Installing and upgrading software

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Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

Microsoft Windows Millennium was released in late 2000. It was released to enhance multimedia and internet features from the previous OS. When it was introduced it brought out the first version of System Restore, which allowed users to go back to their system state to a previous point in the case of system failure. This feature was carried also carried onto windows XP. The first version of windows movie maker was also added to the Operating System. When windows ME were released it was intended for home users.

In this upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows ME Microsoft brought out their new System Restore. System Restore is a program which allows the user to roll back system files, registry keys and installed programs to their previous state. This upgrade was essential in case of system failure, but this feature had a few disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that only certain file types were recognized and they had to be in a certain location for it to be monitored, as a result this some software installations and in-place software upgrades may be reverted by system restore.

The advantages of Windows Millennium were that it included easier networking therefore it was easier for big and small companies to create networks without the help of professionals, as a result of this they will save money. 

One type of risk that may be involved in upgrading is that it may contain bugs. This problem can be fatal because it may result in system failure and loss of all your data or if it is used in a big company e.g.  The Hospital. If the computer which is keeping a patient live may contain bug and shutdown then the patient will die. 

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft's most recent and most up-to-date operating system. When Windows 7 was going to be made the people at Microsoft wanted to make the most compatible Operating System ever e.g. with hardware and more applications which the previous OS was not compatible with. This would be great for normal users and even better for business use e.g. if a company needs a particular piece of hardware to work then windows 7 will work so they save money, because they will not need to buy a particular software or a add-on. Some of the newest features from Microsoft's windows are the new improved touch, speech and handwriting recognition also the more important improvements in handling more modern processors and the improvements in boot performance and kernel improvements. This was made to fix the issues that were in windows vista. 

Some of the advantages that windows 7 gained were that the performance and reliability was better. This was very good for home and business users. Another advantage was that it was very easy to use therefore it would be useful for new users, but there were some removed features such as the Windows media player's mini player has been removed. Another advantage is that Microsoft offers a variety of versions to suit each different user. The different versions are listed below:

Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate.

These are some more problems that you might encounter in windows 7

  • Software that doesn't install or work correctly, including anti-virus or security programs
  • Printers, video cards, or other hardware that doesn't work
  • Problems accessing corporate or home networks
  • Files may become corrupt

Apple-Logic Studios

Logic studio is software that allows the user to compose and edit a piece of music. The newest version of logic studio is logic 9. This was introduced on the 23rd July 2009. The most important new feature was the Flex Time. A feature which almost all competing audio applications had at this point. There was also the added pedal board from garage band and a new virtual guitar amplifier was also added. These add-ons were necessary because the user would not need to go and buy the actual hardware, therefore they would save money and they won't need to buy a real guitar amplifier.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word was first introduced in 1983 under the name of Multi-Tool Wood for Xenix systems. Microsoft office is the most recent version of Microsoft Office. The new features of this product are: The new user interface, The Office 2007 button which replaces the File menu and gives access to common functionality across all Office applications. Also the ribbon panel has been added. This panel contains sets of tabs. Each application has its own tab. One disadvantage of this is that the Ribbon panel is not customizable. This version of Microsoft work is backward compatible. This is a advantage because if a company has a lot of documents they want to open then they won't have to waste time and money changing the format of their old documents.