My perception of my effectiveness

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A.1. The effectiveness of myself during the project process:

My perception of my effectiveness:

My project was based on Hell Pizza Ellerslie. I have been working here as a shift manager since 2008. As being part of this organization I have figured out many problems. I took help from my experiences, which I have collected during my job.

For the given project I was the main person, who managed the entire project. But I also want to mention that I took help from many other resources. My teacher Mr. Rafil guided me at every point. Then I did surveys and Hell Pizza staff helped me to conduct these surveys. Management and staff of Hell Pizza Ellerslie helped me a lot to complete this project.

Then I analyzed all the data by myself. I used fishbone technique to find the solution for the problems, which I have identified. I also conduct interviews with the management and the staff of Hell Pizza to find out the factors behind the problem ‘ lack of motivation and cultural differences'. These interviews and brainstorming provided me possible factors behind these problems.

All this analysis and factors, which I identified, helped me to find the solutions. Then I recommended some tasks, which would help us to get rid of these problems.

So, in this way I can say that I played the main role in this project and also took help from other resources.

My perception after the project:

Before this project I have never applied theoretical knowledge into the practical life to solve the business problem. So, this project changed my perception and helped me to solve the business problems. I figured out that all these theories came from practical life and we can apply these theories into practical life with little plus minus.

What would I like to do differently :

The main problem, which I have faced, was that I had to stick with the questions given into our course work and which limited my approach. I molded my project according to the demand of the given assignment. If I would get another chance, I would like to do this project independently that I could broaden my research and can provide more efficient solutions. In the starting of the project, I would also like to make a full project map in Microsoft Project that I could finish my project within the time limit.

A.2. The problem solving process selected for project process:

Definition of Problem Solving Process:

In the first part of the project report I identified the problems, then in the second part I did deep analysis of each and every problem and found the possible factors behind those problems. To achieve these objectives, I took help from fishbone and Henri Fayol's management theories. I also applied Porter's Five Forces management theory.

Specific Problem Solving Process:

The specific problem solving process, which I selected for this project was fishbone problem solving technique. There are three main parts of this technique. First of all I identified the problems. Then at the second stage of this technique I found the possible reasons behind the problems. At the last stage of the fish bone technique I found the solutions and tasks to solve those problems.

This problem-finding model was suitable for me, because it gave me reasons and solutions behind the problems. It helped me to do deep analysis of each problem.

If I would get another chance to do this project again I would also use SWOT analysis model.

A.3. The decision making process selected for project process:

I used brainstorming process to make decision during this project. It is a very simple technique. I discussed all problems and their solutions with top management and staff. We discussed all negative and positive aspects of our decision and then made the final decisions.

Brainstorming technique is a very simple and economical technique. The best thing about this technique is that it involves all team during decision-making process. In this way we can generate many different ideas. The main problem with this technique is that too many people have too many ideas, which is very difficult to apply in practical life. This technique is a very time consuming also.

If I would get another chance then I would like to use Decision Making Matrix Model. This model is very helpful because there is software available for this model. We can calculate risk and profits of each decision. I would also like to use pro-con technique to make decisions.

A.4 The research methods selected as a part of your project process:

To perform this research I have used following methods. Three research instruments, which I have used, are listed below:

* Brain Storming.

* Episode Analysis

* Feedback

1. I did brain storming with my co-workers. I identified the problems, which we were facing on day-to-day basis at our work place. Then I tried to find out possible solution for those problems.

2. Episode analysis is another instrument, which I used during this research process.

3. Feedback is another tool, which we used to check our progress. Feedbacks make us aware that where we have to put more effort to get desired results.

I gathered data from Hell Pizza Ellerslie database. I did analysis of that data. There were two types of data available. I analyzed the customer complaints database to find out the most common problems. Then I tried to find out the reasons behind these problems. I also did survey to get customers feedback.

1. Which are most common customer complaints.

2. What is the difference between the sales of last three years as compared to current year?

I also faced some problems while I was doing analysis of this data. At this stage I took help from Internet and from my Applied Management teacher Mr. Rafil.

If I would get another chance then I would like to use the same method again.

A.5. Your management of the project process:

Management of project: To manage this project I have used different functions of management. There are five functions of management.

  1. Planning.
  2. Organizing.
  3. Coordinating.
  4. Commanding.
  5. Controlling.

During managing this project I faced many problems. It was first project of my life so; I have faced many problems to keep this project on track. I had to finish this project with in allotted time. I took help from Internet and also studied literature to learn how to manage the project properly.

I made proposal of this plan and presented in front of Hell Pizza Ellerslie management and my teacher. I made a proposal report and discussed with related people. In starting Hell Pizza management took it lightly but after some time they figured it out that it can be useful for business and provided me useful data.

It was my first report. The main objectives of this report were to convince related people. It was little difficult for me to present proposal in front of top management. I took help from Internet to write project proposal. I present all my ideas in front of Hell Pizza management. This project proposal helped me to learn that how can we make project proposals in real life in business world.

It is always difficult to put theory into practice. First of all I have chosen the business and then I planned the all project with respect to the time line. Then I organized the plan. Then I coordinated and did commanding. To make sure that the project is on the track I controlled the project time to time.

If I would get another chance another chance I would like to make better project plan. My experience would help me to overcome from the difficulties, which I have faced during this project. I would like to use MS Project and would like to stick with the plan.

A.6. Application of management concepts during the project:

I applied many management concepts during this project. One of it was Henri Fayols management theory. To take this research on further level, I have made use of different significant management concepts or principles. During this research process I have used management principles of Henri Fayol, the father of modern management theory. Henri Fayol was French industrialist, he identified 14 such principles, noting that they are flexible, not absolute, and must be useable regardless changing conditions. Let us have a look at some of these principles:

  1. Authority and responsibility: According to Fayol authority and responsibility are related. According to him authority is a combination of official factors, deriving from the manager's position, and personal factors, intelligence, experience, moral worth and past service etc.
  2. Unity of command: Employees should receive orders from one superior only.
  3. Scalar chain: Fayol thinks of this as a “ chain of superiors' from the highest to the lowest ranks.

I also used use “Porter's five Forces” management theory.

Apart from this I come across many other management concepts. I learnt about X Y motivation theory to motivate staff.

I did apply the principles of ethical research. I learnt that how to use and share the information. I also studied that what are right way to use information from different available sources, which also included Hell Pizza Ellerslie database.

If I would get another chance then I would try to apply different management theories to see that how result varies if we apply another theory. I would also like to finish my project with in time limit.

B. Recommended Project Process Improvements:

Recommendation 1. Spend more time on planning. Planning is main thing. As we say if you are failed to plan it means you are planning to fail.

Recommendation 2. Make Proper plan and make sure that plan is realistic and applicable in practical life.

Recommendation 3. Use different problem finding techniques. During this project I used fish bone technique. But I would like to suggest SWOT Analysis technique also.

Recommendation 4. Use different techniques to find out factors behind the problems. Discuss all problems with related people and will spend more time and use open discussion method with related people.

Recommendation 5. I would also like to suggest that control is very important. Feedback is very important. I would like to recommend that we should keep eye on sales and customer complaints.