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There are many interpretations meaning under self analysis. Self analysis can be interpreted on the basis of the self awareness; evaluate and analyze; diagnostic tools; model and framework and the critical reflection and reflexivity (Barron, 1993).

Furthermore, it been applied the various field on the psychiatric treatment as self development, self analysis and continuing professional development. Nowadays, the managers are aware of the important of it on the economic field (Mumford and Gold, 2004).

The concept is the important of self development, self analysis and continuing professional development to manager in the first place. This three analysis toolkits have different reflection on it and review on the strengths and weakness. The following this paper is involve in the model such as cognitive style and learning strategies.

The style involve in two difference model as cognitive style and learning strategies. The concept of learning styles is based on the learning process; the authors groped them in three domains as learning and meaning oriented processes, instructional preferences and the cognitive skill development (Riding & Rayner., 2002).

Learning style is the concept of personality, advocates of learning style is for student to learn and study in the different ways and it also for student to explore their learning model to achieve more effective learning. Base on my own ways for learning, I have performed a number of test / questionnaire to explore myself and discussion on implication for future career and personal development.


I have attended few tests to explore or understand batter of myself that help my future. My personal learning test as the VARK questionnaire (all this example is proposed in the appendices A ) has provides four scores V=six, A=seven, R=seven and K=six the various combinations of those are in huge number. The following four models that I wish to share are visual, aural/auditory, read/writing and kinaesthetic. Base on the report from the questionnaire show the group have the low score is between 16 and 25, but I get at 26 under the group of whole-sense approach.

The result came out as Visual and Kinaesthetic in the lower range but both are in the scores for 6; I disagree with the result as I expect to be much higher in the read/writing part. As visual is something about what you see in the depiction of information like a graphic or a diagrams as I was learning in Northumbria University and INTI university college, when I come across a subject in Business Law presented in the class using flowchart to talk about my case as I not really like to use the black and white word to present (referee to the appendices B- power point presentation).

This ways I can learn and follow up what I really understand in the subject as well as kinaesthetic that related on experience and practice base on what I learn in Northumbria University seminar that I attend in FN0360 (Ethic and Governance) doing all the task base on the case study as the first few seminar and the following seminar I have much more experience to do the task. Base on what I have learnt about ethical principle the four principles as egoism, utilitarianism, virtue and deontological by looking into differs view in the business for my future. What they have does and whether they are wrong or right in the case study all this show. I must make a judgement by the behaviour on the case and ethic done not have right or wrong answer all this experience about different case study's will lead me to my future career.

My scores on this part are read/writing and aural result show that both is at seven, aural is to describe a preference for information that heard or spoke. Surprise to me is my read is high that my visual. As Read/writing is for displayed as word example text based input or output. When I learn in Northumbria University, I like to combine this two modes into a ways that I preference and believe is the best ways for my learning. Before attending the subject for SM0374 (corporate strategy) I will use the eBook example like listens to the audio or video show in the text book is teaching about and read it when attending the class I will listens what lectures and tutorials about the strategy use in the company and I take note for it . The eBook show as a pre-session outline to reinforcement my subject before my lecture. This ways I can understand more batter that just going to lecture without understanding what the lecturer try to explain in the note.

The report for the VARK test(all this example is proposed in the appendices A ) result show that I am a multimodal person, the report also talk about the personal who is multimodal it clearly the most set of preferences when making decisions about learning(Fleming, 2001). In the report show that are two type of approach as context specific approach and whole-sense approach. I think context specific approach is not suitable for me as this approach as to learning and decision making are in two group with transition between them. For example if I have to learn physical skill like yoga, I will "turn on" my kinaesthetic preference and try it to become practical. I will need to continue to revisit these learning strategies proposed in VARK test on a regular basis to understand and know more about my learning skills.

