International Language and Strategic Inventory Learning Language

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Our world has now become a global village, the time has long gone when it used to take several months to travel from one end of the world to the other, now distance is no more an issue and as distance has shortened the interaction between people from different cultures and societies have become more frequent strengthening the communication over the world. When interacting with people from all over the world, communication barrier is faced due to difference in language and since it is impractical to learn all the languages so we have one language known as International Language i.e. English which is spoken and understood by a large majority of people round the globe. Although it is the mother language of very few countries, it is taught and learned in the entire world since learning English has now become a necessity. Learning a new foreign language may not be an easy job especially it requires a lot of patience and practice but it can be made easier and the goal can be achieved quickly if the teaching style is made according to the learning style of an individual and this is what Strategic Inventory Learning Language is all about.

Learning of language in the best way can be done by first recognizing our own learning style and then work on that pattern. Learning styles can be observed by an individual or simply by the learning style checklist. Mostly our learning styles are developed at very early stages may be pre-school time or early school life. I found out from the learning style checklist that I am a Visual Learner meaning that my learning abilities are best with the aid of pictures, graphs and images. I believe this is because from very beginning of my schooling my parents and teachers emphasized on teaching me by showing or doing practical rather than just reading to me or telling me about it. Usually our learning styles are at sub-conscious level therefore before working to improve learning abilities it is important to recognize our style.

A strategy inventory for language learning is formalized tool that answers the question of what method is best for one particular learner, or group of learners, to learn a foreign language. According to the author Strategic Inventory Learning Language is grouped into five strategies which are memory strategy, cognitive strategy, compensation strategy, meta-cognitive strategy, affective strategy and social strategy (Griffiths and Parr, 251). Usually we follow one or two of the strategies sub-consciously. To realize our strategy we can observe our learning and studying habits or simply fill the SILL questioner. I found out that my sub-conscious SILL is Cognitive Strategies; which is that I read for pleasure in English to increase my vocabulary and to ensure quick and right sentence formation, also I try to find patterns in English which enables me to easily converse in the language. As from my learning style I found that I am a visual learner and so this explains my cognitive strategy that I prefer reading over listening to improve my learning abilities, since reading helps me to make images of the words in my mind moreover, by making patterns I easily remember what I have learned. I also realized that if I have to learn something I do not recite it several times it instead I prefer writing it few times as it helps me to remember better as I quickly absorb the images of the words formed when I had written it down. After all the research about my own learning style and the strategies I have been following I feel that now I can efficiently work upon speeding up my language learning process and become an independent learner. Another strategy which I feel I somewhat follow is the Social Strategy that is I try to learn by interacting with people who I know have command in English, I also try to converse in English and use vocabulary in my conversation this is a practical approach towards learning and hence builds up the confidence which is an important factor.

In future I plan to adopt another strategy of SILL which is meta-cognitive i.e. managing own learning skills by keeping a c I have check and balance on my progress and also ensure me about how much I have already learned. This strategy will also enable me to schedule my time in such a way that I take out enough time to work on my language skills on routinely basis. Since I am good at remembering things that by visualization and I already follow cognitive strategy therefore, in order to adopt this new strategy I will not have to change my learning style hence it will require less effort and not much time. Conscious working and adoption of Strategic Inventory Learning Language will ensure better learning of the language in effortless and less time.

Strategic inventory learning language is a very useful and efficient means to learn language as it enables the learner to learn in the style that suits them best, this not only speed up the learning process but also develop confidence in the learner. This strategic approach makes it easier for the learner to achieve the goal and get command on the language. Hence, in order to connect to the entire world and feel at ease when interacting with people of different countries having different languages it is very important to learn English and the best and quickest way to achieve this goal is by adopting SILL strategies.