Managenment Competencies In A Multiculture Environment Education Essay

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This report is to perform the self reflection from my log book and 360 evaluations of my attributes and skills. And how I have developed my skills and personal attributes like time management, communication skill, cultural knowledge over the semester. In this report I will reflect on what I have learnt so far and how I am able to identify my strength and weaknesses. Aim of this report is to strengthen my ability to articulate my skills and experience, to help me to develop appropriate attributes for employment and help me to take responsibility for my employability, particularly through personal development planning.

I will perform an in-depth reflection on how I have developed specific skills in the seminar of this module and outside the module. I will identity what I need to do in order to fulfil my goals and objective and get where I want to be in terms of my studies, jobs, personal life and career. I will mention an up-to date plan for next six month which helps to know what skills I need to develop for the future career.


In this module i have learnt how to develop my skills in an efficient way. For this purpose i have to evaluate my some of the skill which i have mentioned in my 6 week log book. Self-evaluation involves "a high level of self-awareness and the ability to monitor one's own learning and performance" [1] . This is a report on the self evaluation on my personal attributes, skills and competences that will be critical for success in my future life. I enjoyed this module and course as it helped me to learn in a creative way. I undertook various exercises in seminar and participated in various activities in my academic style of learning and which also helps in building my personal attributes.

Being a management student in the course of International business i have learned many important things in this one year which help me in make better manager working in different cross culture between different people in future. I have learned about various international management practices and other cross culture issues which help me in becoming successful international manager. Studying for a year with students belongs to different cultures and ethnicities i have learned to adopt many new things and etiquettes which help me to develop my skills and attributes. But apart from that there are various areas which i think i need to improve to become a successful person in future career.

Every individual have same amount of time- 60 seconds in a minute; 60 minutes in an hour; 1,440 minutes in a day; and 525,600 minutes in a year. But there are many people for whom it is a hard to manage time and out of them I am the one which i have to improve which can help for further development in my future career. And this was one of the skills i mentioned in SMART plan in which i was lacking.

This SMART plan gave me opportunity to improve my time management skills which can help me in my personal development in future. Though it was not so easy task to do, as it is easy to give suggestion to improve the weaknesses of others and hard to improve the weaknesses of your own. However, being a hard task i have managed to improve my time management skill so far. Working on this report make me realised how important and useful it is to recognise own strength and weakness of our own for the personal development. Apart from time management i have evaluate my other skills and attributes also and make them strengthen. I have evaluate and make improvement of weak skills and make more developed skills in which i am already good which help me in my personal development in future career.

Self- evaluation of skills and attributes:

In order to stand in the crowd of developed, intelligent and more matured people in the management field it is important to develop more and more of management skills. These keys skills help me in personality development and make me succeed in the future career. There are many skills in which i am good and there are some in which i am week. So with the help of this self evaluation i want to develop my strength skills and make them more better and i have to improve my some skills in which i am weak,

There are many skills on which i have to work on some for making them better and for some to improve it according to my 6 weeks log book:

Time Management:

The first and i think very important skill is time management. I already working on the improvement on time management after my 6 weeks log as it was my mid semester development plan target. In order to improve my time management i have gone through various books, practices and activities which are explained in the later part under review and evaluation of mid-semester development plan. With the help of this development plan i have improved my time management skill so far and this is the reason i finished this assignment and other assignments on time instead of waiting for last day.


The other skill is adaptability in which i am good but still i want to develop as now i am in multi cultural environment. So i want to learn more of different culture and life style and get adaptable. Usually i transition easily in any kind of situation. The biggest transition in my life was moving from India to United Kingdom. I was totally unfamiliar with the culture before coming still i adapted the new life style. I have learned not only about British culture but i have learned more about different culture from China, Europe etc. And i get adaptive to the life style.


This is other skill which i think i am good in and can develop more. I am having more extrovert personality. I really like to interact with different people from different culture. I always grab a opportunity to work with people from different ethnicity which give me chance to obtain different ideas. In my part time job i am working with people belongs to different ethnicity and get very friendly with them. And all co-workers are in good relation with me. After coming from India i made so many friends in Sheffield in university and outside university as well. I am good in relationship building but still i think i can improve more as i am bad building relations with elders and professional people on it. I can improve relational skill by interacting more with different age group of people and talking more and getting surrounded by more professional people. Contacting more with people give me confidence for building relations with people which will help me in my future career to maintain business relations with clients.

Communication Skill:

Communication skills are the base for any individual for the personal development. Maintaining relations whether personal or business with any professional, person, organization it is very important to have efficient communication skill. When i came to United Kingdom around a year ago i was very poor in communication skills. In starting i was hard to understand the accent of British people. As i am very good with interacting people so i was more in communication with different people and learnt more and now after one year i am capable to communicate with British people very easily. As i have gone through various audio cds, books, framework for communication in different culture i managed to improve this skill in one year. For first six month i didn't get job due to my poor communication skill but as i develop my this skill i got the job and got opportunity to work with US company and learning US accent as well.

After developing my communication skill still i think i can improve it more. Communication with people from different culture is different. Cultural factor has come to be considered as prime cause for difficulty in interaction between individual and group. So it is necessary to develop the communication skills where i can able to understand and communicate with people efficiently. There are various parameters to be followed in improvement of communication for this purpose i have adopted the model of communication [2] which i think enhance my communication skills in better way between different culture of people. This model displays the communication process between two, including the frame of reference each communicator uses, as well as key filter through which message sent and received must pass.

