Motivation Study And Issues Faced In Group Work Education Essay

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This essay mainly comprises of my motivation to study a master degree from Bangor University, my approach towards learning, and what issues I will anticipate in group and how I will deal with it.


Any practical activities involve two 'D' factors one is 'Deciding' and other is 'Doing'. Each decision involves the selection of goal, and behaviour relevant to it. There are ample definitions for motivation but according to me "Decision making power of an individual to set his/her goal and acts accordingly to fulfil his/her goal can be known as motivation."

Motivation related to individual is just like a chain process a person sets goal, forces hard to fulfil it, motivates again and sets a new goal and the same process repeats again and again.

In this crucial world what I think once originality is scarified for time & money. I always wanted to explore deep knowledge of banking which not only helps me in exploring the knowledge in banking but also helps me to get my career started. Same is the case with me during graduation I was motivated towards studying the MBA program from a good university in United kingdom, according to which I had set my goal, worked hard and finally my dream come through, I got admission in one of the good university in united kingdom. By choosing banking & finance as my specialization in MBA programme as a career would help me to launch my career with a decent job, which involves knowing the behaviour of the people, interacting with people of different ages, knowing about international banking and finance.

Motivation related to others:

To take one example the manager must understand the nature of human behavior, so that he can know how to change the attitude, how to make his staff work harder and how to motivate the staff so that they work calmly and effectively.

Motivation can also lead the person to do good things as well as bad things. For example if a person is motivated towards drinking alcohol which is bad for his health then this can be counted in bad things.

When I was 14 years old, I become interested towards student union of my school & started involving in meetings, conferences etc. As I grew older in my graduation I was the president of my college and had attended many national meetings, international conferences, had managed many programmes, contributed my decisions. This has enhanced my decision making power as well as improved my leadership qualities this motivated me to step in the co-operate world by choosing a course like MBA.

As motivation there are many definitions in dictionary for management but the word Management came from Latin word "manus" which means a person who is controlling many people in his team or in office For Example manager, captain of cricket team etc and in Wales it is commonly known as rheoli.

Here are the some definitions given by the writers on management:

"To forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control".-(Hendri Fayol)

"Working through individuals and groups to accomplish organizational goals".-(Hersey and Blanchard)

"The achievement of objectives through other people".-(Malcolm Peel)

Oxford and Cambridge were the two ancient English universities in Britain in late 1820's.The first Business school in Britain was set up in early 1960's.The first MBA degree program was started in London and Manchester Business School and were considered as centre of excellence. According to Kate Ascher in late 1970's there were only 2,000 MBA graduates which was highest as compared to graduates in year 1985 and according to Association of the business schools (ABS) reported earlier this year that application for MBA program offered by the UK has increased by 25 percent over last 12 months. This shows business studies in UK are much older as compared to other countries. This is also one of the reasons that motivated me to study in a country like UK.

To succeed in a life proper training and proper knowledge are the two things which are necessary in today's highly competitive world. According to me the best place where I can achieve these two things was the United Kingdom which is known as the undisputed leader in development of new technologies and processes. United Kingdom is not only the birthplace of my chosen field of study but is also continuously in developing stage.

Business management has always been an orphic subject for me. Banking techniques, banking solutions were always unanswered questions for me. As I grew older the questions were answered but at the same time many new questions with more complexity started haunting me. This search for the answers aroused a passion towards Banking and started exploring the developments and new techniques in Banking but that did not quench my thirst for knowledge. Then I could understand only a post-graduate education can offer me a great deal of intellectual and personal satisfaction and challenge. This is the main reason to plan my MBA in Banking and finance.

It is rightly said

"Learning largely take place through membership of community within which students interact, and it is the quality of this community which largely governs the quality of learning"-(John McKinlay)

"What matters most at a university is meeting of minds of pupils and teacher, and of scholars with those of other scholars".-(Lord Annan)

With a goal of studying banking plus finance in U.K, I started searching for universities in which I will get pupils from different localities all over the world plus good modules and finally found that Bangor University is the best university in U.K for business studies. It has vast varieties of MBA/Msc courses for students to choose specialization from banking & finance, marketing, information management, banking & law etc is highly desirable. Then I thought studying MBA from Bangor University will give me a global standing and impart me the skills I need to be a good entrepreneur specialised in banking and finance. Bangor University was started on 18th October 1884 with 58 students & 10 teaching staff. Bangor Business school was ranked 1st in accounting & finance this thing attracted me towards Bangor University, plus the well qualified staff, highly equipped library, and it is the second cheapest for living expenses and other expenses & this is why I finally decided to study in Bangor University.



