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One of the elements in NPE is to develop potentials of individuals. Potential are something that are born within a person. Each individual should possess their abilities. These talents are considered gifts of God which compose of intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspect of any individual. Through education is that this inborn talents and abilities can be developed and constantly improved. The potentials of individuals are ought to be developed to the optimum level by integrating their own talent and abilities that are closely related to each another. This is what means by holistic and integrated potentials.

It is clearly highlighted in the NPE it is important in developing balanced and harmonious individuals. A well balanced and harmonious individuals is people who possess integrated personality and able to enjoy contentment and happiness spiritually. At the same time, the person will also feel grateful and ready to accept challenges as well as willing to make effort to solve and overcome problems.

Balanced individuals are those that have a balance in their physical, emotional, spiritually and social development. Physical aspect includes aspects such as maintaining physical agility and good health that enable those individuals to work independently and contribute towards the personal well-being as well as for the betterment of family, society and nations. Meanwhile intellectual aspect covers the cognitive knowledge. Cognitive here not only includes the ability to think rationally logically and solving problem. Being knowledgeable and able to think critically and creatively is important. Meanwhile the spiritual and emotional aspects cover elements such as belief in God, embrace religious faith, spiritual stability, emotional intelligence, appreciation of moral value and norms of society, good behaviour, loyalty and willing to sacrifice for the people and the country.

Belief in and devoting to God is one of the important aspects. Belief concerns the human confidence that the surrounding environment that does not exists but provided by the God. The law of nature is actually the Law of God. Thus individuals should exemplify devotions; trust a responsibility to the God in respect of efforts to administer and develop the environment.

Malaysian has the ambition to produce educated Malaysians that are competent with noble characters. People who possess positive attitude love to read, diligent to acquire and apply their knowledge will not only benefit themselves but also others. Such an example is the scientist that are highly educated using their knowledge they created high technology that is use for the betterment of the others like developing methods that stop HIV. People who are competent possess knowledge and various skills are able to contribute for the progress of nation. Capable of performing their duties competently and satisfactorily according to condition and requirement is what they do. Noble character meant here that people that have high moral values that also possess the qualities such as discipline integrated the noble practice in their life. It is very important here because with high intellectual but without the application of noble character could bring to worst of the society and the nations.

Malaysian also hopes to be responsible and capable in achieve personal well-being. Responsible towards God, race and nation in performing their duties with honesty and dedicatedly is what hoped by the government in producing their citizen. Besides responsible the personal well-being is also very important as it contribute to the betterment of the family, religion and even the nation.

Other important aspect is to foster the capability of Malaysian in contribution to the nation. Through proper education and training people can use their productivity and innovation skill to upgrade their productivities to bring a higher level of economic development. Here it does not limited to industrial sector but other as well such as service sector that involves professionals such as doctors, lawyers and more.

Lastly the important aspects in NPE are harmony and the prosperity of society and nation. Racial harmony can be achieve through the practice of proper attitude such as tolerance, cooperation, mutual respect and foster unity among various races in Malaysia to promote the harmonious and peaceful of the nation. The harmonious environments will help in the development of the economy and advancement of all fields. Harmonious environment encourage investor to invest in our country and also the blooming of our tourism industry.


2.0: National Curriculum


Furthermore, the curriculum of Primary Education in Malaysia is always changing to accomplish the aim of NPE. The curriculum is changing from Old Primary School Curriculum (KLSR) to Integrated Primary School Curriculum (KBSR) and lastly to Standard Primary School Curriculum (KSSR) to fulfil the need of 21st Century. KLSR is implemented before the year 1982 and the contents are all students must pass in Bahasa Melayu public examination, in which the paper is written using the Malay language. It is aims to foster unity among the multi races in our country by using Malay language as Malaysian National Language. In building a successful community, KLSR also launched the eradication of illiteracy. KLSR also emphasized students to be tested to identify their level whether they recognize letters or not. This is important to help students to read and to write.

