Instructional Leadership A Personal Growth Plan

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Mr. William's goal is to improve his classroom management techniques. His current classroom arrangement does not support teaching and learning. From this point forward, he will arrange the students' desks into table groups for two reasons: (1) this arrangement frees up the maximum amount of space in the rest of the classroom: and (2) this arrangement provides more working spaces when the students perform group work. Table groups provide the space needed for daily classroom activities and in addition, students should be required to work in groups about once a per week. Table groups provide a good meeting place for students who need to work together. His desk will be in the front corner of the room farthest from the door and faces the back of the room. From this spot, he can easily see the entire classroom as well as the hall outside of the classroom. However, Mr. William does not intent to spend much time at his desk during the day, he will normally stroll through the classroom answering questions and helping students stay on task.

The pre-conference planning created opportunities for me to help Mr. William's test reality, the reality of his own perceptions and judgments about his teaching. The pre-conference dialogue improved my relationship with Mr. William's and my instruction through clinical supervision as well. To improve his classroom management skills, Mr. Williams will institute preventative approaches to classroom management involve creating a positive classroom community with mutual respect between himself and students. The preventative approach offers warmth, acceptance, and support unconditionally, not based on a student's behavior.


1. I will provide a productive, safe environment conducive to learning.

2. I will increase my knowledge and skills in using classroom management techniques by seeking professional development in that area.

3. Develop a system and plan for classroom management (both proactive and reactive) that is congruent with your teaching philosophy and an informed understanding of students' development.

Goal 1 Defined: The purpose of this goal is to assure that my classroom environment is comfortable and welcoming. It will be best suited to the needs of the children and sensitive to the personal, developmental, academic, social and emotional needs of the children. My expectation is to be nurturing and encouraging, providing positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement. These are key ingredients in creating a safe environment.

Teacher's Responsibilities: I will appropriately monitor and supervise all areas of my classrooms to ensure the safety of all students at all times and implement a safe learning environment.

Administrator's Responsibilities: I will ensure a sound learning environment by implementing and improving the curriculum scope, sequence, and curriculum maps for grades 9-12 in Language Arts. : I will build a supportive climate for learning involves sharing expectations concerning learning of content, achievement, and social behavior with their students.  I will observe teacher's strategy for creating a positive and learning-centered environment.

Criteria for Success: I will implement four (4) classroom management factors: (1) how I regard my students, (2) how I set up the classroom environment, (3) how skillfully I teach the content, and (4) how well I address student behavior.

Goal 2 Defined: The purpose of this goal is to improve my classroom management skills, which will inspire my students to academic excellence that fosters respect, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, empathy, and a positive attitude.

Teacher's Responsibilities: I will volunteer to sit in my experience colleagues classes to gain experience on classroom management and compare my results with their management styles. The greatest way to work on classroom management and motivations skills is in front of a class of students.

Administrator's Responsibilities: I will provide the teacher the necessary resources to management classroom management more effectively. These resources will allow the teacher to organize and control materials, lessons, activities, space, students, time and content in order to maximize student learning.

Criteria for Success: I will success when I have effectively utilized all resources and my suspension rate has decrease by 10%.

Goal 3 Defined: The purpose of this goal is implementing a classroom management plan that will support my classroom and teaching skill. Students will participate in a learning community that supports student learning and well-being. Areas considered are the use of classroom space; procedures during whole class activities; procedures during small group work; and expectations regarding student responsibility for work.

Teacher's Responsibilities: I will encourage my student to successful and provide constant feedback to the principal on classroom management problems when necessary. I will engage into the appropriate professional development.

Administrator's Responsibilities: I will implement a process that will integrate curricula, goals and evaluations of the effectiveness of his instructional strategies and classroom management. I will encourage student participation in the development of classroom behavioral expectations and norms such as providing input regarding rules or procedures and conflict resolution

Criteria for success: I will have successfully fulfilled these goals when my students have achieved a 2.5 grade point average or higher as a class on their reading comprehension and writing skills.