Learning is also a part of motivation. A person should be motivated to learn new things so that he can be able to upgrade his knowledge.

Someone has rightly said:

"The pressure to achieve high grades in school seriously limits the quality of learning. An educational environment without grades would promote more genuine intellectual development."

"Leadership & learning are indispensible to each other".-(John F. Kenneday)

I strongly believe that there are two main reasons for a person aspiring business career. Firstly, working under the guidance of an expert faculty whose work can serve as a model, this can be an effective way of transforming a student into independent entrepreneur who can significantly contribute. Secondly, the emphasis of post-graduate study on particular subject and independent study in some specialized area is also one of the ways of making a student capable of knowing the subject better and keeping updated toward latest developments. No one is perfect in this world everyone has to learn from his childhood to old age. Learning is the process which can't be defined. There are many things which a person knows without learning for example no one teaches a baby to crawl he automatically crawls.

"It is assumed that learning takes place within the human mind, and that it is mental process in nature (Fodor, 1981). The mind is considered as a kind of container and learning interpreted as a process of filling this container with knowledge" (for criticism of this view, see Bereiter, 2002).

Within rapidly transforming environments, learning has to be seen as process of transformation, expansion, and knowledge creation rather than as merely a process of individuals assimilating already existing knowledge. -Kai Hakkarainen (Department of Education, University of Helsinki)

In 18th century educated people where not having a source of education also had a limited source of learning so they adopted practical way of learning, so according to me practical studies plays an important role rather than theoretical in once life, because theoretical things are very hard to remember as compared to practical . Same is the case with me in final year my project was based on motor control. We have to control motor by using software as well as hardware, as a engineer software part was easy for us but were finding difficulties in controlling motor using hardware this was due to lack in practical approach. After knowing each and every thing practically, using hardware was quite easy for us then. Another good example can be of cricket team just by knowing all the tracts &tricks does not make a good cricket team, they always have to keeps on practising all the new techniques practically. It is rightly said that the failures & slow learners are the most successful persons in their life. By the lesson learned from the past experience one can be able to learn a lot in his life.

Success in learning does not imply constant success, but most of all meaningful and creative recovery of failures (Hakkarainen et al., 2004)

Basically there are three types of learner surface learner, deep learner, and strategic learner.

Surface learners have extrinsic motivation i.e. they any how completes the work but maximum times they are failure at their work. They mainly have intention of reproducing the things which they have studied earlier or tries to copy the things to complete their work. They are not in the mood of learning new things just try to memorise and always try to implement same things again and again.

Strategic learner has achieving type of motivation i.e. they completes the work slowly, understanding the work properly and finally get a good grades. They will not copy the things as it is like surface learners do instead will tries to think by their own mind. Their outcome is variable. In overall they are average type of learner. They are having somewhat practical as well as theoretical knowledge

Deep learners have intrinsic motivation i.e. they completes the work with interest. They mainly have intention of understanding new things. They first examine, then understand & then try implementing where-ever necessary. They have the intension of reproducing, understanding & then implementing that knowledge. Their work is well organised. They also have practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

I think I belong to deep learning because I believe on quality learning & quality learning comes from a practical knowledge.

In this educated world a person repeatedly comes under the same situation, same phase where he needs to have acquires some more skills which he thought that skills are not at all important. Learning difficulties can be avoided or can be overcome when an educator and a teacher interact with the learner to understand specific learning skills, & way of learning. If a person doing something wrong & then able to figured it out what wrong thing he has done than that person will likely to comment that mistake again in his life. From my point of view education is one of the most important factor to be successful in a life.

Distance learning & e-learning are in the new source of learning which are in great demand now a day.

Distance education had recently been in fashioned as a result was not only an improvement in overall economic climate but also in the trend towards practical education for employment. Distance learning is for those who are interested in learning but can't afford due to time & money. While sitting at his place and according to his/her time a person can able to get education as well as degree.

Electronic-learning is often knows as e-learning. E-learning comprises of teaching as well as learning through internet.

In 1983 the man of year was computer according to the times magazine. By a simple click the scientists who ever lived are alive now. The e-learning applications involves web based training, computer based training, virtual training, classroom. All the contents for e-learning are uploaded via internet, extranet, satellite TV, CD-Rom etc.

From above discussion my approach towards learning is that be practical in life, keep learning as much as u can because it will not be wasted and definitely will help u in one way or other.



Some of the theories given by the educational theorists:

Johnson and Johnson (2006) believe that creative solutions too many complex problems require input from several individuals, and that group work develops important problem solving behaviors.

