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People in Organisation, is a very interesting subject as it deals with the core of Human nature and human Values. People in Organisation, is a very interesting subject .This subject opens the horizons of the factors that contribute in the development of the human mind, which forms the human resource of every organisation. This subject gives us the broad aspects of human- nature and the various factors affecting our personality. The topics covered in this book, are self-respect, ethics and Communication Styles which form an integral part of our lives. How our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours can sometimes cause relationship problems in our personal and work-related situations, from the chapters we studied in this book. From People in Organisations, we can learn how to overcome these issues and reach our highest productivity and attain our full- potential as individuals in an organisation. We have learnt the importance of self-esteem, and various factors contributing to low self-esteem and ways to address this issue.

This subject helped us in understanding the importance of culture diversity in managing people in an organisation. By understanding the flexibility and fluidity of different cultures of different people from multi-cultural background as human-beings we are formed by an environment we grow in such as geography, culture, traditions and ethnicity, these factors shape our true personality. This subject taught us to work in a team of diverse backgrounds and culture, as different cultures tend to have different views, ideas and perceptions, hence while working in a team the cultural differences come into focus while making key decisions. The Great part of working in a team with a multi-culture environment is we learn from different view-points, perceptions, ideas and creativity that influence us to make the right decisions in an organisation. Due to Globalization, employees are hired throughout the world based on the needs of the organisation. Keeping all this in mind, the workforce of any organisation tends to be multi-cultural and working in such an environment for any individual is inevitable. Hence, as individuals we have to learn to respect the different cultures and traditions of other people in an Organisation. While working in a multi-cultural environment Conflict arises between individuals, the key is to sort the differences in a systematic manner and achieve a common goal. Culture Diversity is very important in any organisation to sustain growth in any company. Individuals from different cultures and background bring innovative ideas to the company and also help the organisation to grow. Hence Communication between employees in Multi-cultural organisation plays a pivotal-role and helps us overcome our cultural barriers and achieve organisational goals.

Reflection on teamwork:

Our team consisted of four members, from India. Even though we are from the same country, come from different regions. We chose our topic Communication Style Flexing as Communication plays a very important role in our Business and Personal Environment. We learnt from this chapter, the different styles of communication primarily are Emotive Style, Reflective Style, Supportive Style and Directive Style. Each individual displays a particular style, and by identifying their style and flexing our Communication style accordingly; we can build our half of the relationship with the other person. Through this topic, we learnt how to adopt our style to suit the other personality's style to foster relationships and promote growth within an organisation. During our assignment we worked as a team, and implemented innovative ideas and plans. Since we were in accord on various issues with our assignment, we managed our time efficiently. We followed the golden principle of ethics, 'Do unto others as you would have them unto you' in our group. This principle helped us in our successful completion of our assignment. We learnt from this assignment the importance of team work, and the crucial role each team member plays. We also learnt never to under-estimate others and to provide a supportive platform so that each individual can perform to the best of our abilities and learn from their mistakes.

Individual Assignment ( Reflective Journal )

Name: Sufiyan Nagani

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People in Organization is a subject which basically talks about the most important asset of any organization- the people. It depicts the relationship between an organization and its employees and how important it is to maintain harmony between the two for the organization to function virtuously.

Initially, I felt that this subject will only give a broad view of the various concepts of human resources management; however, as I attended the classes, I realized that there is a lot more to this subject than meets the eye. I was astonished to learn about the concepts and issues concerning human resources and how they can be dealt with effectively by applying strategic approaches.

The most important lesson that I imbibed was that of team building. I realized that working together in a team builds trust among the team members, which in turn leads to greater productivity. Team building can either make an organization or break it.  By studying the 'situational leadership model', I learnt that a leader should be able to adapt himself/herself to any situation that may arise while working in a team and be able to guide the team in the right direction. I followed the same path while working on my assignments.

Moreover, I have developed greater self-esteem and confidence in myself to perform better. This subject has also taught me to work with principles and follow the code of conduct. I have also become more calm and composed now and can handle adverse situations with a cool mind. Also, by learning about various communication styles, I have spotted my own communication style and how I can alter it while communicating with different people. I have also realized that it is due to motivation that people are pushed to work harder and give positive outputs.

These concepts and theories have taught me a great deal about various facets of human resource management. I believe that studying them has really helped me polish my personality. I have gained a lot from this subject and I am highly inspired to do better at my workplace in future.


