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This report attempts to provide the importance of having examinations in the learning system. The future of students depends on these exams on which route will they take after they have finished their high school. Examinations play an important role in maintaining and balancing the system itself. Not enough with the issue concerning about whether the policy on the Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English should be continue or not which can greatly affected the students and now this issue appears which hold a greater consequences to the students. Concerning this issue, there are people who support in the abolishment of these exams which they argued about student's performance being measured using exams, exams can be replaced with various assessments and how these exams give problems to the students. However, the exams have so far brought more positive impacts rather than the negative ones. Thus, such approach towards these exams leads to conclusion that exams will become the solutions for many problems since it is standardized and not affected by any factors.


"We are mulling whether to retain the examinations or abolish them leaving only the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)," - Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, 2010

( The Malay Mail, 20 June 2010 )

It is true that examinations are the one thing students hate the most besides attending classes or studying. But, this is the only medium which enables teachers and the students themselves to measure their own achievement over a few years of teaching and studying. After the issue on whether the UPSR and PMR examinations should be abolished or not appeared, many arguments and opinions about it has been released ever since.

On 20 June 2010, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that two examinations that is the UPSR and PMR should be abolished leaving only the SPM. Many believe that if these exam is abolished, another problem may appeared where the government have to change the system all over again which is time consuming and those wasted years can be used for the government to think a way of increasing the performance of the students.

Examinations system in Malaysia has been going around for a long time but then a question just appeared after all these years, which is, should school examinations in Malaysia be abolished?

If we take a look further into the issue, after all these years, the examination system in Malaysia had been practiced and produced many intellectuals. The school examinations in Malaysia should not be abolished because exams can be used as a measuring tool to examine students' performance, students will be better prepared for the real exams and exams can help to maintain the balance both the body and mental of students.

This report will show compelling evidence of why examinations should not be abolished and must stay the way it is.


Exams are a medium for measuring student's performance by the Government and teachers.

National Union of the Teaching Profession Secretary, Lok Yim Pheng said that a new assessment system is needed that does not just focus on a student's intelligence quotient (IQ), but develops the students character and individual talents ( Kulasagaran, 2010 ). Again there is an issue about the education system come out after the previous concerning about whether the policy on the Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English should be continue or not and the ongoing problems of heavy school bags. Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) and Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) are two crucial exams for students that will really decide how their future would be.

Examinations is basically a writing test that test the ability and the capability of a student in answering questions given in order to measure their understanding so far after learning in the class for a few years. Exams also an effective tool that measure the effectiveness of the teaching method used by teachers and it can be said that the results from the examinations are mostly and highly accurate and it is used by teachers to classified their students into different categories whether their students need more attention or not. The students' field of studies for example the science stream students or art stream students can easily be identified and be determined through examinations instead of judging them by eyes or instinct which will produce inaccurate result that will affect the students' performance in the future. Exams really do help students in their study, besides helping them remembers the syllabus from time to time, rather than make them remember everything after five years of learning in school. They can learn from their mistake easily from the previous exam and correct them for the incoming exams. Thus, based on those evidence and points mentioned, it can be said that exams really do help students as well as teachers to measure their performance level in how well the students really understands what they learn in the school and what can the teachers do to improve themselves.

The validity of the assessment from the teacher.

Exams are the perfect tool to push students to study really hard if they want a good result. Exams really motivate students to do their very best for the incoming exams. Many students really hate to do anything that is to do with schools especially to do their homework bur when it comes to exams; the students have no choice but to study even a little because they concerned about their result. The idea of having various assessments in replaced for the exams if the exams are abolished really needs to be considered and analyze every opinion from every side.

"We need a new assessment system that does not just focus on a student's intelligence quotient (IQ), but develops his character and individual talents," said National Union of the Teaching Profession Secretary, Lok Yim Pheng ( Kulasagaran, 2010 ). However, doing the assessment is not the same as the students taking the exams. The atmospheres, the pressure, the kind of attitude giving by the students are completely different in many aspects. The students doing the assessment, the students can just copy the work of their friends. They will not do the assessment seriously because they knew that the thing that really determines everything is the final exam they will be taking at the end of their Form 5. So, why they have to work really hard for five years when only one exam that determine everything?