After KLSR, Integrated Primary School Curriculum (KBSR) is implemented. Among the most important objectives to be achieved for KBSR is students can master and appreciate the Malay language as the national language and it can be used as a tool to unite all races in Malaysia. KBSR plan also emphasizes that the students need to master in the basic skills that is 3Rs that is reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition, KBSR also focus on the development of the individual holistically which includes the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social (JERIS) consistent with the National Philosophy of Education which is to develop and nurture a strong unity and national integration through education system structured and systematic.

Lastly, Standard Curriculum for Primary Schools (KSSR) was introduced in an effort to reorganize and improve the existing curriculum to ensure that students are provided with the knowledge, skills and values relevant to the current needs and challenges of the 21st century. Implementation KSSR replace KBSR aims to increase student interest in the subject of English. KSSR enacted in standard statement consists of content standards and student learning to be achieved in a school level. Content standards are specific statements about the students should know and can do in the school covers the knowledge, skills and values, while the Standard Learning is setting an index for the quality of learning and achievement can be measured for each content standard. In conclusion, the education in Malaysia is always changed but it is all for good that is to produce a quality students and a great human being that can brighter our nation.

3.0: Strategies for the Realization of NPE

3.1: Role of school

3.2: Role of students

The role of school is important in our country. In Malaysia, school should be the main stage in realization of NPE. The school plays an important role in providing the correct environment, holding different programmes and activities and lastly the cooperation of the school community in managing their role in realizing the NPE . The role of student in school is students, first of all, should be active participants in their education. By active, this means that students should contribute to classroom discussions by not only answering direct questions posed by the teacher, but answers questions posed by their peers. This allows students to construct their own knowledge about their learning, and apply if to their education. A student's role is also to be motivated about their learning. This role is also tied to a teacher's role as well. However, if students are truly interested in learning, it is their job to think. When thinking, students should be able to find some prior experience or knowledge to apply this new learning to. When doing so, they should mentally prepare themselves to learn more about this new concept or idea.

3.3: Role of teachers

In most Malaysian school, organization chart can be seen in the office of the school. The organization chart is important to show the position of the organization from the highest position to the lower ones. It also shows systematic arrangement of the school management. The community that can be found in the school are school head, senior assistants, panel heads, class teacher and the students. Every position plays an important in school and also in NPE. Intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social (JERIS) are the list of aspects that can helps the students to be fully developed if the school have the systematic management. A teacher holds important roles in human's life and they have such an invaluable job. There are many roles that be undertaken by the teacher. For instance, teacher as an educator, supporter and supervisor, a role model, a mentor and life learning guide, a learner, as someone who is faithful in educational institutions and as someone who can develop the communication between the communities.

Furthermore the role of teachers as educators are associated with the tasks provided to student. Teacher should give a moral support and monitoring the tasks that have been done by the student. Teacher should also construct the student on how to do the task. This type of pattern also related on how to discipline the students in schools in order to be compliant to the school rules and norms of the family and society. These tasks are related to enhance the growth and development so that the child will have more experiences so that the children will not be dependant to their parents, to help the students know and learn the morality and social responsibility, knowledge and basic skills, and matters of a personal and spiritual. Teachers should also disciplining and be an overseer the students activity and control every activity so that the students did not deviate behaviour with existing norms that can make the students stray from the real goals as a student.

Teacher should be a good role model so that the students can follow the good behaviour that have in the teacher personality. Teacher can also be a mentor and life learning guide to the students. The teacher can provide and teach the knowledge, skills and other experiences outside the school to student. For example, giving the clear vision for the students on how to choose a job in the community, how to response to social problem and give a clear explanations about responsibility in the social life. Next, another teacher's role is teacher as a learner. A teacher is required to always gain knowledge and skills so that the knowledge and skills possessed is not outdated. Knowledge and skills that dominated not only limited to the expansion of knowledge related to professional duties, but also social work and human task.

