Organizational And Managerial Aspects Of School Education Essay

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School management with the internal and external activities of, is subject to successful management possesses capacities and capabilities that qualify leadership belief in the modern sense of the management through a number of management practices and the necessary technical coordination of efforts and achieving goals, not far from social philosophy, political and cultural life of society and not without flexibility of movement and action also.

The administrative leadership educational in education is a combination of administrative leadership and educational a leadership strong working in the educational process in an educational institution and directed towards achieving educational goals, the concept of participation as concepts park in the area of administrative leadership, which refers to counting the concentration of powers on the one hand and to participate in the powers of on the other hand, resulting in an effective impact on the behavior of individuals and how they adjust to life organizational and through self-gratification and satisfaction psychological internal moving positively in their achievement.

It was only the role of the school administration the past to maintain the school system and the implementation of the program of a busy business faculty pedagogic confined timetables start hour and end radios, and the end of the last hour at work ends role of the school and interrupted relationship with all shrouded from poor socio-economic, political and even educational; even begins the second day and start breathing. The school in the modern era, bringing the role of school management which broadly to include the administrative side and artistic without separated and became the school's mission is to create integrated development of the student and became a student hub of school administration after the material development of physical, emotional and spiritual, social and behavioral student. The school administration modern does not separate between organizations and methods written (and can be placed supervisory (technical) where divided duties of supervisory into two first: an important and responsibilities of school management to employees the school and community. And second tasks and responsibilities of school administration towards educational programs and educational and means involved.

And to reach these points and this level of management and leadership in school, we should do some works and some strategies about management and leadership, we will talk briefly about some of them in this report.

Leadership and management practices in schools:

Leadership defined as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support others in an organization.

From this definition we can know that there should be one person leading other people in the organization and he will give the orders and put the managerial strategies for the organization.

As our report we are talking about schools and education and from the above brief definition we got the that person the leader of the school is called the Manager of the school

He is the person putting the strategies and the orders for the teachers and administrators in the school and we will talk about what he should do and the changes he can do it.

As we said in the above introduction that the duties responsibilities of the school management divided into two sections will talk about it below.

One of the functions and responsibilities of the school principal leadership is located within the handle administrative goal of transactions of the Office Levels highest and lowest (any level to deal with officials from the top and the middle and the level of dealing with subordinates with teachers and administrators and users) and consequent responsibilities and procedures related to monitor attendance and supervision for school facilities and various resources to achieve ultimately structured school effectively contribute to the achievement of the Millennium educational desired, some of which is located within the handle educational technician (supervisory) with elements of the educational process of managers educators and experts subjects, administrators, teachers, curriculum, students and their parents to achieve in the end service teaching-learning process at school which reflects positively on learning tutorial.

The position occupied by the headmaster its aspects different associated with students and faculty members, staff and users, parents and members of the surrounding community school requires that the roles are many and varied, it is to assume different responsibilities towards all these, The director school responsible for leading a team school work in the direction of achieving the objectives of the educational system in his school, and expects the manager carrying out these functions in the light of the basic functions of management school of planning, organizing and directing the follow-up and evaluation. It practices leading to administrative tasks and technical condition of a people by the school principal in completing its work entrusted to him, and the headmaster finds himself in front of many challenges imposed by the spirit of the age in which is it in, cognitive, information technology, and changes the sequence of the ocean Social School, and the legislation necessary to keep up with educational trends of contemporary imposed a new kind of tasks and responsibilities, is no longer welcome to operate the school administration away from these developments and put them in the management process through leadership practices of administrative and technical tasks to the headmaster in order to build a positive affiliation toward the school and the community.

Involving important school management aspects administrative and other technical and must be integration of these two sides in the management practices and technical without overshadowed one over the other, and include every aspect of the educational process, and aspects of school life different, and fall under these tasks many duties and responsibilities subsystem, which includes all affairs of the school, and all aspects of life.

Categories followed by some scientists Leaders in the classification of the duties of director of the school, those that divided into four sections by fields main activity headmaster which administrative duties related to facilitating school administratively, and duties of art related to improving the educational process in the school, and duties of social related guidance social life and improve the climate psychological, social and social relations at school, and the service of the environment around the school.

Differed environment supervision work for headmaster and became a partner of the supervisors in their work and serves as supervisor resident or intermediary supervisory between teachers and supervisors, and with different work environment evolved missions headmaster, and united, a path wide and trends multiple unlike what it was a race from one track narrow, not ample it except for a few of interest, missions headmaster by characterization talk to it does not stop at supervising teacher, but with the teacher student, with the student curriculum, with courses teaching aids, and with means classroom environment material and physical, with classroom environment physical tests, however Tests paperwork for students, however paperwork all the circumstances surrounding and influencing processes of learning and learning, and so the Director tasks are many and varied, including what is administrative, including what is art, and between administrative tasks and technical common denominators, so that the work of director action integrative imposing integration educational situation learning , and imposed administrative work and technical elements teaching-learning process in both its administrative and technical, because it is difficult foll between the work of teachers and administrative work of art, and also difficult to separate the work headmaster Technical and his administrative, and because site manager position as an intermediary between the teacher and the supervisor of the hand, and between the teacher and his disciples on the other hand; became obliged to Director Situated exercise of administrative work and technical work at the same time, while maintaining the privacy of each side so that it will not take one side over another.

