for different opinions are different and we may not be preferable in this practical world or may be it can lead to some major problems if things are done without considering and thinking. And as I prefer to do things first and then i think about its consequences which may not be right and may be its true to some extent that thought should be implemented only after thinking. And the other drawbacks of me being an activist can be that as often I take decisions without thinking which can lead to unnecessary risks for the organization and which can prove a major drawback to me and for the organization I am working for. And not only that I should also consider that I should not rush for any actions without any sufficient preparation and proper knowledge. And working in a team would be more beneficial than to do everything by own self and then come into limelight which sometimes can prevent different ideas and opinions and also should take an active part in all the implementations of the organization and also in consolidations

2.2 Strategies Taking into consideration my strengths i can make strategies for good atmosphere and a successful organization like New situations should be taken into consideration and should be implemented very thoroughly with proper resources and knowledge before coming up to to any conclusion situations and its effects should be properly taken into consideration without making any rush decisions. And the other important thing would be working in a team and implementing different ideas and solutions for a certain project in spite of me taking the decision on myself and coming into the lime light which can be a very important strategy to avoid problems. Being optimistic is never wrong but should always be ready for the change and keep on experimenting different things in a team.Unnecssary risk can be stopped by not taking hasty decisions and thinking about the consequences. Various implementations of thoughts, resources should be taken into consideration instead of ignoring those things. And the most important strategy can be think before doing.

2.3 Critique of learning style approach

As Described by Michael Reynolds (Lancaster University, [email protected]) in his abstract of learning style a critique says that

The concept of learning style is virtually taken for granted in management development, in spite of considerable doubts about its validity from within cognitive psychology and education. The first part summarizes research that is critical of 'learning styles', particularly in the form which predominates within management development and introduces the alternative concept of learning strategy, which is rarely encountered in this field. Management development should not be predominated. It is a very important thing so should be taken into consideration. The second part develops a critique of learning style theory from a critical education perspective raising even more significant concerns that in decontextualozing learning the concept of style may provide a discriminatory basis for dealing with difference in gender or race.

Future plans

3.1 Ambition Revisited Frankly speaking I have not decide that I will do this or will do that as I had mentioned before also that doing MBA was never my ambition or I had never prepared myself that I will do management studies in future after completing my graduation because my focus was to be a government officer as it was the only thing or I can say I had always made up my mind that i will do this. but for some personal issues I was not able to get involve into this field and actually it was a complete breakdown for me but than I thought may be something better than this would be waiting for me. After swapping career I really did not think much that what I will do next. And neither I had any future plans after my graduation but as I had decided to do MBA and become a good business man I had made some plans for my future life nothing that great but yes I have something's in my mind to achieve in my career. Basically once when I complete my course I would like to work to for couples of years in a firm which will enrich my managerial skills and other aspects like team work, proper management skills and the qualities which I can apply from my course which I had learned in the year. The main motive of me doing MBA would be to learn essential skills of business and management which are very much important in today's business world and which I can apply in practice if in future I run an organization or a small company. After completing my MBA I will seek a position of a manager may be I don't get what I expecting because of the growing competition or you can say the growing recession or the other reason of that can be that I will be a fresher to the business and management world.

3.2 Steps Achieving ambitions is one of the great job an individual can do, for some it can be very easy and for some it gets very difficult .but In my case its neither that difficult nor that easy as my ambition is to become a successful businessman and i know that I have that confidence of 'I CAN' but the condition is only that I need to be more focussed on what I need to do and what I want. And as per me true ambition is not always achieving but it's just that what u want and what it takes to achieve that goal. Relevant knowledge and understanding of important aspects can be one of the stepping stone to achieve your goal, ability to think, being creative, organise thoughts, ability to solve complex problems and make decisions, Effective usage of information and knowledge, leadership and professional management are the key areas in which If I concentrate and work hard I am not only sure but also confident that than I will definitely achieve my goals. But the most important is focus and determination without which I can not apply any thoughts to achieve my ambitions.

3.3 Action Plan






Short term


Relevant knowledge and information. And Determination.

Management skills and proper knowledge about the business world

1 year


Mid term

Professional job

Professional experience for setting up a business

Leadership skills and managerial skills and proper knowledge about how things and people work in a corporate world

2 years


Long term

Self owned Business

A relevant knowledge about how things work to become a successful and skilled businessman

Managerial leadership skills, Ability to make decisions, Solve complex problems, effective use of knowledge and information

5 years

By Achieving this Action plan and taking some steps for personal development can definitely help me to achieve my ambitions. And if these things I do with full determination and focus on my goal I am sure I will be able to make my career ambition true in couple of years.