Individuals Are Unique Because Of Their Strengths Education Essay

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An individual is unique because of both their great strengths and weaknesses. By a thorough personal reflection a leader can identify their most beneficial and hindering traits. Leadership as an ongoing process goes synonymously with adaptation, and when the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of a leader takes place not only can that leader utilize the style of leadership they are most suited to, but improve themselves in areas they consider weak. With such a large number of positive traits that a leader may possess it is only appropriate that an equal number of weaknesses exist to oppose those strengths. As a leader one must take advantage of the skills they believe to be their greatest attributes; whether it is the charismatic ability to speak articulately to those they lead, or the skills and practical knowledge to lead by example leaders must embrace what is most comfortable. With regards to my own personal strengths as a leader I find I thrive in the areas of: Interpersonal relationships, drive for success, and the vision I bring to both projects and defining success. As weaknesses I have decided to explore my need for more attention to detail, time management skills, and ability to stay on task. By reflecting on both strengths and weaknesses I possess I can conclude my leadership style is a transformational one. 

 Interpersonal interactions and relationships are the building blocks of a successful team within my leadership style. The individuals who I am leading must feel comfortable enough to approach me in any circumstance because communication is extremely important to me. I believe with great team chemistry great achievements are possible in any circumstances. Through the use of my wit, charm and ability to interact on a more than superficial level I can build strong relationships with those I work with and lead. By providing an open atmosphere the opportunity to be informed about the condition of the project and the condition of those participating in the project presents itself. Leaders are responsible in providing inspiration and through great interpersonal skills I find both as a leader and a follower, that inspiration is easy to encounter. The support that a leader can provide to those they are leading is limitless when they have the skills to interact on a personal level. By supporting and giving valuable feedback in an appropriate manor a leader not only gains the trust but teaches and aids in the transformation of individuals they interact with. As both a leader and a peer I have been an extremely supportive individual in both personal, financial and educational matters I believe a support system is an invaluable asset for success in most if not all aspects of life. With the amount of support a leader must give to those they are leading interpersonal relationships are an absolute necessity. Through my previous experiences as a leader I know that the general open and supporting atmosphere I provide has been an extremely effective tool which I embrace every time I get the opportunity to lead.

 When faced with a challenge, in any circumstances, a leader must have the drive for success that will help them overcome any obstacles that may impede their success. I have always embraced a chance to lead as a challenge of my skills and determination and believe leadership is an unequaled outlet to express both. As a competitive individual many often mistake my enthusiasm with a "win at all costs" attitude, but I believe all competition must remain moral and fair. The ability to get excited about leading is an extremely valuable asset, as it provides a seemingly limitless supply of fuel to complete the often large list of tasks that leading demands. A drive for success also implies that quality of work being done is of great importance to me, as success is not solely determined by the speed at which the work is being done. In many situations those who you are leading may thrive off of the energy you broadcast and utilize it to fuel their own actions. In all team situations I have been placed in I try to bring enthusiasm and passion for success, and as many different teams are composed of many different types of individuals I believe a strong drive for success provides a key element in my leadership style. 

 Vision in any leader is an extremely valuable asset that aids in both defining the ultimate objective and how success should be achieved.  Setting goals in both long and short term time frames have been extremely valuable assets and vision is extremely valuable while identifying those goals. Vision often defines an organization or group with regards to what they value and how they conduct themselves as a whole. With a strong sense of who and what I am as a leader I find vision has helped me identify how I like to lead and what kinds of impact I want to have on the situations I am in. Having a vision in the literal sense of what you wish to accomplish gives those who follow you a sense of comfort and the knowledge that you know what you are doing. By sharing the vision of success others may have a better understanding of what is being asked from them in any situation where you are the leader. With regards to conduct in competition I feel my vision as a leader has helped produce individuals that are moral and hard working. Looking forward to the future must be tempered with looking at where I have come from and where I am now as a leader and the ability to reflect on what I want as a leader and what those who follow me want is a testament to my vision as a leader. Great things have happened as a result of great vision from great leaders, who not only embrace their ideals but implement their leadership abilities efficiently and effectively to see them through. 

 Attention to detail is an extremely beneficial attribute to have as a leader as it provides the best possible product and ensures the job is done right. I have struggled through my entire leadership career with attention to the smaller details in a larger scheme of the roles of a leader. As a leader I expect great work quality from all I work with, and often assume many of the smaller details are handled with diligence and skill. I have often found myself encountering small problems with final products in group activities where I am leading at the last possible moment. Attention to detail can and usually does make the difference between a good and great outcome as a leader, and in recent years I have been taking steps to improve the level of attention I give the projects I work on. With the amount of variables in any given task the details often seem to be innumerable, but with great planning attention to detail should be an extremely manageable task in the future. When faced with many of the recent detail oriented tasks I have been charged with I have been contrasting the amount of small details in the task at hand with the amount of small details in any piece of great art. I have tried to instill the idea that great products are created by great people and if I intend to have an impact on the society I live within I must treat every detail as if it were an equal part, and when every separate part of the project at hand is put together the product with be greater than the sum of its parts. Attention to detail is extremely important in a leadership role and as I progress as a leader I am dedicated to improving this weakness.

 Leadership requires time management skills to be effective. As a student I have had a difficult time learning to manage my time efficiently and effectively. While school work is extremely important to me, I often find myself in situations where I leave assignments to the last possible moment. In leadership roles I have lost track of time when it needed to be managed. My first semester at Nipissing University was extremely beneficial to my time management skills, as a result of the university success elective I chose to take. University success centered on time management skills and identified successful methods such as using a reverse calendar or electronic updates. With the implementation of these time management methods I have been extremely successful in my university career up to this point in time. Time management is a skill I wish to improve to the best of my ability. Proper time management will result in less stress and a higher quality final product in all situations. I feel that although it is a weakness now, I care enough about improving this skill and soon it will be one of my greatest strengths. 

 The ability to stay on task is my greatest weakness as a leader. An effective leader must be able to recognize what task is important and the appropriate time to work on that task. Staying on task is continuously challenging for me as I am easily interested by a wide assortment of topics, opportunities and individuals. I consider a wide variety of interests to be a valuable asset in most circumstances, but when the task management skills are combined with that I often find myself overwhelmed. As a leader I must adapt and consider what is important at the time and why I need to stay on task. In leadership opportunities I have been in I have been blessed with a supporting group of peers that have kept the important tasks in perspective for me, but I must gain a more self reliant approach to staying on task. 

 As a transformational leader I want to promote growth with everyone I interact with. Leadership is a learning process and it is imperative that further reflection is given to asses more of my strengths and weaknesses. As a leader I am a very social and concerned individual. I believe that through properly approaching problems and challenges, the character and morals of those I am leading will develop. The most predominant memory I have that highlights my transformational leadership ability is from a leadership class in my past. I was given a group of grade nine boys for school orientation and the students were extremely quiet and reclusive at the beginning of the orientation day. Through support and enthusiasm I felt I made a breakthrough with the individuals in that group, resulting in an energetic and positive group by the end of the day. One of the strengths of a leader is often their ability to see and compensate for a weakness, and only through constant reflection can a leader grow.