Marketing function audit

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Executive summary

This report presents the results of audit... Based upon the information acquired in the interview with the factory's representative, reviewing the records and the observations during the tour of the office and factory facilities... ... including:


Marketing function audit, short outline of what will be covered Mars LLC overview. Where did M&M's come from Product=brands, little history, market share, revenues, competitors?, target market

4 p's of M&M's

Critique of 4 p's. Examples of more successful implementations of competitors Ranking (colors?)

Reasonable recommendations



In February 1, 2010 AltoCo was hired by Mars, Incorporated in order to conduct a Marketing Function Audit, concerning the main company's marketing activities and overall business performance. The results of this audit are intended to provide the company with clear, concise information about problem areas and our recommendations for their solutions.

While collecting the data, we picked up one product out of the variety the company suggests (in particular, M&M's candies) and reviewed it's marketing mix, i.e. product mix, price strategies and promotion tools, along with product packaging and distribution approaches[1]. We observed the target market for different products and counted market shares of the company's products, which pushed us to review the competitors of the company as well. The most successful strategies of the competitors were noted and included in our recommendations.

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