Model of Communication

Frame of reference:

-Knowledge -Experience -Norms/Values -Assumptions

Sender/ Receiver Culture 1

Sender/ Receiver Culture 1

LANGUAGE: verbal & Non verbal

STYLE of thinking and communicating



Frame of reference:

-Knowledge -Experience -Norms/Values -Assumptions

Key Communication Filters

Message Intended Message Received

Message received Message intended

This frame work helps me in understand and improve my communication skill in cross cultural environment and make me better manager in future because this gives me opportunity to learn more instead of unconscious about certain topics. There are basically four frames of reference which helps me in learning about:

Their Knowledge ( about the subject under discussion)

Their Experience ( in professional and individual terms)

Their Norms ( Norms of the society in which they live)

Their assumption( what is taken as a fact or believed to be true)

This framework will defiantly helps me in improving my communication skills and make a better n efficient communicator which makes me successful manager in any international organization with different culture of people.

Self-evaluation of competences

Competences involve a full range of resources related to knowledge, skills and cognitive abilities. The abilities to integrate these resources represent the key to competence. Competences which i think i want to improve and make my present and future life better are:

Cultural Knowledge

Due to the open economy for most of the countries its is easy for the organization to move their business from one country to another. Due to this the employees from different cultural background work under same roof. Not only about employees, but students like me who migrate to different country for higher education also experienced the cultural differences. In order to work in this kind of environment every individual who plans to have goal to become international manager should have some cultural knowledge. It is necessary to learn the level of thinking, life style, cultural values in order to built a better relation with people in that particular culture. As i came to UK for my higher studies i read many book about the British culture and lifestyle of these people which helped me a lot to adjust myself in this new culture as i was having knowledge of British culture. But still i think i have to learn about different culture with whom i am interacting these days like my friends from China, Europe. I have to know about more of different culture as this will help me to deal with different problem arises with people from different background which will help me to become successful manager in future.

Team work:

Working in organization between different cultures of people requires working in team. This is a skill which i am interested to improve more as i will soon be the more professional world working with managers. It is sometimes difficult to manage to do work when it is a group work. I was having very bad experience in working as a team for one of my project though i managed it very well. There were members in my group from different cultural background. So it was very hard to manage work with them as they have different pattern of doing work. Due to my good leadership skill i manage to lead the team make it through. Still i want to learn more about working in a team. As team means where we have share members, shared purpose, independent ideas to share. In order to measure the influence of team role and the performance of team i have took Belbin Model (1981, 1993) [3] 

An Overview of team roles

Team Role

Descriptor and strengths

Completer finisher

Conscientious, introvert, delivers on time


Conservative, reliable, turn ideas into practice action

Team worker

Extrovert, cooperative, avoids friction


Serious, provide knowledge and skills in rare supply

Monitor evaluator

Introvert, open to change , judge accurately


Dominant, good chairperson, delegate well


Trustful, creative, solve difficult problem


Emotional, impatient, has the drive to overcome obstacles

Resource investigator

Diplomatic, persuasive, communicative, develop contacts

Source: Belbin(1993):22

This model will help me to improve team work which is very important implications in any kind of work whether in organization or in module work with different cultural background to be successful in the work or project.

Review and Evaluation of Mid semester Development plan.

The skill which i mentioned in my mid semester plan was time management and which i have to improve. When i came to UK it was very hard to manage time for me. I use to delay my works on last dates whether it is some class activity or assignment. And when i joined the job i was very poor in time management and which i was thinking to improve it in order to have better career and success. If you have no meaningful goals to achieve, there is no sense in pursuing various efforts to manage your time more effectively. Only when you have valuable goals that are worthy of your effort and time, you will have motivation for time management.

In order to improve this skill i have really work hard on it as it is not easy task to evaluate on ur skills attributes and competences. I have refer many books to improve it, made various schedule charts for my assignment and other works. I started making list every week for things to do.

In order to improve my plan i have start giving priority to the main things like assignments and other stuff like job. I have refer to a Questionnaire in order to know my status of time management. [4] 

To determine how effectively you i am using your time,

1. I hold planning sessions with myself every day to draft the next day's "to do" list and review today's "to do" list.

Strongly Disagree  Disagree   Uncertain   Agree  Strongly Agree

2. I determine which tasks are of high priority each day.

Strongly Disagree  Disagree   Uncertain   Agree  Strongly Agree

3. I know how to effectively reduce and handle interruptions.

Strongly Disagree  Disagree   Uncertain   Agree  Strongly Agree

4. I habitually finish all the items on my "to do" list.

Strongly Disagree  Disagree   Uncertain   Agree  Strongly Agree

5. I tackle the jobs for the day in priority order.

Strongly Disagree  Disagree   Uncertain   Agree  Strongly Agree

6. I delegate both authority and responsibility well.

Strongly Disagree  Disagree   Uncertain   Agree  Strongly Agree

These all help me to improve my time management skills, and the results of that is i have improved a lot so far on this skill. Since my 2nd semester i starting working to improve on my time management and i planned to complete my assignment on time rather than waiting for late day. And i have successfully wrote all my assignments and also managed my job with my academic course. I also managed to complete my dissertation and planned to submit on near date. But still i think i can improve it more. With time management i have improved many other skills like communication skill, team work etc in some on which i am good and some needs to be improved more.



What specific objectives will achieve my target?


What are the measureable results of achieving my target?


Actions and realistic approach to achieve goal


Resources required to achieve each objectives


Time needed to complete each objective

Time management

Will help me to work for sales and marketing firm or in retail industry

Going to health clubs and volunteering for charity jobs.

Reading books and communicating with colleagues in my part time job

6 months

Communication skills

Will help me to be a good team leader or manager hopefully

Participating in debates with people from other culture and ethnicities.

Reading Journal Articles and Newspaper articles about Big alliances and cases of WTO.

6 months

Leadership Skills

Will help as an advantage to have successful career

Try to lead in giving suggestions in my job

Reading articles about famous leaders and ways of doing it

6 months