Introduction To The Underage Education Essay

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In this modern world, many countries have a complex problem that has plagued society for generations. The rates of underage problems are increasing every year everywhere. Teenagers now a days, consider themselves very smart or sophisticated; however, they are socially immature or rather naïve to know about the cruelties of this world. Children who are below 12 years old become frightened or overwhelmed much more than older children. They are reluctant to befriend other children who are above 12 years old. This is because they are not afraid to do engage in activities that are considered underage. The younger the children, the more bravely they are acquire knowledge of this world.

2.0 Details of underage

Children engage in some dangerous activities without their parent's knowledge. They dare to smoke, drink, rob, associate with gangsters or become one themselves and pornography. One reason they associate with these activities perhaps they lack the guidance from their parents, or maybe they just want to get the attention from their parents. Furthermore, it is also the cause of their peers. For instance, when they befriend those who are bad or engage in socially unhealthy activities, the children will also automatically turn bad. Another reason is their mere curiosity, they are very curious on all the matters existing in society.

Therefore, to solve the underage problems in which children are involved, the one best solution is to avoid association with bad friends, like those who smoke, drink, and do other bad things. Their energies and focus need to be channelled towards their studies, so their time can be filled on studies and not waste their youth on bad activities.

2.1 Categories of underage

Actually, there are several types of underage. Some consist of gangsters, some view pornography related videos, pictures and books, some are related to robbery, drug and alcohols consumption, and smoking. Young children between 8-12 years old become addicted to certain unhealthy activities if they are misled in their lives.

2.2 Gangsters

There are some teenagers involved in gangsters. One of the reasons that they join gangsters is because of peer pressure, they are influenced by friends and surrounding teenagers. They do not want to feel left out by their peers, so they become like minded thinking they are macho and socially somewhat superior in their own ways and rights. Thus they become involved in many gang activities and break the law by caring weapons to fight and hurt or even kill people. These are those teenagers who first broke the school rules and started acting macho in schools.

In this modern and economically pressing age, parents are always busy working to earn and spend less time with their children. Consequently, children receive less guidance from parents and just follow their friends' behaviours. Also, since parents are busy working, they communicate less with their children and as a result emotionally fall apart from the children. Teenagers feel that their parents do not know what they and what they are interested in. Therefore, teenagers join their friends with whom they can share their interests, likes and dislikes.

Furthermore, they also have trouble with polices. They gather to have their activities like negotiations with others gangs and keep fighting with each other. Because of their naive attitude, they also have trouble with people, die in accidents, or wrongly kill people. They also use their gang language or "slang" to communicate with each other and have forgotten what their teacher teaches in school and always skip school to join their gang. Therefore, parents, teachers, the government, and also the society have to effectively curb the spreading of gangsterism among students and children. In addition, also need to realize the consequences of each action or behaviour of the youngsters. Therefore, the government needs to apply strict rules and regulations available in law, so that teenagers will be afraid to get involved in gangsterism. As for parents, they need to give full attention to their children and guide them on the right path. Another way we can curb the increase of gangsters is by immediately reporting to the police once we see them involved in fighting or illegally gathering at places. In this way, the percentage of gangsters will decrease.

2.3 Pornography

Watching pornography is a new trend of bad behaviour among youngsters these days. Teenagers become overly curious to know about pornography. They failed to get the right guidance from their parents about what is and what is not appropriate to watch on the internet. As stated earlier, some parents have not explained to their children the proper topics or rather the valuable educational topics children can view online. As a result, children play around whimsically on the net learning from anime magazines, comics, friends, improper websites (downloading blue films), and also from the chatting with strangers on the internet. These children do not receive the right information and just follow the instructions blindly without thinking what is right and wrong.

Furthermore, when teenagers reach puberty, there are many physical and hormonal changes happen, causing them to feel awkward but yet make them curious enough to try something new which leads them to indecent act or acts. Their inquisitiveness transforms into a strong lust to explore their sexual nature. This is one reason they tend to get addicted to pornography. They follow the actions of the characters in the videos. They become curious and fantasize the actions. This could also be the cause of rape; they attempt to rape their mates or girlfriends or have premarital intercourse with the consent of their mates. There are many consequences after these ruthless teenagers engage in acts such as the above. Teenage pregnancy is one the painful results of this act. Out of fear and losing their face, do not want let their parents know about it and abandon the babies or even kill the babies as they do not want to leave any evidence.

Parents should try to monitor their children when they are using internet or at least control their time of using internet unless they need to use it for homework. In this case, parents are able to make sure that their children are not involved in watching these improper videos. Also, parents need to let their children read about the news that is happening in this world. They can educate the children about the consequences of seeing these things and the consequences. This healthy behaviour will help the children avoid creating problems to their parents and also to themselves.

