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The best way to learn more and understand clearly what will do when I become a teacher is observing another teacher who has an experience in teaching inside the class .

Class observation is very important for teachers and it teaches them to have some experience about teaching. Therefore, I visited school to learn from it. This school is Al Wadi and it places in RAK. I visited in 13 -03 - 2008. When I went, I observed teacher that taught students from grade two. She taught Math curriculum I watched her carefully and I saw every thing that she did. I wrote all the things in my note book to do this research. I think that I observed the good teacher in the school because she did every thing as she can. Also, she use technology in her teaching to make the class more interesting , save time and help students to understand clearly.

Technology is very good method to develop students thinking and it is the best way to save the time. This teacher depended all her classes by using technology , it help her to learn more to how deal with technology and how make connection between the students and technology.

In this task, first, I will talk about description of the observation . Second, I will discuss the strength and weaknesses points . Next, I will talk about my way of teaching. Finally, I will give my recommendations.

Description of the observation:

The teacher come in the class and all students stand up to welcome her, she smiles for them and they already distributed in 5 groups . Each group has a different colour and has a leader to help others.

The lesson about the different between the ( even and odd). In addition, It is very important lesson . Teacher give each group card that include game. The game is to solve all problems to get the objective of the lesson. She use data show to show the power point which she created before. Power point is very beautiful and easy to understand. She included insert it many pictures, sounds and clearly number. All students participate with her, because she encourage them by giving them sweets and chocolates. Then, she read for them the difference between even and odd. She put a lot of different numbers on cards and she tells them to organized it. Each group try to organized first. They like to learn, understand and to get benefits from them teacher.

After that, she has some visuals that she will presented for them. It include practice and she want one student from each group to solve it to win. Students must make connection between what they learn and what is included inside the book. Therefore, she require from them to open the book and she read for them all the information that she feel is important. All students read the book except one student. She forget her book at home, the teacher tell her if she forget it again, she will loss marks and tell her parents about that.

In the end of the class she give each student number and she tell them who have an odd number and who have an even. Students are divided between two teams. She tell them which team will solve a lot of practices in the book, she will give them present.

She finish her class at time and I think she can management the class, but also I think she didn't do a plan before the class.

Strengths and weaknesses:

First: The meaningful weakness of the teacher:

She didn't have her own plan. She depended only on the course book and teacher's books. I see that it is a very wrong way. Any teacher should have her own plans, her works and her notes in the lessons that they teach. I believe that if they do by themselves, their teaching will be improved, students will understand and be fun in the class, and the lessons will be easy and clear.

She didn't give students good feedbacks. Feedbacks are very important. They encourage students to participate and share in the class. I observed when teacher chose one student to answer and this student didn't know the answer. She didn't give her a chance and she didn't encourage her and she moved to other one to answer. In my opinion, teacher should give students positive feedbacks. They will learn more, express more and share more.

The environment of the class is the responsibility of the teacher. I see that this teacher didn't provide suitable environment to the students. She should put good materials in the class such as different kinds of colors, rich library that contents a lot of books, stories and magazines that are very useful and interesting to the students., good explanations and information on the walls and so on. Also, she should change their settings. Sometimes they have to sit in individuals and sometimes in the groups. I feel that environment has a big role in teaching and teachers should care about it a lot.

Second: The meaningful strengths of this teacher:

This teacher succeed to make students active all the time. At the first, she showed them a nice PowerPoint and they watched it attentively. Next, she showed them good cards and they are very active to participate. I observed that most of them participated and raised their hands. Then, they read the number together. Finally, she were very enthusiasm to draw pictures. I like her ways to make students active a lot.

The teacher use different kinds of technology and materials in the class. I am very interested in her methods. She used PowerPoint, Cards, different kinds of questions and drawing. I believe that students will understand quickly by these ways. I encouraged this teacher to have their techniques and try to develop them.

She had good management on the time. She finished when the class was finished. She did all the things that she wanted.

She involved all the students in discussions. I feel that most of them participated in the class.

She dealing with them like her children and she smiles all the time to give them confidence for themselves. When one student had wrong answer she take it easy and tell him to try again.

The purposes of the lessons are very conformance to her assessments. So, she will achieve her goals in successful ways.

My way of teaching:

When I will be a teacher in the future I will use technology to help me in teaching . It is easy to use technology inside the class especially if I teach children and I hope, because they like to feel fun and interesting in learning.

This is my plan to use technology in teaching:

I will present all pictures and images by using data show to make it more real and all the students look at it clearly.

I will use the sounds to make the environment of the class more interesting and to help students to be more attention inside the class.

It is good to give students good website to inter it in them home which has practices and games that help them to love the subjects.

I will take the email of all parents of students to make contact with them to make sure that students understand all them classes.

I will send emails to the students to give them my observation and any thing news that they can get benefits from it .

I will give them an exam that help me to put grads accuracy and quickly.

I will use a data show to show power point for students and I will teach them how to use it.

It is good to make a discussion among the students to share them problems, information and them comments.

I will send to them a lot of information about the subjects to help them to get benefits more.


In summary, I see that observation is very important part in education and every teacher should apply it in teaching. We benefit a lot when we observed a class and when I visited the school. I feel that I must learn from other teacher who has an experience in my field. In addition, technology is very important method to help students. It make the class more easier, keep the board away and it can save the time.

On other hand, Using technology can not be alternative from my own teaching, because my way of teaching must be the first and using technology the second. Many teachers tend to use technology that they forget to use them method of teaching. It is not good for them students, because they will depended only in technology.

In my opinion, the teacher that I observed is very good in teaching. I will try to use all her methods and I will develop it. Different methods make students understanding the class in clear ways. I will develop my teaching in the future. I will have all the methods that I learned during teaching methodologies subject. I will try to use different principles and method in teaching. I will do as I can to make my class interesting and understanding.

In the future, I will become Math and Science teacher and I see that class observations are very important and help me to develop my self and develop my efforts. I see that I should learn from each other and share information, ideas and methods. In addition, we have to focus on all elements of Math and Science and try to have information about them.

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