A teacher also should be someone who is faithful in educational institutions and as someone who can develop the communication between the communities. A teacher is expected to help his friend that also in teaching field that in need of help in developing his abilities. Help can be directly through official meetings or incidental encounters. They can share about the problem related to education, school, classroom and more. A teacher is also expected to take an active role in the country development and improve in their field of learning that they have learnt. It can enhance their capability in the areas that have being master by them.

To sum up, the teacher educates pupils to become useful citizens of the future who should be knowledgeable, possess noble character and able to contribute for the development and progress of the society and nation. Teacher also educate pupils so that they will possess various types of living skills, especially in the technical and vocational fields, as well as to fulfill the aspirations and progress of individuals, society and nation according to the aspirations of NPE, and to act as agent of change to bring along innovations to fulfill the aspirations and progress of pupils, society and nation, so as to realize the objectives of National Education based on the NPE.

4.0: School Activity

4.1: Integrated units of uniformed camping (Perkhemahan Bersepadu Unit Beruniform)

4.2: Annual Sports

4.3: Khatam Al Quran

4.4: Independence's Day

4.5: Program Guru Penyayang

In order to understand more about the effectiveness of NPE in school, an interview and research project were held. A primary head master of SK Sungai Soi,

En. Muda B Abdul Latif, student welfare senior assistance (PK HEM) of SK Sungai Soi, Zainab Bt Sood, co curriculum senior assistance (PK Koko) of SK Sungai Soi, Roslee B Ismail were interviewed. Some of the questions are about the activities done by in the school and in classroom. It is important to know if the activity conducted by the SK Sungai Soi compromises with the NPE and the curriculum because it link with the development of students.

One of the activities done by SK Sungai Soi in the school is integrated units of uniformed camping (Perkhemahan Bersepadu Unit Beruniform). This activity is important because it can develop the student to be more active and teach student to be more cooperative when doing task with their group, to build confidence, and help students know the important of solidarity between races. This activity is not only important between students and students but also between teachers and student because it can rebuild strong relationship between them. During this camping also, students can show their talent such as backwoods cooking, and show their skill based on their instinct to survive in a forest, setting up a tent and more. Students that have being chose as a leader in the integrated uniform also can show their leader skill. In other words, this activity is compromises with the need in JERIS that is to build and Intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social to helps the students to be fully developed.

Next, the activity is Annual sports. Annual sports are importance because it giving the opportunity to students to try a much wider variety of sports and it helps students to increase their participation levels, widen their talent pool thus lead them to healthier, more active lifestyle." Exercise and sports participation can also reduce the risk of many physical problems such as cardiovascular disease and obesity among students", said Puan Zainab bt Mohd Sood, student welfare senior assistance (PK HEM) of SK Sungai Soi. Furthermore, schools have the opportunity to inspire and help student to get active and participate in sport as it can be a powerful tool that give a positive impact on students in areas such as attendance and behaviour. It can also raise the self-esteem in students and give them confidence. Annual sports are important to build the physical, emotional and social element among students.

Furthermore, other activities that being conduct by SK Sungai Soi is a program call 'Khatam Al Quran'. Majority of students in SK Sungai Soi are Muslims so the school find it is very important to do this event. En. Muda bin Abdul Latif, the head master of SK Sungai Soi said that this program is important because it help the student to increase their believe towards the holy Quran and also it help to build the spiritual and emotional elements in each students in the school. 'Khatam Al Quran' programme is important because it helps the students learn about the importance of Al Quran and Islam. To continue, J-QAF program of 'Khatam Al Quran' is more important as an effort to further strengthen to the existing of Pendidikan Islam subject so that all areas in the field of Pendidikan Islam such as recitation of the Qur'an, the field of faith, worship, morals and Jawi Sirah Nabawi can be more effective and may help students to internalized and practiced in daily life.

Moreover, the most important event being conduct by SK Sungai Soi every year is the celebration of Independence Day. This celebration is important because it help the youth to instil their love for the country and make them understand how lucky they are to be living such a harmonious and peaceful nation. This celebration is also one of the passages for the students to remember and understand the sacrifices the forefathers and the great leaders that led to independence. It helps the students to be more patriotic thus remember their identity and responsibility to the country that is to learn and develop Malaysia into a world class country.