2.4 Smoking

Another social problem we face is teenage smoking. Teenagers see people all around them enjoy smoking and what comes to their minds is the idea of trying that act of smoking. Again they do not have the knowledge that smoking is harmful to health and will even shorten their life spans. At the initial stage, they consider smoking is a cool behaviour and a way to show off that they have become adults. They feel the need to reach a point where they can also start enjoying a cigarette because many people seem to be doing so including their parents.

Again, children are not educated about the dangers of smoking from the time when they are young. Sometimes, parents who smoke are careless that they do not keep away from their children or smoke outside of their houses. When they see it, they become curious and get the idea to try out their parents' behaviour. Once they become addicted to it, they will perpetuate the habit. On the other hand, more responsible parents rear kids with good values. Children with good values usually grow up to be mature enough to know what is good and bad in their lives and for people around him. Lack of love and respect from parents is usually one main driving force towards losing respect for oneself. Identity is then gained through a pseudo source like cigarette addiction. Government may ban or reinforce the law of selling cigarettes to teenagers below 21 years old. Also, government may penalize monetarily those who sell cigarettes to underage teenagers who buy cigarettes. Government and other organizations should hold anti-smoking campaigns in schools and advertise to inform people the dangers of smoking. Restaurant owners should limit the sale of cigarettes and paste advertisements about the sickness of smoking.

2.5 Alcohols

Drinking alcohol now a days is also a new trend of problem among teenagers. They think drinking alcohol is fun and like smoking, macho in nature. They always go to pubs with friends without parent's permission. Sometimes they also hold parties in one of their friends' houses when their parents are out of town and just leave them at home alone, and they have chance to do want they want. Unfortunately, they do not have the knowledge that drinking alcohol will damage their brains and cause other health hazards. Some of the teenagers are forced by friends or the gang members with whom they associate. Most of the time, they drink and smoke together. They use alcohol to release the stress, which is actually a fake stress reliever. When consume alcohol, they will feel a certain mental elation or euphoria and get excited enough to do something crazy or drop unconscious. They also do not know what they are doing, and after it has happened, they will only feel regret. Also the children see their parents drink, and develop a sense of curiosity to try the new behaviour. After they tried drinking alcohol, they will fight, have premarital sex, cause the social problems, and use vulgarity towards others.

To solve this problem, the people who sell the alcohols need to increase the tax. They also should not sell to teenagers below 21 years old. The pubs and clubs also should not allow teenagers to enter. Sometimes, some parents who seldom take care of their children hire a babysitter to take care of their children. However, some babysitters' families are not well-mannered or even drink and smoke, so children may be influenced by those bad habits of babysitters. Hence parents need to choose babysitters carefully to take care of their children when they are so busy working.

2.6 Drugs

Drugs are mostly consumed easily by everyone. However, teenagers who get involved in drugs are taught by bad people who are addicted to drugs. When they go to pubs drink, some people sell drugs in the pubs. Or their friends will add drugs into their drinks, which will cause them to feel dizzy and do certain violent acts unconsciously. Also, when they take drugs to release their stress, they also want to try doing insane things, but they do not have the braveness to do and taking drugs is the best way for them to deal with their fear and anxieties. Besides, children who failed to receive proper attention from parents are the most vulnerable to fall for these types of behaviours, and the friends of these children sense their weaknesses and persuade them to take drugs.

As always, parents should give their children as much care and love when their children experience any problems and stress. More priority should be given to their children's welfare than their jobs because they need to always communicate and understand each other. Most importantly, parents need to know what their children are doing and in which they are involved. Consuming drugs is the most serious behaviour which will addiction, obsession, and will eventually destroy the children's lives and future. The government should catch them those drug dealers and impose harsher penalties besides jailing them for transporting and selling drugs to teenagers. There must be ways to stop teenagers from falling into the hands of these criminals who only cause social problems and destroy the lives of these innocent teenagers.

2.7 Robbery

Robbery is another one of the most popular social problems that teenagers face in today's society. Thus once teenagers are involved in the above stated illegal activities, robbery will come hand in hand because there will be a need for teenagers to do so. One reason is that teenagers learn this act from adults and peers. At times, they follow the footsteps of their parents. Also, some pressing family problems like financial issue, abusive parents, or family members are not giving enough money for their children to spend could cause them to engage in robbery.

Some teenagers do not know how to control money and its value, and freely and quickly spend the money given to them by their parents. So there is always an urgent need for money in short period, as a result they engage in wrongdoings. On the other hand, some rich families suddenly become bankrupt and become poor. They cannot adapt their new lifestyles, and therefore they have to steal for a better living. To have teenagers abstain from these things, parents and schools must give serious attention to these social problems. Teenagers who are caught for robbing others just to buy cigarettes, drugs and also alcohol, need to be sent to the reformatory school to rehabilitate their minds and they transform them. Parents should also teach their children how to manage money and should not let them waste the money buying unnecessary things. In other words, parents need to monitor children's expenses. In schools, when children are caught by teachers of robbing other students' things, the teachers must report to the police and also their parents and take some action or actions to discipline them.