One more problem that associates with this is the validity of the assessments. Unlike exams where it is standardized in the whole country to ensure the equality and fairness among the students and to make sure that the results produced are valid and can be trusted. Assessment will be checked by teachers which are not standardized and how each teacher marks the assessment is differ for different school. Teachers are human too; thus, they are easily affected by many factors such as status, gender or sex, or their personal problem which eventually lead to bias. This is unfair for other students who failed to get their teachers attention and without an accurate result of the student's performance or that that can be trusted; it will be causing problems for teachers and students to improve themselves next time. In conclusion, UPSR and PMR should not be abolished as it will create more unnecessary problems. Although this matter has been discussed many times and many opinions have been taken into consideration, the government should think thoroughly about this matter for the sake of the student's future and also for the sake of this country.

Students will be well prepared for the final exams.

The word 'exams' is enough to send a chill down students' spine, but why does this happens? The main reason is the students are not well prepared to face examinations. This feeling exists long before this issue started but what happen if these examinations really be abolished? Since there are no exams for the students to worry about, students will really enjoy and wasted their time on something irrelevant and they always end up studying during the last minute. When students are not exposed or experienced the pressure of taking an exam, they are more likely to be in shocked state during the real exams because they are not trained for this kind of situation and there is a high chance for the students to flunk in their exams.

Without exams, students will have no goal or purpose being set in their minds when it comes for studying or attending classes. Students will take very lightly in their study and only work hard when the real exam is just around the corner which will be too late because students have to cover all the syllabus they have learn for five years in short period of time. Students also will lose their competitive spirit or healthy competition to fight among themselves in order to improve their results. Besides that, discipline problems especially class skipping will rise drastically as the students find no reason or point in studying in class because there are still a lot of time before they really sits for the real exam. Not to mentioned other discipline problems or other major problems caused by the students as the results from skipping classes such as free association or drugs taking and other problems.

There are people claimed that exams just stressing out students and can cause many social problems such as there are students commit suicide when they have no confident in facing the exams or when students get bad results. However, all these problems are created by the students themselves. Stressing out when the exams is just around the corner or do not have the confidence to face the exams is just a mere excuses from the students. Then what is the point of having all those motivational talk before taking the exams other than to give some confidence to the students or by making students answering all those past year questions other than to train and familiarized the students with the questions being asked in the exams. So many methods have been figured out by the teacher to train and boost their students' confidence but it is all up to the students to help themselves with the support from their parents and not relying on teachers alone. In conclusion, examinations really do help students to be well prepared before taking their exams. If these examinations are abolished, many students will become unprepared which will just create other unnecessary problems.


The insisting of some people not to abolish examinations continues as well as people opposing it. There are few ways that can be done so that both sides can be satisfied. Concerning this issue, there are people claimed that these exams should be replaced with assessment. In this case, to solve this problem, government could set a few assessments that have been standardized that will not burden the students to much for the students to do. The marks the students get from their assessment can be used to boost a little bit their marks in their final exam. In that way, students will do their assessment more seriously. At the same time, the usual exams will continue like always.

Next, there are people claimed that exams is the main cause students get stress and involve in many immoral doings such as committed suicide or run away from homes. To overcome these problems, school could provide motivation program for the students who are going to sit for exams soon. They should be taught on how to manage their time wisely and the correct way to handle their stress. School should also held a few special days such as 'Sports Day', 'Curriculum Day', and other special days that can released students' stress and tension and also let the students forget about studying for a while and enjoy themselves. This way they will find the school they have been studying in is fun not just some old boring school like other school.

Every problem has their solution but it depends on someone whether to do it or not. If a problem needs to be solved peacefully, an agreement from both sides is needed although it will be hard or will take some time to get it but it will eventually produce a good result.


In conclusion, it is clearly shown that there are good sides and the bad sides concerning this issue that is whether the examinations should be abolished or not. Exams can be a medium for measuring student's performance by the government and teachers, and exams also will make students more prepared to face the real exams and when exams being replaced with assessments, it will just create another problem. Thus, it is vividly shown that the disadvantages of abolishing these exams outmatch the advantages based on the evidences shown above. The government must take all the opinions into consideration and decide carefully on whether the exam should be abolished or not for the sake of the students' future and also this country.

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