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People learn English for many and extremely varied reasons. Taking these reasons, as well as language acquisition needs, into consideration when planning a class or individual instruction is crucial for a successful learning experience. This is probably as important for the student as for the teacher. When a student understands his/her reasons for learning English well, he can then better plan his learning strategy. In the classroom, he/she can help the teacher identify needs and desires. If the student is learning alone, he/she can find learning materials based on a better knowledge of what his/her objectives are. Graves, M.F., Juel, C., & Graves, B.B. (2007).

The distance education program allows students the opportunity to engage in the same academic experiences as onsite students, only at a distance. Distance Students can specialize in English Education, Foreign and Second Language Education, and Literacy Reading Education. These graduate programs will prepare you to work in education at the elementary levels.

The communication between students and teacher can prevent learning from occurring in the classroom. This problem is usually the result of misunderstanding cultural backgrounds different from that of the teacher. It is important for the teacher to acquire knowledge of their student culture.

Is a professional association for English language educators, offers a variety of resources and networking opportunities for students in professional English language teacher education programs. The committed to building the talents of emerging professionals in the field of English language teaching.

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