Result show whole-sense approach is more suitable for me as the category for number of the models in combination, to make decisions and to learn and to present materials to other. For example in college or university for the SM0376 (Doing business in Europe, Asia) I might gather some ideas from the teachers subject explanations, and some from discussing and questioning with my group mate. I also add to using textbook, thinking about some practical that I learn in class or look into the daily news and I might also draw out some diagram to let me understand more about the subject. Together these choose using V, A, R and K only satisfied that I really understand something. I disagree with it, whole-sense approach although I might use it for some time but most for the time I will preference not using all the modes in a time, I might like to combine like V and K or R and A modes.


In addition to the VARK test I also performed a questionnaire based upon the Myer-Briggs personality (all this example is proposed in the appendices A), is the best way to understand my personality or psychological. According the research (Reinhold, 2006) show enhancements to recently released "M" edition of inventory were product of landmark normative study involving thousands of people of work by a team of experts in the field of psychometrics to measure personality type, psychological type or the 16 MBTI. I have test the cognitive style inventory, the style inventory will allow me to approximate what MBTI type of preference. I have determine my four type letter as ESTP, this letter I get help me to acquaint with the characteristics and indicators of 16 personality types.

According to Myer-Briggs educator (Poirier, 2009) as the result to understand 16 personality types, she organizes in too four clusters as dominant intuitive types, dominant sensing type, dominant thinking type and dominant feeling type. I result fall into dominant sensing types under ESTP and the four primary type of groups can be sub-divided based on our orientation or attitude (Extraversion Vs Introversion) as my result as under dominant extraverted sensing type (ESFP&ESTP) are the types on practical and realistic with living life to the fullest of the multiplying experiences.

For example when I was attending in the College doing an assignment of the management project as to know well about the company we decided to interview, understand the company profile and information as the company using what kinds for strategic to build the company. Everything was going smoothly and problem come as my entire group mate have some disagree argument and dislike each other due to their feeling and personal problem and not doing any work and the best ways I can think of is each one enter to my room and I try to solve the problem try to talk with each one whether they like it or not, I will just tell them work out first for project rather than never do any work and finally the interviews run well.

My result show that having the powerful tools to finding ways to fix and repair thing with dexterity, a group most keep it simple and immediate, going with the flow. In a group also helpful in very concrete ways, providing the correct tools or specific service the person requires. This show others similar example to fix in this is the module SM0374 (strategic management and leadership) under a seminar learning about pharmaceutical industry as this is my group to present on this topic but unfortunately one of my group mate cannot make it as the time run out, luckily another group help up to exchange the topic as our group also help to find out the answer and information to another group and we exchange the topic and present the Mark and Spencer topic it also involved in the whole group performing and ability to respond appropriately in case of emergencies.

1.3 BELBIN Inventory

Get me to know better BELBIN(all this example is proposed in the appendices A ) helps to understand my self-perception the overview of my behaviour, self-knowledge, understanding among individuals and team as all things can influence behaviour in organisation, whether a new job, promotion or circumstances outside work. BELBIN result it gives advice on how to project my strengths and be aware of potential weaknesses this will lead me to understand better future career. I gain the assessment by team roles in rank order from one to nine , my self-perception show SP, CO, TW, RI , PL , SH , ME , CF and IMP follow the ranking order.

Reefer to the appendix A as the following chart show there are four page reports for the first report is the self-perception team role is based on my result of the self-perception inventory. It shows on the report have three roles as least preferred roles (left), manageable roles (middle) and preferred roles (right). As my report show most of the team-role contribution that I get is at the middle around 30 to 69 and the most least preferred roles is implementer (IMP) well I agree with the result as I am not really good in the role of implementer for bring up to successful issue or perform a task as I use too the slow respond to new possibilities.

