Institutional Failure Causing Cultural Education Essay

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We have the most corrupt leaders ruling our country. They only think of their own benefits and try to full their Bank Accounts by stealing our countrys assets. With the help of these violators Pakistan stands Top amongst the most corrupt nation's ranking.

In just a few decades our government has created an unpredictable socio-economic circumstance which has made the country lawless by violating human rights.

Nowhere in the world we are treated respectfully, only because of these black sheep in the society. Doing everything according to their will and spoiling the image of Pakistan. Those who are in authority are simply misusing their powers to have a luxurious life for them and family.

There is however, a brighter side of Pakistan as well.

The level of poverty has dropped to about 10% in the last 10 years, as industrialization and manufacturing has risen up to 28% in the past years. Pakistanis are some of the most passionate chatters on the Internet, communicating with users all over the world and bringing modern technology in to their daily life routines. Use of cell phones and modern technology has become common in our civilization.

Pakistan has produced many qualified, experienced and genius scientists, engineers and doctors who are performing and giving their duties at highest levels and in huge numbers in different parts of the world, mostly in the nations equipped with up to date and modern technology; where they are treated respectfully and honorably.

Since 14th of August, 1947, our society has been in transition. Pakistan's society is dynamic and therefore is changing time to time. The main objective of this research work is to look deep into Pakistan's cultural and societal problems reflected by our institutional failure and the changes and drawbacks it has made.


Institution is "An organization which is established for a certain purpose and is the instrument used to organize the art of living by providing a standard solution to the problems". Examples of institutions include: education, family, government, businesses, religion, media etc. From the above definition, we can say that helps the society to have security, protection, continuity and its own national identity etc. Institutions are not only limited to societal culture, but they also have a big role in shaping the culture. Education and media, both institutions share the cultural values of a society, which can influence our culture and social change in modern society heavily.

Institutional Analysis

The main purpose of this research work is to highlight our cultural and societal changes we observe, which have a great negative impact due to some major institutions. Further, some of the mentioned institutional failures will be linked with our culture, because their roots are engraved deeply in our culture and the society itself.


We cannot deny the fact that social, economical and cultural development of a society is directly affected by the quality education which is easily available to the society. Therefore, educational development should be taken seriously and as a challenge because our society's development and prosperity is always connected with the betterment of education. A majority of Pakistan's population is illiterate. In the case of women it is even worse. Rural and urban population holds a huge gap in educational development and quality.

"The universities in their present form are not geared to create new knowledge, nor do their graduate-study programs measure up to international standards, rapid expansion of the system, limited financial input and periodic student unrest have eroded the learning and teaching processes, despite modernization of curricula. The supply of funds to the universities is limited and coupled with inefficient use of public funds. The autonomy of the universities provided in their act is not only inadequate but also distorted. The research base in the universities is weak, and inadequately equipped libraries and laboratories and shortage of qualified teachers continue to hinder the progress of higher education towards excellence."

Dr. Virk…

Like many other underdeveloped nations, Pakistan faces financial crisis for various reasons. Despite of the crisis, 3% of the budget is allocated by the government to be spent on education in Pakistan. By observing the past we come to know that major portion of Pakistan's budget has been spent on defense in the past 65 years, whereas budget spent on education is at its least.

There are many reasons why our education system is affected and causing failure. Some of weakness of our education system is described are as follows:

Poor Education System

Education is the key to a knowledge economy, and that is what Pakistan is trying to achieve. To achieve this goal, Government has to raise the standards of its education from pre-school to higher education. From my stand of point, the most difficult phase is improving higher-level education, improving which will then help produce team leading professionals. A well managed and corruption free education system is the backbone bone of a developed country which will also solve the problem of skillful and talented workforce. Hence, improving the standards of living.

English Language

At home, we talk in our regional language. We are taught Urdu throughout our school life. Entering a university surprises us by teaching everything in a language never heard before. English language is international language which can help us in every corner of world. However, government has not taken any measures to transfer language skills to a common man. The curriculum in our educational institutes should have English language from the lowest level of education just like Urdu under compulsory subjects.

Political Failure

We have a very long history of political instability which has badly affected the development of Pakistan's educational system the same way as it has affected other aspects. Our leaders are corrupt. Politics has its roots in our educational institutes due to which students shift into political clashes and has affected national priorities, especially in the direction of education and causing a poor educational infrastructure.

