Maintenance policy

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Purpose And Needs Analysis

The purpose of this policy is

  • To address problems and maintenance priorities pertaining to the College's facilities and services and to ensure that Al Musanna College of Technology, abides by necessary health and safety requirements
  • To ensure that preventive maintenance is being done in all facilities and services
  • To ensure the safety and security of all staff and students in the college

Scope Of Application

This policy applies to faculty, staff and students at Al Musanna College of Technology. Faculty, staff and students must comply with the procedures contained in the policy whenever they make a request for maintenance to the facilities in the College.

The maintenance of the college facilities, cleaning and gardening is provided on an annual basis by private companies contracted by the Ministry of Manpower and supervised by the Administration Department.

Policy Statement

Al Musanna College of Technology is concerned with the maintenance of its facilities. It consistently observes preventive and corrective procedures when carrying out its maintenance activities.

Preventive maintenance is practiced by the College to prevent the failure and breakdown of equipment and to keep it in good working condition as well as extend its live. This policy is designed to check components and replace worn out ones before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance includes the cleaning, painting and routine inspection of all equipment including fire extinguishers.

Corrective maintenance involves repair, restoration or replacement of components which have failed or broken down. Broken pipes, electrical wiring, structural problems and computers are given priorities.

Procedures :

1. Cleaning Of Facilities

Responsibility: Administration Department

1.1 Cleaning is done within the college premises with the following frequency:

a) Floor cleaning of all classrooms, offices, laboratories and bathrooms is done daily.

b) Daily cleaning for all furniture and fixtures

c) Monthly cleaning for window glass and indoor units such as AC's

d) Birds nest are removed every three months. Rain water drainpipes are cleared every three months and more frequently if needed during the rainy season.

1.2 For necessary cleaning beyond or in addition to that scheduled above, a request must be made.

1.3 A maintenance request form is to be completed and forwarded it to the Administration Department, who then arranges the requested maintenance.

2. Repair And Maintenance

Responsibility : Administration Department

Structural And Electrical Maintenance

a) Painting and maintenance of cracks on walls, interlock repairing, and blocks including inspection of water piping, electrical equipment, electrical wiring and switches, air conditioning units, and exterior and interior lighting of the building.

b) Whenever there is a broken pipe, electrical or other structural problem, a request should be made by the concerned staff.

c) The staff fills out a maintenance request form and forwards it to the Facility Engineers who assign technicians to check the problem.

d) Depending on the recommendation of the technician, repair, replacement, or maintenance will be administered according to priority.

Computer Laboratory Resources Maintenance

a) New students are given an orientation program which includes their understanding of laboratory policies and how to maintain the equipment to ensure their safety when working in the labs. These procedures on maintenance of laboratory resources can also be found on the college website for easy access.

b) A quality sub-manual which includes maintenance procedures is also available as a guide for staff and is accessible on the portal .

c) The main servers in the network room are maintained every Wednesday and important data for staff and students is backed up for future use.

d) Semester break maintenance for systems is conducted during January and May of each academic year, and during July and August for the Fall semester. Routine periodic checking and inspections of all laboratory resources is also administered by the Educational Technologies Center.

e) Each laboratory is assigned to a technician to ensure the proper functioning of all equipment and to address problems encountered by the students.

f) Staff who encounter problems with these resources should report the problems using the portal's Help Desk and action forms addressed to the Educational Technologies Center .

g) Once received by the technician, the problem goes on queue along with other requests and priority is given to problems on the basis of urgency.

h) Upon completion, the requesting staff fills out a completion form which is forwarded to the Educational Technologies Center.

i) If a component is available, it is immediately replaced, if not, a request is forwarded to the Purchasing department.

j) In general, maintenance is done within the college, but if it is still under warranty the request is forwarded to the company who supplied the equipment.

3. Fire Extinguishers

a) Fire alarms, extinguishers and fire hose reels are located in specific places identified by Civil Defense.

b) To ensure that fire extinguishers will operate effectively and safely, a thorough examination is done by contractors under the supervision of the facility engineers every 6 months.

c) If the need arises, repair or replacement follows right after the inspection.

d) Records are kept on a tag or label attached to the fire extinguisher and an inspection checklist is maintained on file.