Marketing activities


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Task 3

Marketing Activities:

1. Below are the list of marketing activities:


* Explain.

The definition of branding is a name or symbol to identify the products, company, logo, symbol or it designs and also to differentiate from other companies. People will commonly recognise a well-known brand even if they didn't know about the company or products.


* Define its role

A well-known brand will expected customers to remember the company and also increasing an icon of a great and recognized business to potential customers.


E-mail Marketing.


Email marketing is the advertisement of brand, products or services through electronic mail. It is very useful to develop relationship between the company and its customers, or to get new customers. To gain email addresses from potential customers, a company have to either pay fee to email broker, using a subscription services, or rely on referrals from existing customers. Email marketing is more much cheaper rather than using traditional mail marketing. Email marketing able to make broad customers in a short period of time.


* Define its role.

Using email in marketing is much faster, cheaper, and easier to communicate to customers. Email marketing can increases your sales, up-sell and cross-sell products & services, gain valueable feedback from visitors/customers, and customers also can make offline purchase.


Banner adverts


Banner advertisements are graphical adverts display a graphic and text messages. Mostly banner are shown in graphics or animations in JPEG, GIF, and PNG format. Banner advertisements are important in business marketing.


* Define its role.

The benefits of banner adverts is to stretch your business marketing budget, banner adverts also cost less to run and design. Banner adverts also help you to focus on marketing by allowing you to choose websites, and it can revenue your business by increasing & reducing its cost. It also generates high sales to the business. Banner adverts provide direct information on a company's products & services, and establish your business brand name across the internet.



* Explain.

CRM is a wide term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their dealings with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer, vendor, partner, and internal process information.


* Define its role.

CRM helps identify and aim best customers, leading to quality sales, plan and apply marketing with goals and objectives. It is also to improve customers satisfaction and also build relationship between the company and its customers.


Search Engine Optimisation.


Search engine optimisation is to increase websites visibility to search important words and phrases. It also includes keyword research and development, backend coding, websites submissions and result reporting.


* Define its role.

The benefit of search engine optimisation is to help to finds products and services online faster with less effort. It also to increase in motivated and interested customers to the websites.


2. Identify sensible approach to online marketing activities:

a. The most relevant sensible method marketing activities for Arts & Craft online:

  1. Registering with as many search engine.
    • Easy to search.
    • Improve websites rank.
    • Increase more profits.
  2. Clear branding and promotional package.
    • Easy to remember.
    • Gain the loyalty from customers.
    • To differentiate from other company.
  3. Usage banner advertising model.
    • To advertise products.
    • To attract more customers.

3. Identify the offline marketing requirement:

Direct marketing.

Direct marketing is to advertise or approach potential customers directly with products or services. It is also to maintain a large database of personal information of potential customers and also clients. The most common forms of direct marketing are solicited and unwanted emails, catalogue, brochures and coupons.


Mass marketing.

Mass marketing is to advertise and market products specific target markets. It is maximum exposure of product advertising to clients. Mass marketing is products that many users want and needs advertised to large viewers.


There are many way to advertise offline ads.

Create ads in local newspaper, flyers, and business cards with a web site on it.

Set up Arts and Crafts class, learn how to do art and craft.

Advertise on radio talk shows.

Advertise on television.

4. Describes the plan addresses plan both existing and new customers:

  1. Plan to existing customers:
    • Give discount price 10% for registered member.
    • Promote special membership in online & offline.
    • Promotion free gifts. Example, buy one free one.
    • Special discount for member on new items or products for 20%.
  2. Plan to address new customers:
    • Create ads online and offline to attract new customers.
    • Discount price twice a month.
    • Making payment through online.
    • Became memberships and get 10% discount.

5. Company name is called “Arts and Crafts online”

Potential domain name:

Domain Name









The best domain for Arts and Crafts online is

Reason being:

  1. Easy to search the website.
  2. Make it easy for customers to remember.
  3. Name is unique by itself.
  4. Domain is set-up as a commercial websites.

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