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The role of human resource expert is forming a new form of statement between geographic margin and organisational configuration with these changes it is seen that companies has to face the international promote and be successful competitors to bring affluence and endurance. The globalization of human resource management is done through the human resource professionals where they have to appraise solution points before long-term movement in such situations. The marginal consideration in developing the human resource in global market will be to evaluate the organisational helpfulness and how will the achievement come in to the company. The international human resource development has been enormous in contribution to success of the organisation internationally and so the value to grow globally depends on several aspects which can be staffing and also operational goal and objective to achieve them before which a trusted group of people will set up strategy to achieve them. The critical argument here is that global human resource which talks more on the mobility of the workforce were as the human resource professional are those who manages to make a set up to bring this reality into action. The key assimilation of human resource managers are based on 1) individual base, 2) Knowledge based,3) standardisation, 4)centralisation based.

When we say people based or individual based it speaks about transfers, meeting before organising, and training. The mangers who are based to work for new projects ideally leave to form a new group who will work on same projects for that human resource professional has to cultivate a understanding for new social and cultural group so that it enables them to interact with the new group of employees and makes work easy. The next stage of assimilation is information based where the flow of inflow and outflow is in continuous process this flow of information is done through internet, email, stored data arrangement; this information is used to spread the acquaintance in individual for collective attention and issues. The human resource professional are standard base where mangers state the procedures and rules of the organisation. Centralisation based is the last stage where the decision process is the key because it is handled by above delegates in head office this more over talks on issues where a more considerate decision has to be made by the higher authority. This policies and practises is mentioned by the HR manger under international context:

Ø Global staffing

Ø Execute development

Ø Diversity management

Ø Health and security reasons

Ø Human resource planning

Ø Reward and compensation

Ø Acquisition of recognition

These are the key area which can lead to develop the human resource in international Environment.

Global staffing: The human resource when start to venture business internationally the key importance is given to staff or employees in this procedure manager from human resource needs to check on various other factors like selection of people it can be home or local in this manger who works on international context will identify the person who will join the team in these team people from various national are employed the best way of explaining it will be outsourcing has seen now a days in multinational companies. Managers would like to include employees from local to do the desired job so as to balance their economical needs because any person who is non citizen company has to look into his basic needs which can reduce the economical consideration.

Local : The benefits of using locals are the foreign nationals who comes to work abroad has more expensive than of local the human resource manager in survey and articles mentioned that annual expenses of an foreign national is three times more than a salary of local employee. The dos of locating locals into the company can help manager build confined coordination can be included to foreign rudiments will be far easy. This will make merging of two cultural bodies embedded into one to understand more of localities. Critically it is seen that this rudiments enables the network between the countries build strong infrastructure this makes the employee look things in different manners and avoid conflicts in the management process.

Expats : The reasons for using the home country people is due to technical approach. Sometimes the company where the new venturing is happening will not have local people with the required technical skills or experience which can fulfil the company requirement during such case human resource manger has to employee from home country or any other national people. While any expertise uses this people to fill the gap human resource manger has to communicate to the chief about the involvement of home based people where they calculate the exact costing of employee per head

Contract workers: Human resource manager employee contratectual worker on hour bases in this situation it is seen that every employee who works under contract are people who work for small scale. Some countries where new project are expanded if the local population of such company is more they do work from under age people as this helps few global companies reduction money.

International staffing: Countries find a easy way of overcoming the issues with technical issues pertaining to the employees because every human resources manager who employees workers for his company has to indulge in money for employing people through advertisement and other sources but to overcome them with issues created by domestic workers company try to migrate there employees so that the cost indulge will be retained back. The reason for human resource to off shore his entire company is to build a base in new and developing market and venture new product and services to open market. Human resource manger offshore with few concept in mind the company or manager work on strategy of low paid and high technical employee every employee who gets off shore to company has to have highly skilled team leader to control the work and organise the job under this they provide required number of training to staff in this company has to understand the law which permits the permission to complete the work.

"The employer under which human resource manager will look the action plan before getting into the course they are ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric". (Gary dessler and biju varkkey) from managing global human resource management.

Observations say that sometime this expats course of action fails this can due to various reasons to unlike people. The reasons are sometime seen as employee consecutively going away due to condensed efficiency and spoilt employee relation. The managers can do some kind of help by giving jobs to people who have family with them and reduced political issues which arise more often in such case.

Execute management: Every human resource has a certain policy which is never changed it is a form of motivation which is supplied to employee by their employer one of which is execute management because all human beings need a boost to make them drive to that level but human resource mangers do this by evaluating activities, personnel reassess and functioning of execute management in company, managers must also develop a need for training themselves which can be indeed a classroom or on job but the bottom line reach to understand the commitment. This type of management is used to develop a responsibility among each member who can help to build a infrastructure among the employee for planning and management preview for betterment of employee. Execute management in various countries are carried out with some purpose in developed countries( U.S, Canada, Taiwan) it is done to rise the pay scale where as in (Korea, Mexico, Australia ) is carried out to maintain & record employee performance and to support this the "leadership model" explained by (john Adrian) is explanatory for employer to train the staff. This model talks about individual; team, task. Any employer would try to execute this type of plan in their global front is to evaluate the performance of the employer by their skills and talent and this can help manager to understand the level of employee knowledge towards work as to critize the statement it is important that this document should not bias any employer towards particular member of staff.

