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One of the most important relationships for the world is of between the students and the teachers. In this perception one other factor has placed its importance and it is the teaching assistant which had become essential for both the teachers and the students. The role of the teaching assistants has drastically enhanced and with this changing situation they have gained equal popularity to teachers. They play a crucial role in constructing new generation of the world. In other words teaching assistants support the teachers in shaping the tomorrow's world. In this way, it becomes crucial for the society to develop the force of efficient and dedicated teaching assistants. In this process, the most important factor is that they must have clear idea about their role in teaching and learning process. Teachers must have unambiguous perceptions of some of the significant areas related to the educational process, which have been tried to be pursued in this assignment.

(E1) Key legislation that supports the teaching assistant in promoting safe working practice in school

School Staffing Regulations 2003

1 September 2003, New regulation introduce that support the teaching assistant in promoting safe working practice in school. It name is school staffing regulation 2003, under this regulation. Proper staff require to follows the school staffing regulation.

Health and safety responsibilities

Health and safety started in 1974. all school require that their employee must know health and safety policy. They need to grow health and safety policy required day basis. They also use policy to take account of their problem of health and programmer of physical education.

(E2) Policies and procedures that the teaching assistant might use in relation to safety.

Health Insurance:

Health is an important expect of life. Everyone wants to live healthy life but sometimes depending on the situation health problem may arise at that time Health Insurance comes into picture as in today's world medicine and medical bills are very expensive and everyone can't afford it. Health Insurance provides very good way to overcome such situations. If graduate and researcher as well as teaching assistant do not have health insurance than to give health insurance vouchers to them.


Police department normally take control of all fire alarms when you face fire problem or small smoke, you can do particular procedure like

Take with police and tell name and contact number, tell place where happened fire or smoke and give detail about fire alarm is work or not in this place.

Severe Injury or Acute Illness :

If a student should become acutely ill or severely injured, follow this procedure:

1. Give ring to the police and say your name and contact number,students identify information and place where students suffer and give overview student health situation.

2. Delegate someone to be outside the building to direct emergency medical personnel to the student.

Police will send officers trained in first aid .Accidental injuries should be reported to your department and the Office of Safety. Safety hazards observed on campus should also be reported to the department involved or to the Office of Safety.

First Aid:

Accident that happen always unexpectedly after accident we should give primary treatment to injured. First aid normally use both minor injured. First aid normally use both minor injury and emergency situation. Students should know first aid kit use in injury. Teaching assistant as well as students knows the basic knowledge of first aid. Student can learn by practical training through.

(E4) The teaching assistant can provide pupils with opportunities for risk and challenge within a safe environment.

In the current situation, many person show the meaning of risk and their challenges

in physical work. However, if we think broader way, younger can take interest with:

Physical risk and challenge

It normally study about natural things like roots of trees leave and ice. Improve skill in tackle physical client of home. It grows knowing of the hopes and regulation with different social networks. To learn compromise skills with others.

Physical risk always the part of current situation of work.

Intellectual risk and challenge

In this basically problem can be solve by using resources. To find out new idea which helps to challenge risk. There are various scale of opportunity childeren can get children like new challenge and they try to take challenges which give new opportunities.

Managing risk and challenge

There are many elders worried about their children may hurt themselves. Rather than give advice about how use safely, just clear the equipment that is problematic for them. If we constructed the children environment. They feel board and take rudely behavior. So without taking risk and getting challenges, children diverted in bad playing environment which dangerous for children.

(E5) The importance of managing behavior to keep pupils safe from harm.

Firstly, improve the communication of pupils by helping them. They can learn to manage situation with the help of excellent communication, effective skills for give long term relationship. To learn their culture, respect and cooperative behavior in the classroom, pupil learn explaining behavior, they find with the help of perceptions, giving and receiving response. To take a part of activities like problem solving, play discussion and reflection.

They have to learn broad base understanding and respect of each other in school and respect of each other in school and outside. Teacher give positive attitude toward the work, not depend on a particular work. To learn problem and dispute can resolve internally rather than help of people teacher can not use angry behavior. Teacher try to give simple work rather than to give hard time and environment of study must be required pleasant.

(E6)Strategies that teaching assistants can use successfully to resolve conflict with colleagues

Constructing a Peaceable climate

With the help of teaching assistants, students should develop a sense of responsibility and student change their behavior like cooperative and peaceful. Students knows their rights and responsibility. With the guidance of teaching assistant, students improve all other skills that helps to give peaceful climate.

Understanding Conflict

Student make part of conflict resolution process which help to understand conflict and they learn cause of conflict and resolving techniques of conflict. They get information of conflict and can find possible option through conflict resolve. They learn nature of conflict and know possible response of conflict.

