Hypothetical Discipline Division Of Knowledge That Is Taught Education Essay

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A hypothetical discipline is a division of knowledge that is taught formally either in schools and universities or by other means of teaching. Every field of study usually have several sub-subjects. For instance if a student studies management then it is a wide area of study and contains several sub divisional subjects and branches.

Learning modalities

Education cannot be transformed if there is no one to accept it thus there are various teaching styles followed to make learning interesting. The environment provided to the students is such that they enjoy going to the school and the basic motive of learning is established. The individual attention given to every child or learner for developing and nourishing their skills and capabilities have proved to one of the best techniques to increase learning and grasping power of the students. The following are the current modalities used in the schools and universities to make education system more simpler to be understood:

Visual: it is entirely based on observation and seeing and then learns.

Auditory: it is entirely based on listening to instructions.

Kinesthetic: learning based on hands-on work and engaging in activities.

Although it is believed that every means of teaching have different techniques and preferences and also there impact are different if one means helps to increase the observation level of the student the other helps to increase the cognitive thinking abilities of the child.

One important fact that is connected to this is that teaching patterns should keep getting change as per the changes in the teaching techniques because if one keeps on repeating the same modules to the children and present it in the same manner it becomes monotonous and thus its influence start demolishing and it is of no use. Thus using varieties of techniques and making the class interesting is integral part of teaching and learning process.


A student teacher relation is an integral part of a better education, if discussed about society as a whole. Education is considered to be a vehicle that brings about change in the society to such an extent that it can make an undeveloped country a developed one. The current aim of education is driven by the curriculum or the syllabus. Every facilitator in the school is expected to instill these applications into their teaching philosophy. Schools have always been held responsible for the knowledge, and customs that are inculcated in any individual. According to the writers the purpose of education is divided into 4 basic parts that are:





According to the given theories the basic aim of providing understanding and comprehensive knowledge to the children to survive in this competitive world. They continue by saying the education not only provide the learner a scope of surviving well in the society but also it can remove and eradicate problems of racism, poverty, sexual discrimination, and other environmental and social issues. The schools provide education to the children so that in future they can be successful in their life and grow as a better citizen. Another point that is being put forward is that there should be a social interaction between students and teachers so that they form a better relation and the students get to learn new things from their teachers.


Source: Educational technology

Technology is an increasingly influential factor in education.

The knowledge is important to be given in the form of both practical and theoretical. The theoretical knowledge should be kept short and simpler but should be strict and rigid. It should not be too long because that could make learning process a little sluggish and lingering and to attain accuracy it should be simple. The theory should not be messed up with the practical knowledge. The student should not come across any doubts and errors while using the theoretical information in practice. The author’s point of view is that the erudition that have that can be proved should be utilized as well and vice-versa. Thus according to him there is no difference between proof and utilization and thus are the same things.

The technologies such as computers and mobile phones both goes hand in hand with the current education system and also helps in establishing new ways of teaching methodologies and also encourages internet or online education that is even helpful for students that they can work along with their higher studies by perusing their studies through the medium of online education. This gives students the prospects to decide on their areas of. Not just this technology offers powerful learning tools that demand new skills and understandings of students, including Multimedia, and provides new ways to engage students, such as Virtual learning environments.

When discussing about knowledge and learning media plays an important role in the current times because media is mixed with communication. As said that every individual wants a secret to be happy, popular, attractive, understanding, satisfied and most importantly in control. The skill that provides all these qualities is effective communication. In fact, the benefits of communication and education are so much that they cannot be listed here because thse enhances so many aspects of our life. Thus technology is a medium through which an individual can polish their eminence and traits and also it nourishes the capabilities of an individual in he areas of advocacy that is advertising, marketing, public relation etc. and also enriches the education level.

The Open University of the United Kingdom (UKOU), which was established in 1969 as the first educational institution in the world which provides distance learning education is still dependent on print-based materials, television and, recently also on online programming. Similarly, the Indira Gandhi National Open University in India combines the use of print, recorded audio and video, broadcast radio and television, and audio conferencing technologies.

The term "computer-assisted learning" (CAL) has been increasingly used to describe the use of technology in teaching.


Education has become international nowadays. Not only the materialistic pleasures are being influenced by international countries but now also the education patterns provided by various countries to their students in every field of study. Some scholars argue that, every individual should have an exposure different styles of education and should not be bounded in just one form. The exchange programs recently started by every country aims that every individual should not only get a chance study in their country and the subjects offered in their homeland but also experience various different styles of technologies and methodologies used by other countries as well. Every place has their own ways of transcending knowledge, therefore every school or university is different. Thus internationalization of education will always help in better development of any country.