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I am writing this research on unemployment in Pakistan, in which I see lack of well-rated system of education. In our country we see lack of well-rated education institutions and it is highly affecting jobs opportunities in Pakistan. Unemployment rate is increasing because we don't have much industries and job opportunities, our government doesn't make new industries and provide them their needs. Government of Pakistan do not provide much funds to schools and universities which are government. If we see small cities of our country there are low educational system and poor faculty running institution. In rural areas they lack facility; it can be resolved if more funds will be given to them and should run scholarship system also. Every student cant afford professional study at high stages because of expenses.


I am conducting this research and see why there are no great institutions in our country where everyone could get knowledge easily. I seen in Lahore that this is the city of universities and colleges but, what we see many students of mostly rural and small cities come here and study. Why the come is because they don't have facilities there to study and best teachers. Lahore has many universities of every type but some have great merits and some low. The students of best university get chance first to exhibit themselves and average ones later and maybe never. This is seen mostly and increase unemployment rate and affects economy of our country. I'll be collecting questionnaire from students and some people who are expert in it and see how they feel about it.

Background of the Study:

There are three types of various educational systems in Pakistan:

Foreign Educational System

Local Educational System

Medrisaw Educational System

Foreign Education System

Better Market Demand

Strong Conceptual Approach

Strong Logical and Analytical Skills

Strong Communication Skills

Weak Religious Knowledge

Weak Cultural/Social Knowledge

Expensive Source Of Education

Local Education System

Cheaper Source of Education

Strong Cultural/Social Knowledge

Weak Conceptual Approach

Weak Communication Skills

Weak Religious Knowledge

Moderate Market Demand

By having 3 different systems in Pakistan it creates disadvantages in market at job selection.

Some of the disadvantages are under:

Un-Equal Opportunities of Learning

Variance in Pace of Growth

Employers are biased towards students of foreign Education System

Prejudice amongst people from various educational background

So, by having this type of system in Pakistan the rate if unemployment rate will increase.

The Government of Pakistan should make new institutions so that this unemployment rate should be decreased. In some companies we see bribe system and favoritism. Those are given chance first and also not have experience and no knowledge. Fair system is been going down and candidates who have knowledge and new ideas they don't get chance where we see bribe system.

So, there should be a fair system where everyone should get a chance to express himself and do something for organization. Government jobs show bribe system and they are owned by giving them money and your work can be done easily at that time only.


Lack of well-rated institutions in our country is increasing unemployment because when in mostly rural areas there are lack of facilities in education sector. The purpose is to prove that government has to make more new universities so that this problem could be resolved. Government should increase their funds from 2% to 5% so that we could see revolution. Inshallah this rate will decrease and we could see more universities in country.


To identify that are there less well-rated education institutions in Lahore.

To explore why students of best universities get more opportunities.

To analyze the interview criteria asked by candidates of different universities.

To determine unemployment increases because there are low educational institutions whose programs are not recognized by HEC and PEC.

To investigate why Government not give educational funds so that we could have more and better universities.

Research Questions:

Does the government of Pakistan increase education fund in budget and take it to 5%?

Does the government should provide job opportunities to the students by having job career fair?

Do you think my making more universities can resolve this problem and more students could get a chance to study?

Is the government responsible in the increase of unemployment rate in Pakistan?

Are the rectors of university are responsible of giving their students best road map for their future?


According to me, the government is responsible because they not increase education budget to make new universities. The government not also makes more industries, if they make new setups then definitely the rate will decrease and every student will get a chance.

Significance of the Research:

The significance of writing this research is to show that we are facing unemployment problems because we don't have enough industries to give jobs to new ones. But the most important is that the student of low level university is like nothing in market even if he has knowledge. What we see that the students of best universities gets more chance than other it is because they think that they are best. Some students who don't get chance in best university they take admission in other university and study hard, I have seen many pass outs that they have degree and knowledge too but don't get enough chance. This is because the companies offer best ones first. What I have seen that "If you have knowledge you are preferred" , but over here I see black money, bribe culture and favoritism also. Some have sources in companies so they get chance easily and some don't.