Understanding peace and peacemaking

Students are taught to observe peacemaking and peacebreaking behaviors within the school and classroom. Peacemaking activities help students understand and practice the concept of peace. Students learn that specific behaviors are associated with peacemaking, namely, appreciating diversity, understanding perceptions, empathizing dealing with emotions, managing anger, countering bias, and communicating. The principles of conflict resolution are also taught as peacemaking behaviors.


Mediation is defined as third person or parties which act as a natural and help to resolve conflict between disputants. This mediation skills student can develop by training activities and case study.


It is part of resolving conflict of disputant. They mainly focus on their individual needs and interests rather than they are not take interest in their positions. Negotiation through generating other option for mutual gain.

(E7) Teaching assistant can develop their own practice

Following are possible approach which will best meet needs of teaching assistant.

Self and peer assessment

Self assessment involves to identify own strength, weakness and threat. Than find the possible opportunity to develop their skills. Find the certain criteria which helps for self assessment. Self assessment can be used in a way to encourage students to think about their work and used as evidence of development of student's ability.

Students give feedback to each other about work. In other way peer assessment through student knows their strength and weakness to major by quality of work. Using the peer assessment approach students is encouraged to make qualitative comments about the work of their peers.

Problem based learning

In problem based learning, student face 'real' problem and then give require criteria through analyze problem. Research about problem and select proper method which best suitable to solve problems. Students can work in groups or team to solve or manage given situation. Problems base learning through student find required resource for problem solving. Problem base learning helps student identifying their own learning needs. Students, who are working co-operatively as a group, can explore information, with access to a tutor who knows the problem well and can facilitate the group's learning process.

Personal development planning and portfolios

Personal development planning and portfolios (PPF) gives opportunity student how can think and make planning of own development. The advantage of PDP is that it provides a rounded picture of the capabilities of an individual. PDP offers more information than a certificate and engages students in a process of thinking about their learning. Portfolios can be used both for certification purposes and as an additional form of evidence. PDP will help students become more effective, independent and confident self-directed learners. It helps improve their general skills for study and career management. Its also helps to encourage a positive attitude to learning throughout life.

(D1) Safe working practices within a school can protect pupils AND adults

In this professional responsibilities is teachers 'moral' responsibility to ensure that pupils do not feel unreasonably pressurised or coerced during the learning process. Stock (1991) talks about the humanitarian reasons underpinning the need for health and safety in school. Personal injury can have a severe and life long impact on a victim's life. In this sense we have a moral duty to each other to avoid such occurrences. Teachers make professional decisions whether a child has the occurrences. Teachers make professional decisions whether a child has the necessary skill, knowledge and confidence to engage in different activities safely. This extends to the pressure and encouragement placed on the child to participate. In some instances children can feel coerced to attempt activities where anxiety or fear might contribute to an emotionally unrewarding experience or failure to participate safely.

Accidents cost money and this can drain already scarce financial resources. Pupils involved in accidents can suffer a variety of pain and trauma, and occasionally these may have life long consequences. These are also the pressures placed on teachers if accidents result in the threat of legal action and the pursuit of proof of negligence and compensation. This, coupled with increase in litigation, legislation and more structured teacher responsibilities, has led to a more formal approach to the management of safety in schools.

(D2) Discuss how the principles of sharing information enables the teaching assistant to work effectively with other team members.

Sharing information in a timely and accurate way is an essential part of providing the best support for pupils, their families and carers. Indeed, sometimes it will help save lives. In best practice, practitioners in different agencies work together and share information for the safety and well-being of pupils.

You should understand the importance of sharing information, how it can help, and the dangers of not doing so. As part of the teaching team, you have a responsibility to pass on information in certain circumstances, for example, in relation to issues of

child protection.

Depending on your situation, you may be required to share information, formally or informally, for different purposes. You should know how to share information -

in writing, by telephone, electronically or in person - and whom to share it with.

When sharing information, you should use clear language to communicate information unambiguously. You should be able to separate fact from opinion. When sharing information orally, you should listen carefully to what people say and check that they have understood what you have said.

You must share information in an agreed way, following correct procedures and protocols and complying with legislation and policies about confidentiality. You need to

be clear about what information, either from school or the community, can or must be shared, and what information should remain confidential.

(c1) Explain how SMART targets can be used to develop a professional development plan.

1. SMART process will generally need to start at the center of the model. First you can start writing with appropriate goal. Than look their measures. This mainly base on "data-informed decision making". There is no perfect think in extending energies on professional development plan unless it present professional development goal starting by collecting information and referring about student studying needs in your study place to select what you need to learn and to do to address and implement specific student learning outcomes.

