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The personal skill is required for a person to enlarge or hold an effort to find more satisfaction from their life. These different skills are primarily meant for personal growth, as they would imply, and consequently are intended to make a person more at ease and more fulfilled with the stuff that he does. various concepts can also be promoted to make person stronger as an employee or administrator .

Personal development skills are frequently promoted by life coaches and therapists as habits for people to manage their life to shape the positive change on a personal outlook.

These skills are pretty personal in nature and not constantly to describe. If some one is working with counselor or life coach, then that professional will repeatedly create the personal development skills and it develops the person's skill as well. The environment of these skills, however can frequently relate to escalate the personal performance or joy in order to accomplish a larger sense of comfort.

A few common personal development skills consist of some concepts such as positive opinion, individual quality, a private logic of execution, honesty and reliability. as a result of focusing on these types of skill, a person can study to have a logic of personal and essential self worth or positive reception, allows them to widen in new ways.

Furthermore, general personal development skills can consist of ongoing learning and education, interpersonal communication, and a better way of learning from mistakes.. A life coach, for example, may advise that someone who is scared of making mistakes at work and later on they better understanding the importance of mistakes in the learning method. as a result of rising this understanding, the person may be fewer worried rather than before of the vision of making a mistake. moreover they feel free to act in ways they would have before thought as impossible.

Personal Skills.


My observation of skills, understandings, responsibilities and value, both professionally and personally.

Being capable to recognize my talents and feels confident about myself (due to self-awareness and cautiousness I am able to tackle difficult situations).

Moreover self awareness is my strength that helps to lead me as a good person.


Basically I am very flexible and Being able to adapt to my new situations, by applying my own skills in special areas, or else by acquiring innovative skills as required (for instance. due to my flexible character, people who are working with me are so friendly and it's very easy for me to interact and understand with those different country people).sometimes due to more flexibility others take advantages and this flexibility is my weakness as well.

Being dedicated in working profitably with people with values, backgrounds, views and levels of understanding.

Time management:

I work by prioritizing, and scheduling my time according to my aspiration, tasks and recreation (for instance, using a planned schedule to my job and study time is more difficult tasks. But I schedule it confidently and prioritized very cleanly for every week.).

Due to my good time management and responsibilities I got so many opportunities (for example. I can say my present job. I got this job and I have been promoted to a good level because of my good time management and responsibilities) opportunity knocks the door once only and I really utilized it.

Being aware of my personal time preferences and using these to my advantage to maximize effectiveness and minimize the stress( for instance, I reduce my stress by having a get-together in every week and that suppressed my stress ).


Being reliable, honorable and putting the whole thing into my work.

Willingness to commit an compulsion to my goals and preserving towards individuals goal.

Possessing a determination to accomplish the achievement, and focusing on the objective of my commitments.

Communication Skills

More frequently than in no way, the majority of people believe themselves to be good and effective communicators just because they feel they can speak confidently. 

While speaking, fluency is an significant feature of communicating, however it is not the only constraint. A person must supposed to be able to listen efficiently, speak confidently and undoubtedly, and to write well and examine in the language/s they are known with. 

Apart from these basic aspects of communications, all we need to remain in mind the non-verbal aspects too, in order to be measured adept in communication skills. 

The fact is that all needs to constantly work towards developing effective communication skills. I often use to practice with other people and I watch news and read newspapers. It develops my knowledge, communication skills, reading skills and as well as we will know the current issues in this globe.

Professional Skills

The management basically deals with all persons working in the concern who are responsible for managing an organization. Everyone in the organization will have certain responsibilities and duties to be performed. The administrator plays a key role in the management, he has to devote a fair portion of time and energy to the management. In this lead, the administrator should possess personal skill & professional skill to contribute more to the organization these skills should be integrated with technology processes and people with co operate strategy and deliver cost-effective services to the satisfactory level.

The administrator or the manager is an indispensible resource for the organization. They generate creative ideas, translate them onto concrete action plans and produce results. They should possess the valuable professional skills or management skills to lead the organization.

Types of Skills

Decision making skills:

Decision making is one of the most critical path for every manager. They should make both strategic and routine decisions. (In order to develop the decision making skills the administrator should analyze the problem in various methods.) more generally, making decision in basket is a major component of a mangers. he must take important decision about group discussion, strategic case study, tactic and operations.( for example. when iam at work any critical position I can tackle it easily and making decision quick to that present scenario.i learnt this skill by my experience in working).

Interpersonal skills:

The administrator should implement right individual into the right track or designation. He must interact with people and make them work unitedly and effectively. This interpersonal skill can be enhanced through various techniques like.

Role play:: the different role is assigned and they should handle specific situation.

Professional or managerial skills:

Management is a challenging and complex task and performing it effectively requires a variety of skills. These skills are organized into two categories:

Conceptual skills, technical skills. They are said to be the most important skills that a manager should possess.

Technical Skills:

Technical skills enable managers to perform specific activities involving methods, process or techniques. it is the skill that uses the ability to use the tools, procedures or techniques of a specialized field. It is considered to be the crucial for the low-level managers because they are in contact with the workers who perform the job. All the technical details of the job should be instructed by the managers to the workers.

Although the demand for the technical skill diminishes as the manager is promoted up the hierarchy, they remain important for management at all levels of management. The managers at higher levels should have knowledge on broader spectrum of functional areas.

Conceptual Skills:

It is the mental ability to co ordinate and integrates the organizations interest and activities. It refers to the ability to see the "big picture", "analyze issues" and

"Sound judgment". For instance. To understand how a change in any part can affect each other. And conceptualize how those parts can be organized to improve the performance of the overall organization they are the foundation for strategizing and organizing.

A common misunderstanding is that the conception skills for mangers are all about the capacity for structured analysis. Rational. Logical thinking is certainly important, but managers require conceptual skills to their outside the box. Thus manager must be able to creatively figure out the real problem, the variety of options available to solve the problem, and the best choice in the context of that novel situation.

The Three Main Skills Which I Use For Professionalism

Attitude development

Self responsibility

Personal management

Attitude development

Attitude development is one of the main vital aspects of my own personality. By having the right and positive approach makes it all the difference (for example, If you take a close look at the large amount of successful people out there, we can see that the persons in any career have positive attitudes. It is essential to grow the positive attitude throughout the life in order to accomplish success in both professional and personal aspirations. In our daily life we deal with too much stress and our only positive attitude is to be relaxed and sleep at free time. when we liberate the stress we are able to mange such kind of difficulties at the organization as well as in the personal life.


Self responsibility

Every individual should have a self responsibility in personal and professional life. When we have self responsibilities we can achieve so many things in our personal life. and it is more important for our career growth. Taking responsibilities is an good attitude, more over it gains us more knowledge subsequently it helps as to change our life positively affect the health and well-being.

The fundamental principles of professionalism are widespread, while individual groups frequently choose to formulate these principles more precise to their career field or work place. By accepting and following the tasks of professionalism helps to prove co-workers, organization and clients your exceptional level of personal dedication to our job.

Personal Management

As a shift supervisor I have the ability to handle some critical positions at my work place. And due to my self motivation, time management and strategic thinking I am able skillfully manipulate my work stress and lead the store.


Professional skills and personal skills are very crucial in our life and I use my personal skills to my profession. It helps me to get promoted and gain more knowledge to my career growth. and from this discussion I learnt more about the skills and how to manipulate it skillfully.

To recapitulate the review of professional and personal skills are more over similar according to my aspects.