But the preferred roles I have in the result but it was litter surprise with it in co-ordinator (CO) and specialist (SP) I good with specialist but in the report said it is single-minded not really a single minded person I also try to resolve thing out using another person ways or other skill to solve and complete the task. Self-starting dedicated and provides knowledge with skills in the rare supply. For example during in Northumbria University when I came accord with one assignment about doing a case study for Mark and Spencer although I am not the leader for this task but first come to my mind is tell them to read the case study and by using my management skills to plan in time, organise each of them do their part and meeting together to do the assignment because most of the people like to do last minute or just not attend the presentation due to some sickness excuse.

Not just one assignment all the assignment I have plan in time and management it. Some of the ideas come from my dad advise in planning doing things right, as he is the one all the time asking me when I going out go to where and when I will be back to home. But the report also talk about the weaknesses that can contributes on limited front and dwells on specialised personal interests. Co-ordinator is also one of the preferred roles I get in my report and I strongly agree with it and it is also similar to the specialist roles just like what the report show is mature, confident. Clarifies goals and bring all the people together to promote team discussions. I good in what I want to do for the group assignment and planning, leading, organizing and controlling by using all this skills for my assignment/ task as bring up successful goals.

Under the BELBIN another report is counselling report, it is something that they feedback and generated from the top two team roles and bottom team roles in the overall raking. The report also show and advice on the adopting a management style which fit in my team role strengths and weakness. To summarize the report that my career has been build up around my knowledge base and my professional and technical experience. It well placed to supervise the work of those who either work for me and the interest that combine in co-ordinating and controlling the work of other and maintaining developing my special expertise on the opens up the field of managerial professionalism.

In the career terms as the problem is not so much of adapting to a different set of demands of engaging in activities that might give me litter job satisfaction. My operating style is one of the progressing professionalism as knowledge can be linked to the challenges of an expanding subject. Lastly, I must take account of the role which is least suited. So if I can work in the harmony with someone who has these complementary qualities, I might improve my performance.

Character profile used strengths and possible weakness and offers advice on the job placement and tell what the interview might ask. Below specified percentages it uses for recruitment and I must bearing in mind my team role profile as my strengths as the balance of the outlook but might have difficulty in finding a perfect role due to an indefinite sense of self image, interview question that they will focus on my professional interest and also my placement that should be a project leader or a service menagerie the field as the need of the accumulation and application of expertise.

2.0 Implication for career choice- Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning mean to explore different aspects of lifelong learning and adult education theory and practice, review key thinker and key ideas. According to national education (1999) the lifelong education resulting from integration of formal, non-formal and informal education so as to create ability for continuous process, going on from birth to the end of our life. It starts from the primary and secondary to tertiary levels. The objective in learning development in four aspects, namely: physical, intellectual, social capacity, emotional and mental development.

Beginning with learning in the primary school start to understand word by word each have it own meaning, when enter into secondary school things get more hard trying to feel like now is the ways we start to walk. Whether it is art class or science class in when to place we will walk by here, if I choose art in class my dad will said try to get first art class in the future will get better ways you. In secondary I have study mathematics, account, economic and many more but I think this is the most people for their starting point.

When come to college my dad make a choice for me said is for my own good study business and since I have no choice to choose but just go for it. Learning business in the first semester I fail most of the subject will beside English subject, I think most of the business subjects I fail. I ring my dad up to tell him about this, he just said what to do try you best again. Once again the subject that retake many times is economic think and understanding what the market world like, focus on the main thing but all it just is from the text book read it and I pass my subject but I think it is not the ways to learn/study business. After the exam finis most of the people will forgot what they study as in Malaysia the system work like this they focus on the exam and the result they dun mind we do practise or exercise. Hence, from the family feedback this can show that I have lack of self understanding that what I have known about by make a wrong decide that can infect my future career.

In overseas they do more on the project use the case study everything come with a case from the case we learn by using the skills to find information, using the instructional media, mass media, information technologies, environment and culture all thing have to do with the case. From my experiences during the entire seminar I attend in Northumbria, I gain more knowledge and skill to solving problem. One of the example shows is from my seminar for FN0360 (corporate governance and ethic), to be hones I have no idea what is ethic and corporate governance. They teaching on ethic people think what is right and wrong(praiseworthy/blameworthy) and I come across with the BP case study that show the explosion in the Texas city.

