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In order for us to understand any organisation we have to either know about or do some research on it. So in this assignment I have chosen an organisation. The organisation I am doing my assignment on is Polyflor South Africa. The organisation will be described, including their products/services and their customers. In order to understand the organisation we need to conduct a SWOT analysis, also looking at barriers. If we have all the required information from above we will understand the organisation better and can start with the marketing plan.

Question 1

  • The organisation I am going to describe is Polyflor Sales Africa otherwise known as Polyflor South Africa. Polyflor S.A is an industrial flooring company. The South African branch was established in 2004 by Denver Coleman and Sheila Coleman. The organisation actually originates from the United Kingdom where the first Branch of was established in Manchester.

Polyflor is all over the world, they have branches all over the world. There are branches all over Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. So they are basically on every continent. Polyflor Manchester is the main head office.

Polyflor S.A is a family business, where they all work together. The organisation believes strongly in "Team Work". And is all about benefitting the consumer.

  • Polyflor S.A has a number of different products. All their products are heavy duty, industrial products. They do mainly flooring but they got some other products that is not flooring, it's actually got to do with plumbing.

Their main product is heavy duty, industrial vinyl flooring. Another product of theirs is industrial interlocking rubber tiles. They also do wooden block mosaics. The product that is not flooring related that is relatively new at Polyflor S.A is specialized industrial drains.

As you can see all their products are industrial products so they meant to be used in places where the products will be introduced to a lot of wear and tear. You will find their products in factories, big buildings etc. The vinyl flooring can actually be seen mainly in hospitals and in many of the luxury bus liners. The products are not really used in a private capacity.

Polyflor doesn't get their products from just one place, their products come all over the world. Their vinyl flooring comes from the United Kingdom, from Manchester. That's the bulk of their products they do. The specialized drains are imported from Germany. They do have a local manufactured product and that is the interlocking rubber tiles that they actually get from down the road from them.

They don't really provide a service as they sell flooring and other products, but they do have support systems where they will the help at anytime. They always there for their customers. They also got a post sale service where they will assist concerning their products. If a customer is needing assistance or general help concerning their products, the employees of Polyflor S.A will always be there to help as much as they can.

  • For these types of products there is not a huge target market, as these products are not used in a personal and private capacity. They are used in a industrial capacity, meaning factories, hospitals and so on. Polyflor S.A does not install the flooring they sell their products to the organisations who install it.

So Polyflor's has not got an unlimited amount of customers, but they do have a large customer base. Which the majority of them are regular, on going buyers of their products. Basically, Polyflor only sells to flooring contractors. Polyflor is not allowed to install their flooring. So other flooring companies who do also sell flooring and install it. Purchase from Polyflor. Some of the main flooring contractors that are regular customers are Peter Bates, Turner Piercing, Kevin Bates, Albert Carpets and many others.

Question 2

Looking at various organisations we need to understand them more. We can do this by conducting a SWOT analysis. Basically a SWOT analysis is structuring of information, which is collected from the internal and external environment. It gives us a model in order to start the marketing planning process. Shows us the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organisation.


So the SWOT analysis of Polyflor is:


  • They are a recognised organisation, well known in the flooring trade.
  • They are known for having the best quality products.
  • They are an international organisation, so they are recognised all over the world.
  • Polyflor has one of the best technical backgrounds in the flooring trade.
  • They are a family business so the team of employees work really efficiently and well together.
  • Keeping up in the new fashion trends of today with their new designs on the flooring.
  • They are a very environmentally friendly company.


  • Finding reps that know about flooring who will be able to sell their products.
  • Finding employees who are able to work with the products and know about flooring.
  • Not having enough South African manufactured products.
  • Getting majority products from overseas countries, people need to get the products and start various jobs using Polyflor's products but they cant because Polyflor has not received the products due to delays being imported from overseas.


  • The fashion trends are changing all the time, so Polyflor can have new fashion trends in the designs of their flooring.
  • Most people and companies are becoming "Green", so they want to use more environmentally friendly products. So Polyflor can sell environmentally friendly products and introduce new "Green" products.
  • Also they could sell more locally produced goods,.
  • Polyflor could not only just sell to flooring contractors for industrial use, but also opening up a new market for people to use it in a private capacity.


  • Of course their main threat is competition; there are other flooring companies besides Polyflor. So they have to constantly keep finding ways to stay on top and keeping competitive advantage.
  • Another threat would be that most products come from other international countries, which sometimes the products aren't delivered in time. So customers could go looking other places.
  • Also coming from overseas, the price of the products could change easily, due to currency, taxes, import and export duties.

All of these aspects can have implications on the marketing strategy of the organisation. Therefore it is important to do this analysis.