Letter of motivation

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These words have long been a source of inspiration for me. Education is a tool that assists in acquiring knowledge and building personality that sets one apart from the crowd. My parents always taught me that dedication, perseverance, determination and hard work could win laurels. An eye for reason and logic, strong fundamentals, and diligence developed during my school days help me glide through the stiff competition to make it to the college of life science. Since childhood, the study of science has interested me profoundly. My backbone for whatever little success that I have tasted in this field dates back to the strong foundation laid for me in school where I was a keen student of science. My schooling revealed my keen interest for sciences, and my consistent academic performances instilled confidence about my capabilities. My microbiology teacher at Undergraduate College was excellent and she helped me gain good knowledge in the fundamentals of Microbiology. In my graduate days I never knew what Microbiology was until one day when she explained how microorganisms escape from our profound innate and adaptive immunity of humans by various pathways and how smart they are, a new revolution in microbiology is Infection biology and advances in molecular medicine, and it was when I was fascinated towards the subject. Though it is a century's old subject since its conception by father of microbiology Louis Pasteur, day to day developments in this field still provides us with copious number of career opportunities. Molecular cell biology has invaded every sphere of all branches of science and one cannot imagine the promptness and efficiency of work and technical advancement of the present era with out it. I felt privileged to take up such a field which gives real sense of meaning to innovation.

My hard work paid-off when I achieved my goal and was offered admission in Nagarjuna University for my postgraduate studies in Microbiology, established for imparting higher education and research par excellence. The subjects related to "Molecular cell biology and Microbiology" have greatly fascinated me. I strongly believe that the recent trends in Biotechnology and Molecular techniques in studying molecular details about genes and proteins allow in detecting diseases diagnosis with increased sensitivity and specificity, which in turn have a great impact on protecting Public health and natural imbalance.

My preparation for your programme has been expansive and through. The undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Nagarjuna University, taught me the fundamentals and methodologies of biotechnology, biochemical and bioprocessing technologies to develop improved monitoring and process methods for treatment of potable water, wastewater treatment, agricultural wastes and municipal/industrial sludge. My practical experience on Water for Pharmaceutical Use by "Millipore" has helped me to gain comprehensive knowledge regarding various treatments of water to avoid all possible pathogenic microorganisms and endo toxins from water before preservation of drugs and Intravenous infusions.

Having experienced an exhilarating, arduous and fruitful academic study and Industrial experience at various multinational companies such as Dr.Reddy's and Cipla , I have acquired the necessary theoretical background and practical experience for further study. I am confident that I am well suited to "Master Studies in Sweden". I believe my passion and my extensive academic background in "Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, chemistry and Epidemiology" and advanced professional experience prove that I am a promising applicant for International Masters programme in Sweden. I dream to establish myself with a future career in research.