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Education could be simply defined as a mode in which could change the behavior of people from a normal manner to a professional manner. It is actually inducting the learners into a new way of life with distinctive values and norms that could be added to a person's life and the way in which the person grooms and develops himself. A training program is to be established and to be developed for about twenty MA human resource management students which is aiming at developing the professional skills of the individuals.

In the recent times it has become essential for the professional students to develop their professional skills as they would be interacting with various people at various levels and in various organizations. It is a necessity for them that they grow professional career as well as their personal career. It is essential for every individual to understand the various levels on interacting with the people at various levels and there are many skills that add to the development of professionalism in an individual. There are many kinds of trainings that would be necessary for a student to develop and grow his professional skills. One such important training is the body language. Body language is one such lesson or topic or method and with the awareness of which the students grow those in a professional manner and grooms them towards achieving more through their professional approach. As the students would be interacting with various people through their career in various organizations this topic is evidently one of the more relevant topics of their requirements and of their skills. The topic would help them to overcome the real time situation in which they would face several such incidents where they would be having to interact with various people of various kinds.

Training is concerned mostly with developing a particular skill or a particular behavior technique which a person or a professional is mostly not aware of and does not have a clear vision and views to it. The training on this skill of body language is not only devised to not only to create an awareness of the subject and topic but would also aim at developing and telling them about the subject and create an understanding of the topic while it aims at increasing the values of the individual and his social behavior. This paper would aim at developing a one day course to approximately 20 HRM students in order to make them understand the topic and the hence to bring about an understanding about the body language. This would also aim at the individual audiences inculcating the subject as a part of their day to day life.

Background of the exercise:

The main reason to choose this topic is that the topic is now a day more relevant to the day to day life of every individual and it is also an essential requirement for the students to understand various forms of communication which includes non verbal communication. Certainly Body language is one such topic that requires more awareness and understanding of in the modern times. The professional attributes and the mannerisms of the individuals could be reformed and developed only by a proper training in body language. This training on the body language could also be one such topic which could reform the individual student's behavior in their day to day life. The exercise also has been chosen as just the awareness of the subject could help them learn about the topic by just observing various people in their everyday life. The exercise was also mainly chosen as it is one of the least concerned topic and since it is not been given much focus or importance by the professionals and professional students and various other people. Body language is not only a topic or lesson of training. But it is an art of understanding people from various behaviors and mannerisms. It is essential for every individual in any given situation to know the mood of the person to whom he is talking to and to know the mood of the environment in which he is talking. It would not be ideal for an individual especially a professional to act in a different way in a different environmental setting.

Objectives of the exercise:

The primary aim or the objective of the topic is to develop an individual more professionally in such a way that they develop and inculcate the various techniques and the tips and methods that is being provided to them. Also this aims at developing the professional character of the individuals. There are many objectives to this exercise. The main objectives for the exercise are as follows:

The first and primary objective of this exercise on body language is to give a brief about the subject and various topic related messages and matters. This would help to initially start with the topic thereby helping them to understand what body language is and a general overview of the topic would help them as an ice breaker as it would help them to involve themselves in the exercise for the rest of the day.

The second objective of the exercise is to focus on the various body language techniques and skills and to focus on how to understand various people in various situations. It is also essential to understand the various differences among people and hence the body language exercise aims at providing the distinctive factors between the topics from cultural differences.

This exercise also tries to bring about an understanding of the various body language techniques and would include on how to behave or communicate or express in a way using body language. This would help the individuals to understand various people and various skills of the individuals thereby helping them to communicate in a right way at the right place where there is a non verbal communication that is necessary.

The next objective of the exercise would also aim at focusing on the behaviors and body languages of all the twenty professional students in the class room and discussion about their body language behaviors thereby helping them to increase the awareness on how to communicate in each and every environment they are present in. this could also help the students to learn various body language skills from their fellow colleagues.

The course would also be aimed at improving the body language skills that is required for a personal environment and for the professional environment or the business environment thereby helping them to improve the professional as well as personal body language skills.

The course would also aim at motivating the individuals to observe various ways of an individual and how he is expressing what he wants to with the help of body language. The exercise would also provide the people to improve the various body language skills and techniques. This would also help them to understand the various behaviors of the people.

Rationale for choosing the topic:

The main reason for choosing the topic is that the topic is more relevant to the course of study that the students are currently pursuing. Human resource management is one major topic in which studying of people and people behavior is given more importance to. Similarly body language is one such major topic within human resource management as they would interact with various people in an organization and in a professional and business environment where they would be working later. As the students would be interacting with various levels of people in any organization this topic would be of more relevance of their study and also would be more relevant to their kind of job and work and would help them ultimately in their skills and development of their professionalism.

Design of the programme:

As the course would be started and completed within a day since it is a day's programme it is essential for the program trainer to provide the course such that it covers almost all the topics of relevance that would be necessary to provide knowledge. The course would be divided into six modules of one hour each with two breaks in between of half an hour each. The first two modules would be aiming at giving an introduction to body language and the necessary topics and would also be aimed at providing an introduction session to the basics of the topic and relevance.

The third and fourth modules of the course or the program or the exercise would focus upon the major techniques and major factors that would be observable. This would also aim at improving the professional skills of every individuals and hence to provide sufficient tips and suggestions on the topic. This presentation would also include a 15 min session on the high profile people of the world and their body language. During this hour the course would be more practical and towards the end of the day more of interaction would be required from the people and hence would be done accordingly.