The main reason of doing research on it is that there are lack of well-rated educational institutions which is highly affecting job opportunities in our country. The government should give funds to education department so that we could get better universities and industries should be made.

If more universities are not been made then surely more people will get unemployed and it will affect economy of Pakistan too. The literacy rate is increasing and unemployment rate too, then there is no need if both are increasing. The government should make more universities and industries so that our problem could be resolved.

Literature Review:

The problems which youth face in and increases unemployment are:

The problem of unemployment has all along been existed in Pakistan since its inception. It has occupied a centre in the country therefore, Pakistan's new generations suffers from this problem a lot. 

1-There are no vacancies for youth in the market, it is already saturated.

2- Population explosion.

3-Education system is backward so that youth are not fully prepared to come to the market demands. 

4-Fiscal deficit in budget has detracted the ratio of the unemployment.

5- Lack of industrialization. 

6- Favoritism in politics.

7- Copy culture.

8- Interruption of political parties in educational institutions.

9- Weak economic plan and management.

The government of Pakistan education policies of every five year plan which are under:

1-The first National Educational Conference (Karachi: Nov. 27,Dec 1, 1947) produced a strong philosophy of as well as a number of ambitious recommendations indicating the future goals of education in Pakistan Nevertheless, many of its recommendations remained in documentary form only for the lack of institutional or economic resources to pursue them.

2-In 1959 Notational Commission on was established which recommended that education should be made compulsory upto primary level by the year 1969 and upto middle level by the year 1974.

3-In 1969, the New Education policy emphasized adult literacy.

4-The Education Policy, 1972 anticipated universal primary education for boys and girls by the years 1979 and 1984 respectively, with its extension upto middle level in the next three years.

5-The New Education, Policy 1970 recommended a shift to scientific, technical and vocational education for middle level skilled worker. It also emphasized a 50: 50 ratio between science and humanities subjects enrollment.

6-National Education Policy 1979 emphasized the universal primary education, by 1986-87 utilizing non-formal sources, open 'Mosque Schools' and, 'Mohallah Schools' for girls on a large scale.

7-Since 1979 no further expansion is seen in the field of education planning in Pakistan except some new policy-decisions in certain areas such as primary education, teacher training and higher education and research. Nevertheless more emphasis is given to universalize the primary education and quite a number of international projects have been launched in this field.

8-The Educational Policy 1992 was announced by the Federal Minister of Education in Islamabad in June, 1992. The following characteristics were the most important features of this policy:

i-An emphasis on Privatization.

ii-Encouraging the private sector in education.

The recommendations of the education policies were highlighted in the next five year plans of the country and the targets were set accordingly, however, meager resources were generally allocated to education and the education sector could not get a lion's share in any of the budget proposal.

Recently, the review process for the National Education Policy 1998-2010 was initiated in 2005 and the first document, was finalized in March 2007. The White Paper became the basis for development of the Policy document.

Two main reasons prompted the Ministry Of Education (MoE) to launch the review in 2005 well before the time horizon of the existing policy framework (1998 - 2010) had approached.

The state of education in Pakistan is in shambles. Pakistan is the second country in the world with the highest number of children who do not go to school. A large number of students who make it to schools, however, drop out by class five. According to NEP, about 72 percent make it to grade five which means a dropout rate of 28 percent. This significant figure further brings down the chunk of the population that makes it to school. Such a large number of students outside school mean that they are deprived of the opportunity to learn and acquire skills for playing a meaningful role in society.

The elite of Pakistan have no interest in primary education. The children of the elite go to English medium schools and they do not bother at all whether children of their subordinates receive any education and even if they receive education in some form, its quality is very poor.

Today corruption at each level has increased, judiciary and education departments have suffered too. Through constructive education we can prepare our students according to our golden norms and values, and remove various faults found in the education system. Education system of Pakistan is facing strong criticism both at national and international level. Good and positive education builds nations and makes it strong. Our educational policies have been criticized because of lack of implementation at each level.

(By Bibi,N.(2012)"The State of education in Pakistan")

Pakistan's education system is in urgent need of change: it ranks 119th out of 127 national education systems surveyed by the UN, and has a low literacy rate of 56% across all age groups. School enrollment is also low - there are approximately 7 million children out of school, meaning that one out of every ten out-of-school children in the world is from Pakistan.

