Mix of marketing activities

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Task 3

1) Mix of Marketing Activities

1. Branding

Lets customers know what product the company will produced with different styles and logos. The definition of branding is creating a name, logo or a design that simply identifies and differentiate product from others.


A successful branding can establishes trust and builds loyalty between customers and the company, communicates the company values which mean the values of the company differentiate their products from other competitors and the quality of their products.

2. E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing helps by sending messages via e-mail to the customers to let them know what products will be sell in the market.


Provides personalized services to customers. Email marketing can update customers every time about the shipment of their purchased products. Email marketing also enables to promote products and services at the same time.

3. Banner adverts

Graphical adverts which can be either on graphic or text messages that are shown on web pages. When customers clicked on the either of the adverts, it will move on to new page and straight away open to the advertiser's home page. Banners are usually in formats such as GIF, JPEG or PNG. Banners are important because they can promote, buy and sell their products using this advert.


Banner advertising can be used very effectively to promote a product or service on the web. This will generate sales when the business is introduced to a huge audience. Banner advertisements will make more profitable for customers that have its own unique qualities that can boost online sales.

4. CRM

Also known as Customer Relationship Manager. CRM is an information industry that provides a company useful and relevant information to customers in order to have a well known relationship between the company and customers in an organized way. The information provided must match with the customers' needs.


CRM has the following purposes such as knowledge management which enables for employees to have valuable information in what action to make, Database consolidation is to interact a customer recorded in one place to help and promote customer support service and Integration of channels and systems which is to respond to customers through a channel of their choice such as email, phone and online chatting.

5. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a way for search engines to find and rank a site higher than other websites in response to a search query and thus helps customers easier to find the site that they wanted.


Search engine optimization will help the site to promote their products and services by searching the company's site. Every time customers type the keyword of the site, the ranking of that site will go higher. This will enable to use the search engine to the advantage in order to get needed traffic.

6. Per click advertising

Pay per click advertising is also known as Cost per click or Pay per Ranking. Pay per click advertising allows customers to list the site that searched at the top of the search engine results by typing for the products or services they wanted to use. The higher customers visit the site, the higher the advertisement will be shown in the list. Customers will pay when they click on and connect to the site.


Pay per click is a form of advertising that engage websites with links of the company on other websites. Every customer clicks on the advert, certain of sum will be charged to the customers. This will help the company to gain much more profit from ecommerce.

2) Sensible approaches to online marketing activities.

1. Registering with as many search engines

The purpose of registering with as many engines is to allow having a better line in with the search engine. This can be very valuable tool in seeing where to go in expanding the company's website into the market.

2. Clear branding and promotional packages

The purpose of clear branding and promotional packages is that they give consumers a freedom of choice in choosing their products, offer a measure of protection to customers because they can easily identify the supplier which they are fond of.

3. Usage of banner advertising model

The purpose of usage of banner advertising model is to build awareness, sell something, and drive traffic to an advertiser's website.

4. The use of forum

The usage of forum is a good way to get back links and traffics but members must contribute to the forum in order to be active in the site and not just spamming the forum with the company's links. Giving relevant and detailed information, customers or members of the forum might be interested to check out the link.

3) Offline marketing requirements:

I. Direct marketing is a method where advertisers approach customers directly face to face with the products or services for collecting an amount of information about their customers and clients.

II. Mass marketing is a maximum exposure of advertising products to customers. Products that many people want will be introduced to a huge audience.

a. Magazines

Magazines might and can be expensive but magazines are very useful because it focused on the advertising to the customers which they might be interested to know about the advert.

b. Direct Mail

Direct mail can be useful because the mail is directly sent from the company to customers immediately for their wants and needs. Collecting information from customers by noticing addresses on their checks and asking them to fill out information cards.

c. Newsletters

Newsletters nowadays can be very influential and powerful message to customers because it provides layout and design and they can generate very interesting newsletters in a very inexpensive way.

d. Newspapers

By placing advertisements about the company's business in newspapers can be very useful and may convince customers through the advertisements because newspapers always have been read by people every day. This method is very effective.

4) Plan addresses both existing and new customers

In order to retain customers online or offlines, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

1. Developing profitable customers

In order to establish profitable customers, the company must continuously be attracting new profitable customers in the industry sectors and they must also active retain the profitable current customers and re-establish relations with past customers.

2. Profiling customers

Customer profiling is based on demographic, psychographic and geographic characteristics. The description of customers must include income, occupation, and level of education, age, gender, hobbies or area of residence.

3. Defining customers

For retaining customers, the company must define their potential customers. To be successful, the company must be able to persuade customers more easily and when the company able to persuade them, it is easier time to have business with customers.

4. Deciding targeted group

Targeted group will be decided by the company which customers will base on their age and gender. Each group will be able to test their products which may be a positive way to gain customer's trust and make even more profit.

5) Compile prospective customers in the group

a. Plan to address existing customers

i) Offer loyalty

If the company plans to make the existing customers loyal to them, they must offer them a special bargain such as lowering the price in order to make them happy and loyal.

ii) Tell-a-friend option

The company can tell the existing customers to promote their site and business to their friends in order to gain more loyal customers.

iii) Offer pre or post sales services

Offering pre sales services to customers, the company must be able to research and plan new product before giving out to customers in order for them to make a suggestion and make a better product for them to be happy.

iv) Considering price factors based on customers need.

Reducing prices on the products that the customers always need will be able to retain the existing customer's loyalty.

b. Plan to address new customers

i) Mailing list

Mailing list such as direct mail is an effective way to convey a message or a way to advertise and promote a new specific product to large audiences in order to gain new customers.

ii) Offers

Offers will be given to customers such as lowering the price as considered by the company for a chosen product that might get the customer's intention.

iii) Memberships

New customers will be offered full membership for them to get the latest news and information about new products of their needs.

iv) Easy payment services

New customers may be able to use their credit cards if they are purchasing their products online because it is easier for them to pay without any transportation required.

6) Domain name

Company name is called “Arts and Crafts online”

Domain Name












The best domain name that have been chosen is artscrafts4u.com

Reasons on why this domain name is the best:

  1. This domain name is short and easier for customers to remember the site.
  2. This domain name may be interesting for customers in order for them to visit the site more often.
  3. The domain name can attract customers in making businesses.