My Educational Philosophy A Reflective Comparison

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each educator has the minimum of five years of experience. In comparing my educational philosophy in which I have gain through their years of experience. I will also contrast their philosophy along side of my own. At hand there are various diverse structures in philosophy utilized in our education structure today. It is not abnormal to distinguish additional philosophies integrated in a school or classroom environment. While integrating the various educational perspectives in the classroom, one would be obliged to deem structure of their classroom community. An individual who enjoys teaching will constantly persist to develop their comprehension and acclimatize with the altering epochs.

PhD Elise Kirchoff an educator of 25 plus years in teaching has the confidence, creativity and courage; individualizing has she would express her teaching style. She believes in being convenient in order to be supple towards each student learning requirements. PhD Kirchoff also considers mortal true within our school district; teachers contain a sort of freedom in their academic professionalism when it extends to opt on methods of instruction and developing lessons. Meaning it all depends on the district one may work for. As time goes by each generation teaching, learning potential does vary. The teaching style educated in the early 80's is most likely infective in today's classroom. PhD Kirchoff agrees in not being prepared on having to do "mob control" (Kirchoff). Though in the methods of discipline in keeping a classroom orderly focused and respectful she replied, have zero tolerance in classroom disruptions would keep the lesson moving.

With 30 years of teaching experience PhD Kirchoff feels NCLB has not aided in her ability to teach, it has basis an excess in paper work as an alternative. Nevertheless throughout her years of teaching she has come to appreciate the diversity of numerous students and how each student learning requirements are inimitable. There are no cookie cutter lessons for special need students.

Jason Keller with 10 years of teaching experience nine years in physical education while one year in special education. Keller teaches in the BIC unit (behavioral unit) he based his answers toward his class. He based solely on the unit for the reason of, when I set up the interview he was only able to answer as a special education teacher not has physical education teacher in which he has 9 years of experience. That said Keller's personal strengths he finds especially helpful in teaching is to be patient and understanding. The students who are placed here have extreme emotional, behavioral problems not including their disabilities. Keller describes his teaching style geared toward positive reinforcement rather than result and score oriented, more progress and improvement based. In comparison to PhD Kirchoff, Keller also deems on the belief of having the freedom to academic methods of instruction and developing lessons.

Both feel the same about NCLB, how it has not made their job as educators any easier. Only it has been a burden of paperwork. Where they feel the time is wasted on instead on class instruction.

Jessica Morales five years of classroom instruction, Morales finds strengths especially helpful in her teaching describe as, willingness to never give up. When feeling overwhelmed, one needs to be able to remain calm and take a deep breath. Her teaching style is flexible a way to accommodate to all her students needs. In managing her to be flexible for the diversity of each of her students it takes some work, though she feels the more that she gets to know her students, the easier it becomes. It will never be completely easy, but you will learn to accommodate your students.

In comparison to these wonderful educators my educational philosophy I would describe as being able to entrust the education and development to every student in spite of cultural or ethnic background or economic status. However, my educational philosophy encloses by wrought of numerous effects; in relying on my philosophic foundation to help me build both content and pedagogy. It is important to have strong beliefs, grounded in sound theory to guide our teaching.  It is equally imperative to continue open minded to innovative trends and techniques that may promote our students. 

In calling an educational philosophy motionless it will not be eligible; it alters with time and understanding, and I will persistently imitate, observe, and filter what I believe and why I believe it. As I gain knowledge my philosophy will change, take a few things out or taking a few things in.  Among these alterations I am open to anything and my views will be flexible and as open to opinions as I can be.  When I tell my students to dream, aim for the stars, I am saying they can conquer a new goal each new day, and then I will have succeeded in my classroom. As an educator I have seen the impact on student's lives as their teacher the positive influence we have towards them to become good role models in society. We as teachers and pupils to the system learn something every day. I anticipate producing a poignant experience within my students; whereby they develop comprehension, include an optimistic self esteem and conjugal motivation.  The understanding they attain will be objective oriented and syllabus driven.  The way I achieve this will fluctuate entrusting on the eccentricity of particular class and the students in the class. Finally, professional development is mandatory for whichever teacher who obtains unremitting self improvement.  I am not just an educator; I am facilitator in the education development and provide a positive role model to society.  I contain an enduring accountability to amplify my comprehension of both subject matter and edification, and to constantly re-examine my proceedings and curriculum in response to a continuously changing environment.

As an educationalist I need to be enthusiastically attentive of the position I participate in a student's existence.  Life suggestions an inestimable territory of educational obligations, each impelling personal growth and extended knowledge with each individual.  As a teacher, I need to be a supple to the character that validates an unqualified, dependable approval of all my students and constantly requests to assist an education that counterparts each individual.  In my classroom, I will present a secure, an environment which encourages a respect of individuals self concept and learning style.  Many have an important input to propose to this world.  In any circumstance I will assist students in their search of their identity contiguous to the extensive goals of education.