(By Vashee,L.(2012)" Improving education in Pakistan through low-costing private institution")

Adult childhood cancer  survivors report high levels of unemployment.

(By Kirchhoff. (2010) 

Both the suicide rate and unemployment rate have showed an upward trend.

(By Chen .(2010)

Education Policy by Political Party:

Increase spending from 2%GDP from 5%GDP in 5 years.

Decentralize service delivery to district.

Focus on girls education.

Special programs to update and modernize colleges.

Fund students, not students.

Voucher system to fund student to get education.

In the 65 years history of Pakistan, we could not establish any institutions of required balanced education. On one hand, we have madras' with obsolete system of education and on the other hand, we have the colonial style institutions which have badly failed to produce any great scholars for Pakistan.

Retrieved from H. (2012)


This section presents an overview of the methods to used in the study. Areas covered include population, sample, and data collection.


In this research we see lack of well-rated educational institutions which is highly affecting job opportunities in our country. As you know Lahore is the city of university and colleges and there are so many students who come from small cities and rural areas. Why they come because there is lack of facilities and government doesn't provide funds to them. In Lahore, there are some high merit university and some low and everyone aims for the best one for is future and some are unlucky in that. This happens because of lack of institute here. Lack of education I the major factor behind unemployment only.


In the study there were samples which were helpful in conducting this research. It is obvious that unemployment will increase when there will be low educational institutions which don't even fulfill curriculum of HEC and PEC. We asked questions from students and they gave their opinion about it and suggested what should be done to decrease this rate. Government doesn't invest money to make new universities and spend more money on roads, bridges etc. A complain which had been proved that Graduates from private get less chance to exhibit their talent ,but some private sector students use bribe system to get jobs. Making new companies and bringing multi-national companies can resolve this matter. Bringing digital technology cant reduce this problem they should give these things to rural areas because they lack in facilities. Graduates from government get more chance, but government should realize and equalize the standard of both.

Data Collecting:

While having others point of view in conducting questionnaires with them, research got easy because they all had their own opinion. 10 questions were asked and they had to give answers and it was successful. Primary data can be over-emphasized but secondary data can be augmenting the studies. It helped me in conclusion with have all suggested answers and government had to realize needs of students.

The questions which were asked had 5 options in which they had to give a tick to one possible option. Options were:

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

All answered all questions asked and need of well-rated educational institutions can resolve this and decrease the rate of unemployment.


Well in the end of this research I conclude that lack of well-rated educational institutions is highly affecting job opportunities in Pakistan. I picked up Lahore which is city of colleges and universities. There are many universities some of high standard and some low and average too. All apply in best ones for bright future and some don't get admission in it, this is not unfair they have their criteria in selecting them. Government of Pakistan should make a move in education emergency in which they should increase GDP rate from 2% to 5%. By increasing it revolution in education can come. Government should give funds to students not to schools.

Some recommendations which they should do is :

One System of Education need to be implemented.

System should comprised of Religious/Social/Scientific Knowledge

Modern techniques to be adopted in all trades of Education

System should be competitive Globally

Government should spend more money in making new universities

Making new industries and bring multi-national companies can resolve this matter

Bringing digital technology in rural areas

Having job fairs in universities

Exhibitions should be done where students could participate

Special programs should be done to update and modernize the colleges

Create 2million jobs per annum for youth

Make sectors in every area to make youth participate

The students of private sectors some of them use evil-sources to get good jobs and by doing this the talented one don't get chance in market. When fresh pass outs go in to market they don't know anyone and waste time out.

Special programs can help students to know the scope of what they want to do and what to choose in future. Government should realize and focus on needs of bright youth of our country and have a strict structure where everyone could get a chance to see and decide themselves. Local system should make their name and prefer this first because being a citizen we should see our things first.

So, for bright future there should be more universities where everyone could get a chance to express themselves and decrease the unemployment rate and see Pakistan literate and prove themselves the best. Inshallah we will get more universities and industries and build a better Pakistan.