Lastly, the activities that have being conducted by the SK Sungai Soi are 'Program Guru Penyayang'. This activity is important as it is a way for teachers to practice and cultivate a caring attitude in school. The objective of 'Program Guru Penyayang' is to recognize that every student is an asset to the school and appreciate the contributions of pupils, parents and the community into the school. This activity is done with a focus will be placed on the following three activities; welcoming the students to school in early morning, providing a mentor mentee programme and give recognition to students. When welcoming the students, the teachers will perform duties such as welcoming the student at the gate with a neat appearance and cheerful character. Teacher will give warm welcoming greetings to students that come and when the school session end the teacher will ask about the all session learning period to the students and students will answer and wave to teacher when going back.

5.0: Class Activity

5.1: Physical education

5.2: Role playing

5.3: Rhythmic Reading

5.4: Spelling bee

5.5: Choral speaking

Next is about the activity done in the classroom by the teacher and how the activities help to develop the students and compromises with the National curriculum in the progress of molding the student's behaviour and believes. For the physical education subject, the teacher will teach the student theory about a certain topic. In order to make the students understand more, the teacher will bring the students down to the field and start to do the activity practically. For an example is high jump. To master in high jump sports, one should know the correct skill and ways to jump so that the person will not get injured. Teacher can teach their student the correct skill during Pendidikan Jasmani(PJ) period. Thus, the teacher can select the most talented students and nurture the students until they have mastered the sports. This is important as it can also help the students to be more active physically and help them to gain confidence.

Role playing is also one of the most famous activities that can be done in the classroom by the teacher. This role playing is important as it helps passive students to communicate more and socialize with their classmate. It also help students in a way of correcting the grammar of the speech spoken by the students and helps the students to be less shy and build confidence level and improve the condition of the emotion of the students. Role playing also help teacher to recognize with gifted talents in acting and more. Hence, this is the reason why role playing is being loved by the teacher and the students in a certain classroom.

Furthermore, one of the teachers in SK Sungai also suggest rhythmic reading as one of the activity in the class that can help the students. According to her, this activity is fast-paced and lively, and improves the student's word recognition, speed, and confidence in reading. The activity is done by firstly; the students should choose a reading passage. Next, start a rhythm by clapping or tapping the desk. Teacher will ask the student to ask another student to start and it will continuous. Each student must read one sentence exactly on the beat and pronounced correctly. Immediately after the first student finishes, the next one starts with the next sentence, and so on. If someone misses a beat or stumbles over words, they lose a 'life' or they are 'out'. If students use the 'out' method, it isn't so bad, because the 'out' students help to keep the beat and follow along. The most important thing is all students, whether 'out' or not, will focused intently on the reading - waiting like hawks to hear someone's mistake. This is indeed one of the best ways to improve the elements of 3R(Reading, Writing, Arithmetic) in students.

Another activity is also spelling bee and choral speaking. Both of this activity is important and should be done in the classroom as it helps the students to spell the words correctly and it helps to pronounce correctly. By knowing the correct spelling for a certain words, it can help students to write nicely in essay without having misspelling and more. Student who participates in choral speaking during classroom activity tend to be more active in speaking and have a high confident level and perform very well in curriculum.

6.0: Conclusion

In conclusion, NPE gives a very big impact on the development of education that involves the ministry of education, formation of various new concepts in education, curriculum, co-curriculum, schools, teachers and students. Furthermore, NPE actually gives the educator a big push to betterment and great improvement in giving the aim and direct guidelines in their noble route in impart knowledge. Overall this causes a great improvement of the citizen of the nation as mention in the NPE in the formation of balanced and harmonious individuals physically, intellectual, emotional, spiritually and socially,(JERIS) students and future generation that lives in harmony , believes in god and loyal to the king and the country and other great aims as mention in NPE. As a future teacher is our great voyage in doing our best in understanding the NPE and applies it in our teaching in the future.