2. From given data through analyze what student can gain from the programs of study and standard of teaching quality which relate to these analysis student and teacher what they need to learn.

3. SMART goal through we can analyze different learning needs likewise specific and strategic goal, measurable goal, attainable goal, results-Oriented goal, time bound goal

4. Now look at the indicators and measures again. Do the standards they incorporate and the data they reveal align with your SMART Goal? If not you may need re-write your goal, refine or redefine your indicators, and/or reexamine or reevaluate your measures. This is a reiterative step that you need to cycle through as many times s necessary until you are satisfied that your Goal, Indicators and Measures are aligned and will address and measure the learning outcomes you need to address.

5. Set realistic, measurable, time-bound targets. Hold yourself to these!

6. To make idea for presenting and describing there goals. Put prefer data and examine particular task to be accomplished and review presented by these dates. To find out who is authorized for this and how is every idea will be presented and described.

(B1) a range of techniques which can be used when reflecting on your own practice

Reflective Practice through get the reflection of activities already done or activities that running. If reflection can get during the activities, activities may be stopping or disturbing because of reflection or without disturbing it.

There are several different ways in which past practice can be analysed such as:-

Questioning- It is use to ask about particular things with the help of what, why and how.

Seek alternatives - In this things can use different way. Explore and research different ways of working.

Keep an open mind - Avoid assuming, To organise change for work in different style, different style of may be better for work.

View things from a different perspective - In this we can get other people view of thinking likewise parents, staff and children.

Ask "what if"? - Be confident enough to try things differently and to think about things in different ways.

Thinking about consequences - How changing practice can effect other areas of work and the staff, routines and children.

Test ideas - Try out new practices or visit settings that work in a different way.

Synthesise ideas - Look at ideas and adapt them to your own settings environment.

Seeking, identifying and resolving problems - Be proactive in making things work and take a problem solving approach to difficulties.

THE REFLECTIVE PROCESS - an Example in Everyday Terms

Experience - My journey to work by car was difficult. I was half an hour late because of the heavy traffic. Experience through pupil can get perfect goal.

Reflection - I felt stressed on arrival at work. My explanation for lateness was not understood. This left me feeling more frustrated. My colleagues were very busy. I felt out of place all day.

Making sense - I was not intentionally late. Road works were in progress along my usual route. Although I felt angry at my colleagues attitudes I realise that they were also under stress. My being late made the situation worse. How can I avoid this happening again?

Plans - In order to avoid a repeat of the experience I will have to either:

- choose a different route


leave home earlier

Learning - After experimenting I will discover how I can effectively manage my journey to work. Learning through people can get good and various type of style of learning.

(A1) effective team work contributes to keeping children safe.

team spirit - Team spirit require a good team have loyalty in its members. Team don't want to let down but they have extra ordinary motivating force, they got proud being part of team. Team members also more energetic and healthy.

There is a saying that many hands make light work. The essence of this statement is that more can be achieved as a collective than individually. There are numerous benefits of teamwork. Here are my top 6.

1. Creativity

Every person have their own thoughts, idea, skill and knowledge but these persons are come together as a team than they give more idea, more through, skills and knowledge. These all thing through get creativity which give better result. Creative is important part of student and teaching assistant.

2. Satisfaction

Normally, individual is working to gather to achieve common goal, they interact more energy and coordination. This energy convert in motivation which give better result. Satisfaction is both side process in class because students also want satisfaction in learning style and teaching assistant required coaching and teaching satisfaction.

3. Skills

If person who has good knowledge, but that do not mean that he has all skills. Skills always different person to person but when they do work as a team that deliver extra ordinary results.

The key point is that when a team works together, it has a huge range of skills available that it can utilize to deliver extraordinary results.

4. Speed

If one person do five task and five person do five task, when divide work properly than work and five people do five task it takes less time to do this. Imagine one person take too much time compare to time person . this task by spiting up task, work can move forward and require good achieved faster.

5. Sounding board

There are many option available to figure out thing and at that time to all the option can not use like that other member of team can work as a sounding board. To cut other options and use most likely option to achieve given goal.

6. Support

It is amazing the amount of camaraderie that is created in teams, especially when the going gets tough. People will often go to what seems like extreme lengths when they know that they can rely on the support and encouragement of the team. Never underestimate the significance of this in achieving results.


Teaching assistants will need to reflect legislation, policies and procedures to keep children safe. Teacher have to give knowledge about safeguarding and information sharing. Teaching assistant get responsibilities to maintaining safety. They should learn effective team work which is help to achieve desire goal. They should develop professional development plan to improve quality of profession.