The fifth module would be the study of the individuals and their body language within the class room. This would be more of interaction and would include more people to identify ones behavior.

The course modules would be as follows:

Module 1:

This module would contain an introduction to body language and various topics of relevance that are addressing the topic. It would also include a framework of understanding in which it would start up with an ice breaker and would help the people to get in conscience with the course provider or the trainer.

Module 2:

The basic concepts of body language would be focused more upon in this module thereby helping the individuals to groom and grow themselves on the topic of relevance and hence motivating them to understand the underlying concepts and hence to include them on their day to day life. This topic would also include various topics of relevance to body language such as the territories and zones of individuals and people, the various kinds of gestures that are more required to the topic and the major kinds of gestures that are being used by most of the people. Then the various barriers, signals, pointers and various other topics of relevance would also be considered for the purpose of improving the skills of the people.

Module 3:

This module would mainly focus upon the cultural differences among the people and various differences between their behaviors. This would also aim at improving the knowledge of the differences between cultures and differences between the individuals based upon the cultures would be given more importance. Also this would include the various gesture techniques that are being identified and studied and used in day to day life. The major kinds of gestures such as the hand gestures, palm gestures which are of relevance to the topic would also be provided to the students.

Module 4:

This module would aim at various other techniques in body language such as the pointers, power plays, eye signals etc. such that the rest of the topic of relevance is covered. This would also help the students to learn the topic at various stages hence to apply it at various levels of their professional and personal lives. This would also show various people or celebrities and how they use their body language to influence various people would also be studied and focused upon in the last 15 minutes this module.

Module 5:

The fifth module would aim at reducing the one way interaction hence to improve the individual skills of the people thereby aiming at increasing the professional skills of every individual. Hence this would also help them in understanding various topics and thus this module would aim at improving the practical application of the topic of relevance and what they have studied in the previous module. This course would enable all the students in the classroom to evaluate every individual by providing them with an evaluation guide of body language. This could help them in understanding the equalities among the people and the differences in their behavior in a social situation.

Module 6:

This would help in practical implication techniques of the topic of study and the various uses of the awareness of the topic. This study would also help people in guiding them to understand various techniques of knowledge on the importance of aiming at practically implementing the acquired skills in their day to day life thereby to improve people more and more and hence to become experts in the handling of various people at various levels of the organization and in various situations and environments.

Detail of Methods:

The training would be of a planned training kind where the training would focus at various steps of the training. There is a need for the professional human resource students to understand the topic and hence to learn the relevance of the topic in their day to day life. The method would be more of a formal training and would be provided to the students in a more professional and formal manner. Also the training would be a classroom based training hence to improve the skills of the people and to focus upon the individual strengths and weaknesses of the individuals individually so that it helps the people in understanding the concepts more efficiently while it could also help them to use the various concepts that they would have used more professionally.

The training apart from being classroom based training would be a more focused training that would be aimed at improving the skills and providing more practical real life topics of necessity. Hence the method of classroom training is being handled and the class room would be used appropriately to evaluate the various differences and the similarities between the behaviors of various individuals.

There would be also a pre learning that is required which could help the various individuals in various stages to understand the concept more clearly and more functionally while it also could help the individuals in understanding the concepts and relating the concepts to more real life situations for a better learning and understanding.

The training would be more formal training and would be based on the timings. The training session would be a combination of both a classroom discussion in which the topic is delivered to the students. To avoid more theory practical modules have also been included in the course structure such that they understand the topic very well while on the other hand encouraging them to interact more with the trainer.

Resources needed:

There are no much resources needed for the exercise to be taken through to the students of human resource management except a class room setting as the exercise would be a class room training session. The major requirements are a class room that could accommodate twenty individuals and a training staff. There is a requirement of twenty note pads for the students who would be taking the training session.

As the training would be provided on a classroom through a presentation a projector would be required to communicate. As the topic is more relevant to pictures rather that its relevance to theory many pictures would be showed to the students hence a projector would be more necessary for them to study the topic.

Apart from the above requirements there is one major requirement that is a well trained professional trainer who would be capable of delivering the topic of relevance to the students. The trainer would be from a psychology or a behavior background so as to have a clear knowledge of the topic and a clear understanding of the topic. This would also enable them to understand the topic and hence deliver it in a professional way. Also this would help them in delivering the topic of relevance without much effort and tackling the various doubts and questions that is being put forth to them.

Learning Materials:

It is required to provide a document that is being created and composed by the trainer himself to students such that the students could clearly understand the point which the trainer is trying to make. The students would also be required to make a pre learning of the topic which could help them in understanding the various concepts that are being put forth to them hence to understand them very well. A hand out of the presentation would also be provided to the students to whom the topic is being delivered to. A portfolio of various celebrities would also be required to train the students in a more relevant manner.


The evaluation would be made in such a way that the individuals try to implement in a professional manner. The evaluation of the course would be made in such a way on how well they understand the concepts and the various topics. The evaluation would be based on more of real time application of the topic and understanding the concept and hence a time period of about a week would be given to them and later they would be asked to write an essay on the people they met in the previous week and their interactions and on the relevance of the topic of their jobs.


The one day training would be more useful and sufficient for the students to understand the topic and what they would be relating to. The training would be a formal training which would be based on a classroom. The communication in the class would be more of a two way interaction than a one way mono communication. The evaluation would also be based upon the various skills of the people and the individuals and how they would use it in a day to day life. The topic would also help every individual to understand the concept more broadly and more deeply thereby helping them to get a new way of seeing, observing things and people.