This module is to teach me think like an ethic person show that in the case study BP manager did the right thing to cut the cost of the oil and never care about the safety of the worker. From the business view 15 people died however BP were able to keep costs low so consumer had cheap fuel but based on the deontology view they ignored duty of care. I think this is the way of lifelong learning mean as to gain more knowledge and experience by time the more mature I am the thing that I will get to learn. However, all this process just like leading footstep that my future job is not a easy ways to walk without knowing the skills and understanding the important for the culture in the business world.

Lifelong learning not just education but it also can be some activities, elderly people can learn great deal from this activities example art, music, sport, handicraft and social work. Elderly people like my grandmother like to watch TV to gain and learn the social world and beware now this day what kind of people also have killing people of money. All this TV program teach our elder to be smart not to benefits for the conning people, but in my lifelong learning not just but having social activities or voluntary work in organizations also can gain knowledge and provide intellectual support to communities all this work is meaningful and also benefits to society.

2.2 Transferable skills

According to my research transferable skills are the skills developed through experience, which can be used in workplace. Some jobs require specific skills, such as IT skill, skills which may be use in future within or without the area of my study also are usefully in workplace. However I can develop awareness that will make me an attractive prospect for any graduate career. By using all this skills I have as communication skills that communicate in oral or in writing or via electronic example I like to use PowerPoint by using colour and picture to present and highlight the key word to present in class. (Please view at Appendix B)

Another skill is teamwork skill was shown in my college and university by doing the assignment in group, meeting up together as a meeting to discuss the task and most of the contributing practically to the team's success. I have leadership skills to motivate and encourage others and taking the lead not just in academic also involve in social work one for the example is my part time job working the TESCO Malacca as a supervisor sales consultant on the market product. Beside this I also good in computing skills/ IT knowledge as I work an assistant clerk for Nel-Mark system services using the UBS accounting system to enter debtors and creditors accounts and normal software like Microsoft word just like in my CV at Appendix B.

All this part time jobs help me to gain valuable leadership, team working and organizational skills. As problem solving thinking through a right tools and find a ways to fix it, I use most of the problem solving skills in the academic group assignment to determine key issues finding out the problem like communication with each other group mate. Interpersonal skills that relate to other and establish good working relationship, over all the most powerful skill I have is management skills that included problem solving ,teamwork skills, decision making and leadership.

2.3 Justify my career

Firstly, what are the implications for future career mean as a learning organization that profound changed occurring worldwide. As the change in the occupational of environment that can implication the career development in future. (Edagar H. Schein, 1996)

My autobiography shows clearly that mine skill from thought test a very good website that I pick up in the "prospects" simple steps by clicking for few tests the website help me to justify my career with analysing the suit me the best together with the income payment to justify my view of career. I find out that I have the power of management things that involve when I study within a group during my college time, this might be my power in the career with the problem solving.

Hence, in the future I hope to achieve a high level of degree at university, which will enable me to further my aspirations of becoming successful manager (HR/ Marketing manager) that control the organization to build social economic country. Furthermore, I been extremely interested in Human Resource Management that is the reason why I had pick Business with Internal Management for my degree.

In addition to this, I have gain the interest in the management course which involve in the culture and organization (HR) to develop skills and useful tips to control or work together with the company example taking culture that one of it is communication that involve in the organization if you have a high level of degree but without the knowledge of communication I might not last long in the organization or maybe keep on changing my jobs from one to another.

Once I have understands the needs for my career, I hope to have secured either a legal qualification or career in the management field. Moreover, I also hope to work in the SME organization or internal firm, which can provide me further career opportunities that would give me to develop my own skills and personal achievements.