Passionate geography teacher

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Since an early age I have been fascinated by Geography and during my last few years at school I have been inspired by a really passionate geography teacher. The more I found out about the subject, the more interesting it appeared to me. I was captivated by how in Geography, science interlinked with art, and the natural environment interlinked with the human society. Hence, without hesitation I decided to pursue a degree in Geography.

I have already proven my abilities and my genuine interest for this subject as I am already a second year geography student at Vilnius University, which is one of the best universities in Lithuania. The degree is challenging but at the same time it is rewarding as I am passionate about the subject. Not only have I gained good theoretical background, but I have also already developed some practical skills used in cartography, geomorphology, meteorology as well as the data analysis necessary for recreational and tourism geography.

Thanks to my university studies I have acquired a better understanding of the natural environment. Last year we undertook a Geomorphology field course, during which we were investigating the ground conditions to get a better understanding of the formation of the soils present in a forest. We also researched the effect of the climate change on the landscape. [ (???)] It was one of the most interesting parts of my course, as I had the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and I also learnt much about the ground formation. [ (???).] I enjoy going to seminars and discussing about the issues that the world and geographers are facing. This is helping me to understand the environment as a whole as well as my own role within the world.

From the beginning of my degree I have been actively engaged in various aspects of university life. I am a part of the organisational and social activities committee at our Students' Union. I play a great role in organising social events, talks and training. Most of this involvement has been as part of various teams, which has not only helped me develop my interpersonal skills but also improved my organisational skills.

I have always been passionate about sports and have therefore taken part in various sportive activities ranging from swimming to shooting and have taken part in school and university sport competitions. I have won several medals and my dedication for sports has helped me develop my team working skills as well as enhancing my persistence. These skills are vital for my university studies and for my future professional career.

Recently, I realised that my current university is unable to fit my needs. My private research has shown that higher (???) education in the United Kingdom offers greater teaching quality and more opportunities for their students. Also, the graduate prospects for natural sciences are significantly better than in Lithuania. Studying in England would also be an excellent chance for me to broaden my horizon, experience cultural diversity, and meet new people. It would be an invaluable experience for me and would certainly be an important asset for my future career. As I have studied English at school for 9 years and have been taking it as part of my current degree, I am confident that studying in English would not pose any hurdles for me.

Since the beginning of my degree I have never regretted of choosing Geography. Hence, there is no doubt in my mind that I want to continue studying it. However, due to the differences in the syllabi of English and Lithuanian universities I believe that the best option for me would be to start my studies again from the first year.