3.0 Conclusion & Recommendation

Finally, schools should hold once a year meeting and discuss on the social problems children face these days. They need to also discuss the solutions and method to help children overcome these social problems. Parents should also give more attention and guidance to their children frequently to teach them to face this cruel world. Parents also must punish their children who are involved in underage problems and be patient with them. They need to explain to them what did they did wrong and also give them a suitable punishment. After the punishment, parents must give the children another chance to learn and grow and not to it again. Government also should conduct activities that are healthy for children. Police should also catch the criminals and impose harsher penalties as a warning so they will wake up from this cruel world they intend to live in.

Parents should care for their children and not let them go into darkness. They should lead them on the right path and the right future. When they are in the growing process that is the easiest time for teenagers to turn themselves bad and become a scum of a community in the country. Therefore, parents need to let the children know about the warmth and care and the importance of family. They need to make feel loved, a lack of which is what makes children to be misled. When children are having or facing some problems that they cannot solve, the first thing that should come to their minds is running to their families who are always there to give them full support and overcome the stormy weather together. At least, running to our own families is much better than running to strangers who will undoubtedly lead us into bad behaviours.

4.0 The importance of IT

Information technology now days, plays an important role in our lives. Without the information technology, many things cannot be done with less time and efficiency. For example, in a hospital there are doctors, patients, nurses, and visitors. When they come in they also need to check in or check out, but if the hospital is not efficacious in IT, they need record information manually by using pen and paper to when people check in or out; they also need to use manpower to manipulate the system. And also without information technology, mistakes with people's names and other personal information will be much more than using computers. However, if a hospital is equipped with information technology, then resources can be decreased and mistakes will be lesser. Record keeping of every person coming in and going out will be faster or done with less time.

4.1 How IT influences a college student

Almost all college students carry laptops or other computer devices. This is because they need to use it to enhance their academic work, save some time and cost, and face lesser mistakes. They also use it for doing class assignments by using certain software; they just type the words into the computer devices and can delete them easily if they do not need them. They do not need to erase the words in the paper by using an eraser and also save time in completing their work. Information technology consists of using the operating system, hardware and software to complete the work effectively and efficiently.

Information technology can also be used to do their presentation. The special effects and other graphics can enhance their presentation. It is also cost-effective using the materials in the computer make their presentations interesting. They only need to play the slides like a slide show available in the software in information technology. Therefore, students learn to use their resources well, and by using information technology to do a presentation, they automatically improve their IT skills such as creating, editing, erasing, and other computer related resources. They also can use information technology to surf the web, surf for information they need for their homework, assignments, and projects. They can also use the data and information as their reference and refer to the data later. If college students do not use information technology, then their only source of reference are books.

Information technology also brings college students achievement in the content area of learning. It improves their learning faster than only reading books. It also helps improve their thinking skills with higher level thinking and their problem solving skills will also develop rapidly. This will prepare them better in the global market, to let them learn to communicate, collaborate, analyse, create, innovate, and solve problems. Information technology also encourages them to face the workforce to accomplish their work on time.

Moreover, information technology also enhances them to actively engage in all activities. It allows them to know more about other people through frequent interaction and receive feedback and connect to the real-world contexts. They can acquire a wide array of technology based skills; acquire mastery in science, technology, which are innovative and the keys to stronger economic growth. Other than computational skills, it also provides other skills like communication, cooperative learning, leadership, and more. Information technology are also allows students to spend more time engaging in collaborative work than students without laptops. It also leads to more student interaction and helps improve the quality of their writing skills. Information technology also increases the access to information and helps improve research analysis skills and to become a collaborators. By using the technology, students can easily and quickly have access to libraries and other on-line resources. In fact, it will direct their own learning and thinking, it will readily engage them to solve problems and do some critical thinking. Ultimately, IT will keep student students learning about the world and spending more time doing their homework on computer rather than playing outside or wasting their time learning nothing.

4.2 Factors for successfully implementing technology for learning

There are a few factors involved in implementing technology in learning. That is, the effective professional development for teachers in the integration of technology into instruction is necessary to support college students' learning development. The teachers' direct application of technology must be aligned with the standards of local or state curriculum.

Daily learning schedule must be incorporated with technology. Program and applications must provide individualized feedback to students, and teachers must have the ability to tailor lessons to individual student needs. Using technology must be incorporated in a collaborative environment to be most effective. Project-based learning and real-world simulations must be the main focus of the utilization of technology. In fact, effective integration of technology requires leadership, support, and modelling from teachers, administrators, and the community/parents.

5.0 Conclusion & Recommendation

Technology will continue to change how college students live, interact and work. For employers often indicate the extreme importance of computer competencies in advertisements. As stated above, IT also provides more opportunities for cooperative and collaborative projects. It is also an advance skill for employment in the information age and will continue to play an essential role in future ages. Information technology will continue to affect the college students' lives, their interaction with other and their work in many years to come.