Poor Infrastructure

Our current education infrastructure is outdated, poorly developed, carelessly managed, lacking element of quality & research culture. Which does not allows our qualified professionals to compete globally.

Weak Legal System

A weak legal system along with weak enforcement has created an environment which has helped piracy. Our system lacks in modern technology due to which our government faces difficulties in dealing with the disputes related to technology. Our legal system is so slow and improper that for just a single decision the plaintiff has to wait for so long, sometimes it even take years for a simple issue. Hence, we are making a culture which encouraging plagiarism instead of promoting research work in our educational system.


Judiciary is an institution which plays a very great role in our government. It is responsible for the protection of its civilians in every way. Judiciary is responsible for the protection of civic rights of the citizens, keep the constitutions safe, deal and investigate with immodesty and corruption cases. Hence, it provides justice to each and every person, strengthening its pillars which play a great role only if it is independent.

Pakistan has faced lack of independent judiciary which is responsible for many poor people who suffer the cases of injustice and the bad news is that the majority of these sufferers are in Pakistan only due to lack of judiciary's independence. An independent judiciary protects the rights of its people. Absence of which causes corruption and terrorism nationwide.

The main reason why a common citizen does not seeks justice is because of lack in education and expertise at bureaucratic level. This is one of the main cause of judicial failure in Pakistan.

Effects on Culture and Society

None of the departments of life - be it economic, cultural, religious - none has been free from the effects of the changes in culture and society which is progressing very fast.

Some of the factors effecting our culture and society to change are mentioned; separation of sub-continent, modern technology inventions, industrialization and modernization, increase in international relations and foreign trade, economical and industrial revolution in the country, growth of institutions causing increase in literacy though increasing people's thinking and visions and spreading different ideologies amongst different people. Different ideologies in political parties bring an impact of developed countries causing changes in society. Versatility in communication and mass media expanding towards remote areas hence, bring a lot of information through television, radio, newspapers.

Above mentioned factors are the cause of our media, judiciary, religious, business and educational institutional failures. These failures have changed our thoughts, our desires, our demands, our needs. We are being brainwashed and we don't even know about it.

Institutional Failure has caused Pakistan's fashion revolution to shift into second gear, which we can observe by looking around the increasing amount of designer stores etc. Fashion has been changing time to time and will always be changing as long as there is life. If we find out the real facts we will come to know that its us who is responsible for all these changes as it is said that "Things don't change, we change". Teenage boys and girls are competing each other to look smart and stylish than others as it is also in human nature to look smart and feel superior in the social circle around.


All the effects that I've mentioned above have a very strong impact on the mind of our generation specially children and teenagers. The process of changing believe is very slow but it has a great impact. Unless and until we don't take an action to stop the vulgarity in our culture, which can never come to an end. Pakistani nation has to be together and prevent Pakistan from getting destructed. Enjoyment is the part of the life without which the life is colorless. We should care for the virtue and value of the society and work together for it.

"Let us now plan to build and reconstruct and regenerate our great

nation and our sovereign state of Pakistan which, you know, is not

only the biggest Muslim State in the world but the fifth biggest

sovereign state in the world."

"….work ceaselessly in the service of our nation and make Pakistan

one of the greatest nations of the world. It is in your hands, we have

undoubtedly talents, Pakistan is blessed with enormous resources and

potentialities. Providence has endowed us with all the wealth of nature

and now it lies with man to make the best of it."

M. A. Jinnah, August 31, 1947

Our people have enormous talent and qualities, which we have observed above from this research work. In this research work I have mentioned many negative aspects of society. I have chosen this topic ie: Institutional Failure leading to cultural and societal changes because it has a great and deep impact on everything. Especially our society. The main cause of this research work was to find out about the main causes of failure and bring forward the problems we face in day to day life in the society only due to these institutional failures. I have also mentioned some of the solutions to the problems. At the end I would conclude my research work by saying that we should respect our cultural values and should not forget that we are Muslim and living in an Islamic Country. Our life-style and all institutions, family, education, judiciary all should be managed under the light of Islam. We should learn from our fast and proceed towards a bright future by correcting the mistakes we made in the past. A person who learns from his mistakes is SMART, but a person who learns from other's mistakes is a GENIUS. We should go forward as a team to improve our country. But for that first we have to improve over selves. Once we are together as a single nation we can rise up and face all the challenges and will enter in a new phase of our national history.