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Self-discipline or also called willpower is your ability of having Volition. Self-discipline is that power within you that indicates how far you are willing to go to achieve your goal. It is evident that in order to achieve something, you must give sacrifice for. For example if someone wants to be successful in his/her career, he/she must sacrifice its time and energy to make it happen. Theodore Roosevelt has presented self-discipline in this way: ''with self-discipline most anything is possible.'' (

3.1 Evidence

Theodore Roosevelt has presented self-discipline in this way: ''with self-discipline most anything is possible.'' (

If the writer was able to, he would have given himself more than 10 in this case. Reason why I said this is when he have a fix goal and willing to achieve it by heart, he intend to accomplish it and will carry on doing it till the end. But I should state that this only happens if the author wants something badly. For instance he has brought an example of his two and a half Kilometre swimming routine, doing it 4 times a week. He tries to never miss his trainings even if he has to put other things forward. Even though this past few days, he was overloaded with assignments and class works and had to give his full attention to them, he didn't ruin his routine which he has been doing for almost a year.

3.2 Action required

As stated above, if I can manage to be passionate about something, then I'll carry on doing it with my full focus .So the only necessary action that has to be done is to find enthusiasm towards the cases that should be taken serious in life. If you can find a way to love your job, then it'll be less difficult for you to do it.

4.0 Management of time and resources

There are people who have a good sense of timing, people who are organized and confront with matters with a plan and strategy. Also there are others who are cost efficient. They know what resources they have and have the ability to use those resources and assets in an effective way, such as a professional team analysing and drawing an annual business plan for a company. They should consider that the firm has limited time and resources i.e. funds, labourers, machines etc… They would have a successful plan if they have considered all these factors and realizing what the organization had at hand and being able to put it in an optimized plan.

4.1 Evidence

My dad produces and imports wallpapers. He also had a showroom situated in one of the most popular high-streets in Tehran which used to sale wallpapers, parquets and border stickers. I was running the showroom for a short period of time. During that short period I managed to cash-in a large amount of money for the company with fewer amounts of expenses, In other words a good profit.

4.2 Action required

It would be better if I had a better sense of timing because I sometimes deal with various things in a lax manner. I need an extra push to meet deadlines because of my way of approach. I have an attitude of leaving left-overs for the very last minutes and those left-overs are sometimes heavy workloads.

5.0 Identifying and solving problems

No one has a complete and perfect life. All of us have problems of our own and they intend to change as time goes by. In any certain period of life we will face different hardships' and challenges. Depending on the difficulty, each person deals with his/her in a different way. Some have a relaxed approach towards it, but many panic in this situations.

5.1 Evidence

I have a relaxed approach towards almost everything in life. I believe that if you deal with all aspects of life with a relaxed attitude, the chances of your success will be much higher compared with times that you are full of stress. When in your mind there is a big mass of unsolved questions and which you are making a big deal out of it.(tofe delivery problem dasht halesh kardam

5.2 Action required

The only problem with my way of tackling and solving problems is that I might be negligent and easy-going when it comes to facing it. I should consider taking them more serious. As I stated in 5.1 a relaxed viewpoint towards different outlooks of life is good, but not taking matters as serious as it should be is a different case.

6.0 Analysing and evaluating information

6.1 Evidence

Last year I used to go to my father's office after having my lunch till afternoon. There I used to sit next to the company's accountant and try to understand how the accounting system works. I was a fast learner in this field so I can assume that I am a good analyst. Although I must add that the banking system which has direct effect on the accounting system is much diversified from any other country.

6.2 Action required

7.0 Thinking Independently

People and media have effect

7.1 Evidence

People around me have got effect on what I should and shouldn't do; they have effect on my decision makings. So I can't say that I'm an independent thinker.

7.2 Action required

I have to believe myself and don't underestimate my skills and abilities. I have to learn to live for myself. I guess I shouldn't follow the motto saying "when in in Rome, do as the Romans do." Not that I shouldn't consider others opinion and advise, but not to let them be the final decision maker for my work.

8.0 Presenting written material orally in a clear and effective way

8.1 Evidence

Before the start of this academic year, I never knew I am capable of giving a good presentation in a way that other will others will understand me clearly. The reason is because I have got good self-confidence. Although I've got slight problems explaining explaining academic materials since English is not my first language.

8.2 Action required

Although I have got the required language skills they are not enough for my future career. Soon I'm hoping to be able to do businesses internationally and a big chunk of the world's population, especially skilled businessmen and businesswomen know English. It would be wise to improve my knowledge in English or maybe consider learning a new language. I've heard that Mandarin is becoming a popular language in business.

9.0 Interacting on a one-to-one basis

9.1 Evidence

I have problems making eye contact with the person facing towards me.

9.2 Action required

10.0 Working creatively and flexibly with others

10.1 Evidence

My class has a multi-national, multi-cultural era. I think that if you ask them one-by-one, not a single person would have ever had a problem with me and I'm sure that there won't be any problems caused in the future for this matter

10.2 Action required

As I stated before, I'm completely flexible when it comes to working with different people. If there is any, then it's not initiated by me. It's their problem. I can state this with certainty.

11.0 Formulating and meeting the team objective

Team members have a big similarity with each other; they all want to meet the group's objective. When a team forms, roles are set to achieve the goal in a more smooth way. Teams are formed so that with the individuals' contribution, tasks will be achieved easier and faster.

11.1 Evidence

As I mentioned in 10.1, others won't find it difficult to work/study with me because I have a friendly and socialized personality. Also when I'm put in a team, I get more responsible because if I don't put my full attention on my role and fail to finish my part of the job with the desired quality, then I haven't just failed myself, I also failed my other team members. Obviously that's not what they expect from me.

11.2 Action required

If I can easily understand the team objectives, then I will be able to satisfy their needs. As stated in 11.1, meeting deadlines wouldn't be a difficulty since I am sensitive in not letting others down, especially my colleagues.

12.0 Observational skills

Tiny details matter

12.1 Evidence

I'm more into the whole aspect of something than in details. I can clarify that I don't have the required observational skills. I always end up getting low scores when taking observation tests. Lack of focus is the reason for it.

12.2 Action required

I need to pay more attention to activities happening around me, to be more focused because all those happenings have effect on me.

Transferable skill

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Action Required


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Management of time and resources


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Identifying and solving



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Analysing and evaluating information


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Thinking Independently


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Refer to 7.2

Presenting written material orally in a clear and effective way


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Interacting on a one-to-one basis

Refer to 9.1

Refer to 9.2


creatively and flexibly with others


Refer to 10.1



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Formulating and meeting the team objective


Refer to 11.1



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Observational skills


Refer to 12.1



Refer to 12.2

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