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People in Organisation, is a subject which I have for this semester. This subject opened the doors of my mind of different aspects of human psychology, and how it affects us on a daily basis. My first notion of this subject was that it solely deals with the work-force of any Organisation. But was surprised to find the depths of human nature unravel through the topics and the factors affecting the characteristics of the human mind, which in turn forms the work force of an Organisation. I clearly learned that it's not the skill sets of an employee, but the whole person who is hired. The Subject taught me to self-examine myself when I am negative, and not to set unrealistic expectations and goals and to learn from my past mistakes.

The most interesting topic I read in this subject is self-esteem and the huge role, it plays in our lives. Self-esteem reflects in our personality and our interactions with others and how they perceive us as individuals. The topic also helped me understand the reasons behind low Self-Esteem, and how to overcome it, and to have an external locus of thinking instead of an internal locus of thinking.

The skill-sets I have learnt from the chapter, "Understanding Your Communication Style" is Communication style flexing. As individuals it's very important for all employees in every organisation to be most productive and communication plays a very important role in determining our Success in a working environment. In this chapter I learnt the four basic Communication Styles are Emotive style, Directive style, and Supportive Style and Reflective style. We can understand from this chapter, by determining the other person's personality we can build the other half of our relationship. For Example, in our Case study in this chapter, Eric Welsh displays the supportive style while dealing with his client Ms Perez displays director style. I will be implementing this Communication tool, in the future while dealing with people not only on a professional level but also on a personal level.

In short, this subject has broadened my outlook and perspective of individuals in an Organisation. This subject will provide an opportunity in the future to lead a diverse set of employees, and be able to reach the objectives of an Organisation.

Name : Jawad Pasha

ID NO : 12767461

In the process of studying this subject, I have come across many concepts related to work and living standards. Some of them include communication, stress management, self disclosure, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, motivation and a few others. These are some of the key terms that are effectively used in the work environment. Though, I was familiar with these concepts in my undergraduate level, it is still a different experience for me studying in a different country with some new methods. Our first assignment was to deliver a presentation for the subject and we had selected an interesting topic like communication styles. For me, it was nothing new as I had given a lot of presentations way back in my bachelors but it was a nice experience for me to present it in front of people from different cultures. There are a lot of topics and concepts under this subject that are useful in our day to day life. Stress management, career planning, effective communication styles are some of the examples which play an important role in everyone's personal and professional life. In order to understand these important topics, we had done a presentation on a selected case study relevant to a particular topic under the subject. It is very essential for us to understand the nature and the behavior of people in the organizations and this subject focuses on such an aspect. Through studying this subject, it has helped me to manage stress and plan out my activities. I have also developed motivation within myself, express my views through self disclosure, carry out emotional intelligence effectively and also improved my communication styles. There is a lot of stress when it comes to managing to work on so many assignments. Therefore, in order to overcome this, I motivated myself to complete all the assignments on time so that I don't lose any marks. Hence through this subject, I have learnt a lot of important values and concepts which helps me to develop my skills. It also gives me the opportunity to interact and coordinate with people from different cultures while doing the assignments.

Part II

Reflective Journal by Pavneet singh khurana (12765971)


"People in organization" is a subject which is concerned with how people in organization relate to each other. Through this subject I came to know about the relationship between organization and people so basically it all about the way in which work is carried out by the managers i.e managerial behaviour. the first half of the subject explains the human nature and leadership qualities such as identity self esteem, motivation, personal values emotional intelligence, interpersonal and group effectiveness and through second part of subject we come to know about the changes in organization forms ,workplace diversity , worklife balance.

What I heard

In the beginning of the lectures we were made aware of the business world and how to see things in a broader way so as to have broader perspective. It helps us to approach real world issues from different angles in organization. In this subject we studied 'Human relations' which play an important role in an organization in achieving various objectives whether they are related to personal life or they are related to work life. For example every topic has it own importance such as communication style topic enable us to know about the way of communication from higher to lower level in an organization and the barrier in the communication process. Stress management topic helps us to know the ways to reduce the work stress. Values and ethics which explain us about the person's behaviour and the principles which define their behaviour as good or right. Self -concept is also included in this subject in which we studied about our own behaviour means how we behave.

So beside these topics the video clips and illusions which were shown in class enable us to see the world in a more broader way which means to have a broader perspective so as to approach the real world issues


What I feel is that the way of communication style should be clear and precise so that the instruction given by the higher level of authority in organization are easily understood by the lower level of organization so that they can do their job more efficiently and they should be allowed to take part in managerial decisions which will also result in building good huan relation with them.