Letter of recommendations and admission applications

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1. Letter of Recommendations

At least two LORs, one from your last academic institution and the other from the employer, preferably your superior or boss or any other person whom you used to report to are mandatory when you are applying for a postgraduate program. Undergraduate applicants may use both the letters from their last academic institution.

LORs are duly signed on letter heads (headed papers) of the respective organizations and dated. They must also have a medium to get back to the referee such as a telephone or fax number, email and a postal address. Letter of recommendation come in handy to get scholarships and at times the admission committee feels more secure to admit the prospective student when they have someone to vouch for the student's academic and professional capabilities.

The academic Letter of Recommendation (Sample): The referee could be anyone from preferably the last institution or school you had attended. Usually the Head of Department, your subject school teacher or even the head master or principal of the school. The referee must be an academia or someone who must have taught you at some or the other point of time. An administrative staff from the institution cannot be your referee. The reference letters can be of at least 200-250 words stating your academic abilities, some of your achievements and or any one incident that the referee remembers and wishes to remark highlighting your candidature.

Professional Letter or Recommendation (Sample): If you are a postgraduate applicant and hold some work experience, the reference letter can be from one or all of your employers. It also acts as your work experience certificate and should state the following on the company's headed paper:

* Your designation / progression in the company

* Your tenure (length of employment) and tentative From and To dates

* Your achievements and attainments that might have benefitted the organization

2. Admission Applications

Wesley's help you zeroing down on your desired program, destination and university from a plethora of options available around. There are so many countries, fairs and websites that offer different programs and students usually feel confused on making the right decision. What happens then is that there is immense dissatisfaction on arrival; you may not like the location of the university or land up at a university that does not satisfy your personal criteria el al. Hence, we give you accurate information as our staff and counselors have personally visited our represented institutions across the globe and have verified accreditations and reputation.

Our counselors will give you a step by step assistance on filling application forms that may actually decide you are getting in a particular institution or not. We also have a centralized admission process in which you may not have to fill each individual form but just one.

We will assist you to choosing a university matching the admission criteria of the universities and students' marks and capabilities. Our counselors also assess the financial strength of the sponsor to being able to support the student with the tuition fees and stay overseas.

3. University Essays

University admission essays are one of the most important aspect of the applications to certain B Schools in the USA. Though sometimes there can be a particular topic given by the admission committee to write on or sometimes it is similar to that of a statement of purpose. The idea behind essay writing is to assess your ability to pursue and complete the chosen course and your previous knowledge on the subject.

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