Working collaboratively for assessment often results in a tense and emotionally charged environment because working as a group on assignments challenges much more than students' ability to demonstrate subject matter mastery (Yazici 2005, Johnson & Johnson 1994).

Group tasks also require students to understand group processes, demonstrate the ability to Co-ordinate tasks, manage interpersonal relationships and negotiate solutions when conflict arises (Furnham 1997, Tuckman 1965).

Groups basically are of two types

Formal groups

Informal groups

Furthermore they are classified as:

Fig 1.0

(Classification of groups)

Formal groups: Formal groups are those groups in an organization which have been consciously created to accomplish the organization's collective purpose. - Huczynski Buchanan

Formals groups are further classified into two parts as shown in fig 1. On the basis of duration of their existence they can be classified

Permanent formal groups(e.g. permanent committee)

Temporary formal groups(e.g. computer unit)

Formals groups mostly are the permanent group of organisation, generally used to fulfil the needs of the organisation. They have a formal structure, they are well qualified & task oriented, they are officially responsible for any failures within organisation. They are formed to achieve specific objective.

Informal groups: An informal group is a collection of individuals which becomes a group when member develop interdependencies, influence one another's behaviour and contribute to manual need satisfaction. - (Huczynski Buchanan)

Informal groups can be permanent as well as temporary. They are socially oriented, don't have formal structure according to work group are decided.

According to me a student is well recognised when he is working in a group and also has some educational benefits. It also allows the student not only to develop the skills but also how to tackle the different work at different time. I think any work done in the group will be perfectly done because there are many minds behind one projects/assessment this will lead to shape up good and well organised project/assessment. This can be advantage or disadvantage. Group work also allows students to enhance their understanding. Through discussion with their group members a student can test his knowledge and can learn from each other and hence can enhance his knowledge. It also helps some of the students in developing sense of responsibilities, for example in a group of five, if four are working and by seeing that all the members are working the fifth one will automatically starts working thinking that I would be letting other people down. Therefore it won't be wrong to say that some student also get motivated in the group work.

Group work is interesting and motivating for students because they become actively involved in the work and are held accountable for their actions by group members (Cohen, 1994).

Once the group is formed according to requirement of any institution/organisation the following procedures must be taken in order to complete the group work in well organised fashion.

Fig 1.1

(Roles that should be contributed toward Work)

Initiating: one should take initiative to allot equal work, procedure to do work, give basic ideas to group member etc.

Seeking for information: once work is allotted individual must concentrate on his work, must search for as much as information he can collect.

Giving information: sharing all the information that he had collected with the group member so that he can be able to understand what is of use and what is not.


One must think what questions can be raised by the tutor and get preparing accordingly.

Clarifying: Presenting ideas, discussing points, making all the clear.

Summarizing: This is the last step in which collecting all the information, combining it & creating a final report/thesis.

According to me forming groups can be advantageous or can have some disadvantages. Following are some advantages & disadvantages.


Students who have difficulties in talking in the big class may speak well in the small group.

One can improve his communication skills.

Student can know about his responsibilities, time management.

One can able to know how to tackle work in ample situation.

It improves presentation skills as well as expressing power.

Knowledge increases.

Disadvantages or difficulties arose by forming groups:

Group members not attending meetings as required.

In group every member has their own opinions, own mood of doing work. We can't force them to do work & as the result group work pending.

Single member cannot be recognized. The full credit will go to the group even if one member had worked hard for doing the work.

Individual students dominating groups.

Each member should know his work properly and should keep on communicating with the members of the group so that he/she can be able to know whether he/she is following the right path or not.

Group members failing to contribute.

Group member receives same marks from the tutor. This can be disadvantage to the student who is strong in studies as compared to weaker student.

Students taking others' work as their own.

One of the biggest student complaints about group work is that the time required for the planning is more as compared to individual work. Common time to meet is one of the problems faced.

According to me following are the some points to operate the group smoothly.

Communication is the most important tool.

Time management.

Equal allotment of work to every member of group.

Proper understanding of work by every member.

To look at alternate methods before deciding a particular solution.

Must trust each other.


Thus I would say leadership quality, communication skills, desire of learning in an individual matters a lot also it takes you towards smooth completion of group work. Group work not only reflects once personality, but also helps in upgrading knowledge, skills, and increases leadership quality. As mentioned earlier if you are motivated towards some things then you have to push yourself hard to complete, this process includes learning. After all the things I would conclude that motivation & learning are inter-related to each other.