Involving students in active learning

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As a teacher I need to understand that my school should identifying such type of students make sure to involve those students in active learning and attend physical task at hand. Also engaging them in more interesting activities to make busy their minds and hands. To develop their own independent learning skill, the group discussion should be arranged which helping and making an active contribution to improve their concept of learning and ability.

As teachers, we know therefore that the students who are on task are more able to learn and learn well, and to allow others around them to learn well. All individual are different qualities, different abilities. Our school has varying abilities in students. Some are mathematical gifted students, some are risk students and some have learning difficulties. Our schools organizational structure does not support each category. The school is having mixed classes of students with combination of these abilities. I can realize that are many issues with special need students. High achiever mathematics is one of those who are not catered according to their abilities. The school needs to consider that pupils does not performing high level of ability to identify as gifted.

How can the situation be improved further?

There should be separate high achiever class in the school. High achiever students need offering assistant outside class room .Organize activities so that they work alone and more independently. Use special strategies for mathematically high achiever in such a way to giving them extra problems solving questioner and problems and problems posing game. I think the Internet can play an important rule for students to practice their skills through the use of games. I searched to find some interesting math sites for such students. It is important that students are monitored and that the sites are reliable, since we are dealing with a younger audience. Also it is important that we make math education as fun as possible for students from the very beginning. We all know that math can be a difficult and scary subject, so why not start the process on a good note. Students learn when they are playing and having fun. The Internet can be a great place to start that process. Provide access to male and female mentors who represent diverse linguistic and cultural groups. They may be within the school system, volunteers from the community, or experts who agree to respond to questions by e-mail. Bring speakers into the classroom to explain how math has opened doors in their professions and careers. Provide some activities that can be done independently or in groups based on student choice. Be aware that if gifted students always work independently, they are gaining no more than they could do at home. They also need appropriate instruction, interaction with other gifted students, and regular feedback from the teacher. Provide useful concrete experiences, even though gifted learners may be capable of abstraction and may move from concrete to abstract more rapidly, they still benefit from the use of different types of activities.

To build a culture of high expectation in our school for students and teacher we must adopt the environment in such a way that this culture must also be matched to effective transparency and accountability mechanisms that meet the needs of parents, policy makers and the broader community.

We as a teacher play our role that we fell our responsibility and also well equipped of knowledge of the subject. Many propose additional coursework for teachers, and some argue that teacher have full command on his subject. To improve the situation we should not increase the quantity of teachers 'but increase the quality of teacher. If teachers learn mathematics in ways that make a difference for the skill with which they are able to do their work. The goal is not to produce teachers who know more mathematics. The goal is to improve students' learning. Teachers' opportunities to learn must equip them with the mathematical knowledge and skill that will enable them to teach mathematics effectively

For high achiever students give some extra activity and problems and questioner so that they will do more and more practice. Also give assistance inside and outside the class and contact their parent about their results. Make some pries distribution to encourage them, and arrange a special coordinator to check their activity for improving their knowledge and skill