Microsoft .NET Framework Platform Design

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The Microsoft .NET Framework is used to develop many application like windows application and web applications. The Microsoft .NET Framework can be worked in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Microsoft .NET Framework contains a huge collection of solution of programming. Microsoft .NET Framework also contains the execution part. The programs for execution process are determined in the .NET Framework. Using Microsoft .NET Framework we can able to create most of the applications. These Microsoft .NET applications can be developed in the Microsoft windows operation system and used for the Microsoft windows operation system.

The Microsoft .NET Framework consists of collection of class libraries. The class libraries are windows class libraries and web application class libraries. The class libraries provides huge amount of features to the applications. The various features provided by the class libraries are the followings.

1. User interface

2. Accessing the data

3. Database connection

4. Cryptography

5. Development of web applications

6. Various algorithms

7. Communication between the systems in the network.

Usually the developers and the programmers are using the class library. The class libraries can be combined with the coding and then the application will be produced by the developers.

The .NET Framework also contains a runtime environment. Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the runtime environment of the .NET Framework. The appearance of an application can be provided by the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Therefore the developers don"„¢t want to worry about the specific CPU capabilities. The execution of the program can be done by the specific CPU capabilities. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) provides various applications and services. Some of the services are, managing the memory, Handling the exception and providing the security to the applications. Therefore the .NET Framework is nothing but the combination of class library of the .NET applications and Common Language Runtime (CLR).

The .NET Framework version 3.0 is combined with the operation system Windows Vista and the operation system Server 2008. And also we can able to install the current version of NET Framework in the operating system like Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. .NET Compact Framework is the reduced version of .NET Framework. We can able to install the .NET Compact Framework in Windows Mobiles and smart phones. The .NET Framework version 4.0 was released on 20 May 2009.


The .NET Framework provides security to the application by its security mechanism. Two main features are provided with the security mechanism. The features are the following,

1. Code Access Security (CAS)

2. Validation and verification

Usually CAS is based on the evidence with assembly. The source assembly is known as the evidence. It is installed in our system. Otherwise we can download this from the internet. Code Access Security determines the permission by the evidence.

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) performs many experiments at the time of an assembly is loaded. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) tests the assembly for the valid metadata. And also it checks whether the internal table are correct or not. The verification and validation may not be proper. The verification mechanism tests the code for the security purpose. The algorithms are used to perform the verification mechanism. The unsafe cannot be executed. We can execute the unsafe code by only the skip verification permission given to the code.

Generally in the .NET Framework the appdomains are used as an isolation code mechanism. Codes in the appdomains can be loaded into other appdomains. As well as the codes in the appdomains can be unloaded from other appdomains. The fault tolerance of the specified application can be increased by this process. The problems or a fault present in one application system does not affect the other application systems. The configuration of the appdomain can be done by various security techniques. It provides the application"„¢s security from the unsafe code. The application can be divided into number of sub domains. (Daniel Flemstrom) Language

C# is an object oriented programming language. C#.NET is used to develop various window based applications. C# contains a broad class library. C# supports the following features. They are 1. Garbage Collection. 2. Exception Handling 3. Various types of polymorphism 4. Separating the interfaces from implementations. C# supports in multiplatform. Many of the software are developed by the C# language because of its features. Some of the project types are, 1. Quick application development projects, 2. Individual projects, 3. Large team projects, 4. Small team projects, 5. Internet applications.

C# with the .NET Framework Application Programming Interface provides a huge set of classes like encryption, graphics and TCP/IP socket programming. C#.NET is used to build .NET connected software for many platforms, web applications and also used in many mobile devices. C# is derived from C language. C# coding is similar to java and C++. C# has many advanced features. It helps developers to develop more powerful and efficient software and solutions. C#.NET is a familiar division of Microsoft .NET. Some of the features of C# are the followings.

1. Simple

2. Distributed

3. Portable

4. Object oriented

. More secure

6. Multithreaded

7. Accessing the registry

8. Database access

. Accessing files and the file system

C# .NET provides a fine and efficient user interface to the users. So that the users can easily handles the applications. C#.NET is a modern object oriented language. It provides significant improvements comparing with other object oriented languages. The developers can easily understand the concept and it will be helpful to develop many efficient applications by the developers. C# .NET is used to develop many powerful web services. These web services are used to encapsulate many business procedures. It provides high security to the business applications. And also the C #applications are running on multiple platforms. Visual C# .NET offers the programmers and developers to construct the next generation windows based applications and software. The start page of the IDE provides the user interface to handle the applications easily. It provides the information about the recent projects and preferences. Visual C# .NET helps developers to build a superior environment with rich user interface. (Charles Petzold)