Administrative tasks to the headmaster:

Rests with the Director responsible for follow-up actions that are predominantly administrative as a setting records and create files and conduct correspondence and organizing programs and the hiring of construction school annexes multiple, etc., The main aim behind the Director tasks of leadership in the management side has been done is to achieve the most appropriate level of tool, and to create an appropriate atmosphere prevails effective human relations, in order to achieve a state of motivation to achieve integration goals with the technical side of the work, these responsibilities include various aspects in the work of the Director that offers specialized services which is the most important :

Management of Student Affairs:

And include a number of sub-tasks, which oversees its implementation and ensure the safety of its procedures and the most watched by the Director in this area:

• Organize accept new students and continue recording and organizing records and related files.

• Organize and follow-up system and school discipline internal and external.

• Organize and follow-up tests school, smooth running and analyzing their results.

• Follow-up programs relating to the care of Social Affairs and guidance and counseling services and care Affairs.

Care of teachers and workers:

This task can be specified to the following set of sub-tasks:

• Follow-up time teachers and discipline.

• Follow up the implementation of laws and official instructions relating to their work.

• Promotion and development of human relations between workers and caring for special occasions.

• Follow-up records and personnel files and make sure of the validity of the data.

• Follow-up and meet the needs of teachers on the requirements of their jobs and administrative or technical roles.

A director of the school to provide teachers with a set of capabilities that would enable it to deal with technical and educational Any other matters relevant to the positions of education and learning:

• The ability to manage the classroom.

• Ability to plan lessons its three levels (daily and annual school).

• teacher's ability to use teaching aids.

• The ability to organize classroom activities not suitable for descriptive disciples.

• The ability to use the English language sound clearly.

• the ability to develop tests that measure student achievement.

Care and the development of relations with the local community

Falls under this task taking into account the work of the organization of school service programs to the community on the one hand, and take advantage of potential school community on the other.

And organize links between the school and the local community to individuals, groups and institutions.

Technical Tasks of the head master

Represents the functional responsibilities of the director aside from his leadership duties directed shift work to improve the teaching-learning process through the exercise of functions are integrated in goals with administrative tasks in order to achieve the goals most effective, and most exercised by the Director in this area include:

1. Study and analysis of subjects plans, notes lessons prepared by teachers and provide feedback meaningful development, and undertake studies and research geared towards improving the procedural work and working practices or employ other research belong.

2. Participate in the construction of school plans and programs related to the exact specialization for teachers and to ensure the sharing of responsibilities and unify views and walk towards the attainment of the objectives have been developed participatory.

3. Study and analysis of the plans and programs of school committees in its various aspects and providing feedback

4. Follow-up recruitment textbooks and manuals and aids.

5. Professional development of teachers by improving competencies humanitarian, educational and professional.

6. Adoption of a system of continuous realistic calendar which employs strategies effective and calendar tools.

7. Enrich the curriculum and improve its implementation.

8. Providing care and integrated growth opportunities for learners physically, mentally, socially and psychologically

9. Cumulative provide technical records that relate to the performance of faculty and administrative bodies.

Fields of technical work for the Headmaster:

Professional growth for teachers:

A professional growth of teachers and one of the priorities of the administrative work school; so that the teacher is a mediator of knowledge between the student and the curriculum, one of the implemented educational situation learning, the possessed teacher competencies required he can achieve success in planning and implementation, and evaluation of the position of educational learning all the contents of the knowledge, skills and attitudes ; and knowledge, skills and attitudes are the results of the educational experience learning that is essential for learners of acquired after passing the necessary expertise, and it results are good learners depends achieved does not evolve competencies not only improve work supervisory integrative oriented professional growth proper for teachers by improving competencies in planning and implementation, and evaluation of the position of educational learning. Among the most important what the manager is doing in this area:

• Planning for the development of renewable and ongoing professional teachers.

• hold meetings after each routing process.

• Follow-up notes to prepare teachers and provide them with meaningful feedback nutrition.

• To encourage and coordinate the exchange of classroom visits aimed among teachers.

• urged teachers to diversify their teaching strategies.

• convening and organizing seminars and educational workshops.

• implementation of supervisory visits programmed and scheduled timetable.

• enlighten teachers effective methods of classroom management.

Leadership and planning: a field of leadership and planning a new aspect to the school principal in the New Testament as without leadership and without adequate planning things do not go system is not available the ability to influence others and the lack of leadership and lack of planning means the absence of the system and the absence of productivity and lack of commitment, and the absence of the system, productivity and commitment means lack of success and widespread failure.


From here should be on the principal of the school to be eligible for leadership, and to enjoy the skills of being able to perform its responsibilities administrative and technical, and being able to take collective leadership in the school, the administration school of modern successful you Ali assets scientific define work and direction, and the criteria for success in school management so that they can carry out responsibilities, that owns the school principal leadership skills and skill leadership devote into three technical skills and conceptual, humane and consistent scholars of education and management on the importance of these skills and its importance to the success of man management in general, and a man of school administration in the exercise of his functions the administrative and technical. The school management is no longer just a routine operation aimed at the conduct of the affairs school to walk on uninteresting according to specific rules and instructions, and is no longer an end in itself, but also become a means to an end goal to achieve the educational process of social investigation and functionally.