Identifying And Analyzing The Key Skills Education Essay

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There are number of things that should be taken care of while we are engaged into our daily life. Whether we are students studying in schools, colleges or universities, employees and managers working in organizations or we are family members taking care of our families and taking part in the social activities around us, all of these primary activities require us to be responsive to the matters involved and to develop such attributes in our personalities so as to facilitate us to be better students, better employees and a better social element.

Analyze learning styles

There are multiple learning theories available which can define peoples' learning preferences and conditions which are most appropriate for their learning. These are as follows.

1. VAK theory

Leite, Svinicki and Shi (2009: 02) discussed that the Fleming's VARK model is one of the most common and widely used categorizations of the various types of learning styles, categorized the various types of learning styles as visual learners, auditory learners, reading or writing preference learners, and kinesthetic learners

Visual thinkers are those who sketch a diagram to understand the matter and watch others body language to identify different things.

Auditory thinkers are those who learn from audio, listening, discussions or talking.

Kinesthetic thinkers learn or understand things by feeling physically or by doing practically by hands.

Factors that influence study

There are a lot of major factors which have their influence of our study or work in any institution which are given.

1. Team work

Cohen and Bailey (1997: 241) explained that a team is a collection of individuals who are interdependent in their tasks, who share responsibility for outcomes, who see themselves and who are seen by others as an intact social entity embedded in one or more larger social system.

Team building is one of the major activities in the today's successful organizations so working in teams may bring the wonders of synchronized efforts, better problem solving and competitive working experiences.

2. Mind Mapping

While we are supposed to working or studying we may come across a number of fundamental problems which need to be addressed in the best possible so that they don't create obstruction or difficulty in carrying out our expected tasks. One of the basic techniques to solve these problems is Mind Mapping. While we draw a mind mapp that reffered to a potential problem then it becomes easy for us to solve the problem of those areas where the problem is more difficult to us and we can find some potential solution to solve that issue. Being a student or being part of a professional workig environment, we can higlight the problematic areas and simultaneously find out the solutions.

3. Communication Skills

We are a worker or a student; as long as we don't have a proper dissemination of infomration it might not be easy for us to be the part of the synergy that is required to be an effective team player or a valuable part of the system. Flow of information should be down the hierarchy and we should be well aware of the role that we are expected to perform, the essential elements that are required to perform that role and if we need any guidance or we need to give some suggestions then this proper functioning communication must be there to assist us.

4. Adaptibility to Change

We are human being so we are supposed to be rigid and do not respond to any change that is about to be infused and is actually going to refine the ways things are being done previously, we may not able to do better and our performance may also lag behind those who are more approachable to the change. If we are flexible to accept the change in our life or workplace to enhance our skills then we can achieve our short term and long term goals in a proper specific manner.

Self evaluation and plan for developing skills

Having discussed the key activities that may prove helpful for being a better performer as a student or as a worker now I evaluate myself to highlight the areas where I am strong and where I can be even better. For this self assessment SMART goals and SWOT analysis criteria will be used.

1. SMART Goals

SMART goals generally refer to specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (Doran 1981).

Being a student I can and I should set SMART goals to have a check on myself. I should keep in mind these following things to analyze myself to achieve goals.

I shall check my performance and to get solution of all remedies if I deviate to wrong direction during the completion of task.

I shall be practical and expand those attributes that are compulsory to gain desired outcomes.

I shall construct my abilities, skills and potential and work accordingly to achieve what I have planned.

I shall set rigid and dense time frame to complete my assigned tasks within order to be more efficient.

2. SWOT Analysis

A way to analyze an organization's competitive situation involves assessing organizational strengths and weakness, environmental opportunities and threats (Anon 2000: 208). SWOT analysis can also be used to identify my key strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats respectively.


I believe that as a student I am very much responsive to the duties entrusted to me whether they are by my teachers, parents or any other directly related to me. I have soft skills that I can use to carry out the tasks I am supposed to perform but I can also use these soft or human skills to help and motivate others in carrying out their tasks as well. I can be an effective team player as I believe that collective efforts can bring the wonders and together many effective minds can be more effective enough to materialize the imaginations.

2.2 Weaknesses

One of the crucial weaknesses is that some times my emotions might out run rationality and this can be fatal for effective decision making and reflexes. My rational behavior at times is not subjected to my choice rather it can be driven by the circumstances. So I personally feel that this might not be very helpful when I am supposed to be responsible for others' interests as well so I need to overcome this weakness to be more adaptive to situation at hand and to act accordingly.

2.3 Opportunities

I believe that studying or working in a vibrant environment is one of the major opportunities that I am entrusted with. Studying in this institute can help me institutionalize the desired behaviors of rationalism, leadership qualities, cognitive abilities and others alike. I also believe that having gathered the knowledge of my choice I can be a beneficial addition to my nation and many others who have not been so lucky to have certain privileges that I am enjoying and I can be their hope to be like me and many others like me who have been lucky enough to capitalize the opportunities widespread.

2.4 Threats

Being a student or an employee on workplace, I feel that one of the major threats that I face is other students who can be my competitors and prove a hurdle either in the accomplishment of my self centered goals or goals that I might set to be a valuable part of my surroundings. They can indulge into similar activities or can restrict the ways in which I want to perform. There might also be some political and establishment restraints that might hinder me from my intended contribution towards the accomplishments of my goals.

Future Targets

In order to develop myself, I can use the mix of all the postulates that have been mentioned above. I shall follow all the positive aspects of my university or work place to achieve my goals in proper and successful manners. I shall do my work on time and I shall enhance my abilities by getting relative information regarding my studies from my seniors and teachers. I want to instill in myself a strong mix of effective communication, permitting team work, flexibility and responsiveness to situation and in order to infuse a proficient way of dealing the available information.