Ethical management.: International human resource management engages new business growth plans being executed it is a complete acceptance of company's business plan, competitive confront of produce and facilities which is indispensable for human resource managers to follow without which the company will not acquire acknowledgment in becoming business associate and will be promoted to the position of proprietor. Every international human resource manager has to be positive and take part in business development worldwide. The recognition of staff culture is key to human resource manager they provide training on cross and multi cultural background which must be implemented in the strategy they work on because understanding the employees is must before processing, a new business in any new geographic place. Diverse factor can create a sense of attitude, belief, values of each member it can help the company to understand various category people from supplier to customer, as one added advantage it is merely important to know that in any global or international organisation multi culture employee in well based so as to achieve a good work force it is human resource manager who deal with the company for benefits.

Health and security reasons: The human resource manager when hire any new employee locally or home based they have to be sure about is identities and with increased terror in the every nation has signed a red signal towards all neighbouring countries where all nation shows a joint venture to fight against this situation but as a management few precautions are necessary like domestically it is seen that unreliable verification has made it very difficult to hire new employees specially countries like U.S, U.K, probable member of staff must conduct an interrogate with the high authority who issues visa to employee who wants to migrate. Which has become very difficult even employer are facing difficult to bring expats and despite of such security every employer who needs job are reluctant to do jobs abroad.

The key measures which can be advisable will be defensive process employer can include a crisis management class to make employee feel safe and that these employer will report if any missing case is addressed an human resource manager has to be quite vigilant with such cases.

Human resource planning: This exactly means human resource managers have several outsourcing factors which involve major contribution of duties done in every human resource department which are recruitment, assortment, assessment and last reimbursement. These factors which are subdivided into 4 categories how will it help in develop a good global consideration like

Recruiting: Countries where any project is designed the employer has to check on key factors which can interrupt the procedures like hiring or retaining any employee because of rules of the migrating countries can restrain the whole process human resource manager will filter the copies of employee who register and will check on the better quality which a candidate have and will see the least cost candidate into the business. A proficiency model can help a manager to evaluate the best employee into the group. The manager must have the eye for detail to seek good employer by neglecting the fact of selection or recruitment in this process the differences of culture should not be brought in so that it makes the employer confused in getting the right candidate into the company.

Assortment: The central candidate assortment means involving the candidate resume check and then interviewing them when any assortment is done a company with help of human resource must form a structured way of checking or short listing this must be with relation to the job description asked while advertising. Global consideration involves lot of paperwork while hiring them into new country, manager has a whole lot of responsibility while conducting so, and especially it is difficult for home based employee where as doing locally it will cost very less o the employer.

Assessment : During this session a human resource manager will train his employee who takes assessment because this is crucial as it involves a lot of diversity practises into it at time employee goes through tension before appearing for an assessment every employer has a review data which is stored on base of performance completely assessment means sharing your view towards the employee who can be either be motivated and give more productivity or else can be demotivated and be less productivity towards work.

Reimbursement: These concord(performance) pay is given to keep employees happy and in Asia it is seen that concord is worth paying. This is advisable that international operations follows it the most vital factors which are company traditions, ready for action from last business and monetary factor must be taken into account. The trend of reimbursement was brought in by the developed nations manager from human resource because of concord pay made the employee feels delighted and that encourages them to pull themselves to complete the goal the manager makes it obvious that company provides reimbursement in form of target achiever which is seen mostly now a days in every market oriented companies.

The international human resource management has to look into the challenges which can make the scenario narrow for this manager must be trained with some concepts and that includes exploitation where in if venturing of companies are taken place in such a place where the labour with skill and talent are deserted, the few disappointment in starting a new business will be in relation to working hours because this can make the global system considerate because specially in case of Asian continent and venturing business in London can create a time jetlag to people who works from India because of time difference. Every company who works from far beyond the original country it will make a issues with health and also prolonged working hours can be a critical issues to handle by the managers the other facts which is important is cultural differences and the this can rise to major conflicts in company. The company develop by global human resource by social network and standardisation.

Social network: The human resource manager must have a self belonging that they not only look into local groups but also nationwide. Every human resource manager should critically analysis that a strong infrastructure company must be maintained from your neighbouring world. This could be implemented by good practises like achieving global human resource manager who can treat the local body manager equally for better achievement.

Standardisation: Human resource manager must have programme role on candidate which can make the employer choose the right kind of employee for the job they looking for and hence the company like IBM which is spread all over the world for its technology has in fact said about they work recruitment and assessment with the help of structured process which helps to overcome the issues which is seen globally on bases of employee recruitment and assessment because no proper assessment can lead to higher turnover which can again lead to discomfort in company.

The above mentioned list and discussion is supported with the Maslow theory which speaks about needs which can be also stated under global needs and how the manager looks into its important and the john Adair leadership model which stated about managers can be appointed but cannot be a leader. This means any manager who goes under global base will not have follower which sound very unreasonable because any model is presented to support the view of an leadership skill it is a key importance for developing human resource in any new location.


The companies from worldwide mangers believes that it is positive approach towards utility of any production component, the main objective is to hire right kind of staff for their company and that employee must be ready to act on the unit where they are suppose to work so that global HR manger gets a cover to create a global strategy this way it will help company to grow and prosper. Where in managers from HR looks into few important resources like training, assessment, reimbursement, and such daily work can be helped through local bodies now a day it is seen that every international establishment gets along new objective which makes system flexible to adopt the cultural difference which is seen more in tribunal case paper the manager must always build a strong ethical agreement which is essential in global context. To overcome all the issues every human resource manager must train themselves before taking the charge because it makes them overcome from basic requirement of ethical, recruitment, performance related pay and incentives which is important.

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