How To Perform A Research Education Essay

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The research provided the author with the understanding of research methodologies and approaches. Through the research, the author has learnt how to perform a research with a full process from identifying research objectives, raising questions, planning research schedule, adapting the theory into the context of PVEP… Therefore, the author has a big opportunity to undertake the research in full and on his own. The author also learnt how to conduct the questionnaires and interviews and experienced the difficulties in collecting the data and interpreting the results. Moreover, the author has learnt how to make a plan for the whole research. Before selecting the research topic, the author had read a lot of books and articles to draw an overall picture of the topic. When writing the research, the author worked out the plan and organized the main ideas in the author's mind before putting down in the draft. The research edited each section when they were completed other than waiting until all draft had been finalized. Each chapter was also set deadlines so that the author could keep track with the completion of the study.

Doing the research, the author has read many books, articles and reports from any sources such as Emerald, EBSCO, online and on paper. The research rewarded the author with the abilities to skim and scan the documents, move on if these materials are not useful, summarize the documents to find the main ideas relevant to the research topic and retrieve information required for the study. From these readings, the author was provided with enormous understanding about the process of building business strategy: analyzing the impact of external and internal business environment, identifying strategic capabilities, generating strategic direction, choosing strategic methods, evaluating the success or failure of the strategy. That information is valuable for the author's future career in managerial position. In addition, from multiple sources of information with various concepts and perspectives, the author had to screen the information and choose the suitable one with the study.

The experience in undertaking the research also gave the author the chances to communicate with his colleagues in different departments of PVEP as well as other companies in an oil and gas industry. Their views and opinions broaden the author's knowledge about forming a strategy in general and PVEP's strategy in particular. Moreover, the author could improve the relationship with the colleagues which help him a lot in his job. During the interview, the author had to listen carefully to the respondents and asked them additional questions. Therefore, the author could improve the listening and questioning skills.

The author's English is improved significantly after doing this research, especially reading and wiring skills. In order to complete chapter 2, the author had to read many books and academic journals from online databases such as Emerald, EBSCO… From hundreds of books and journals reading, the author chose the contents related to the research topic and developed the research. These reading also require the author to e-search from the library of Gloucestershire quickly and efficiently. Through the research journey, the author got the skill of identifying key words, finding specific information among the huge storage of information.

Furthermore, it is the first time the author has concentrated on referencing. Referencing is very important in academic study to help the author avoid plagiarism. However, when the author was in university, reference was not taken into consideration. Students do not know how to cite the studies and plagiarism is a popular habit. After this research, the author could improve the referencing skill and understand its importance.

The author's experience

Before the author got into doing the research, he attended the class that guided the students how to undertake the dissertation successfully. From the class guideline, the author found topic from many sources such as workplace experience, course work, readings, and copies of master's dissertation completed in the library… After all, the author realized that the current workplace was the most interesting topic. During the MBA course, Global Business Strategy module brought the author much useful knowledge. Therefore, the author decided to choose a topic in this field which also close to his background.

During the process of doing the research, the author coped with many challenges. Although the topic was chosen based on the author's familiar field and working experience, sometimes he got stuck and did not know how to solve the problems. The reasons were the author did not have much preparation before submitting the topic form. In the future, if the author does other researches, he will do more reading and prepare the questionnaires and interviews well in advance to ensure that the questionnaire and interview questions are suitable and provide the author abundant information required for the study.

The author also faced with much stress when completing this research due to high pressure from work and life. Sometimes, the author missed the deadline of the research and tried hard to keep track with the plan. Writing up the study was hard as English is not the author's mother tongue, especially academic English. As of limited vocabulary and insufficient information, the author got stuck in strengthening the research analysis.

With a clear setting deadline and objectives of the research, the author has been able to complete the research. The author's family, colleagues and friends contributed a lot in sharing their views, concerns to minimize the stress and find solutions to complicated issues. Comments and feedback from the author's supervisor in right time assist the author a lot and encourage him to complete the long research journey.

How have the author developed as the result of the research

The research equipped the author with many skills, knowledge which will positively affect the author's future career in managerial role. The author learns how to conduct a research from a load of information with research strategy, research paradigm and design, data collection, framework for data analysis… Furthermore, the author believes that he could complete the research successfully with the establishment of a clear roadmap, straight, and logic thinking.

The interviews with respondents from PVEP's departments bring the author experience of communicating with people in different positions. The author knows how to pose questions in a neutral manner, suggest respondents to reaveal greater detail information, ask subsequent questions to information the resondents has provided… Those skills are very essential for the author to negotiate with customers as well as underatke the higher position. Moreover, the author has a chance to share knowledge and opnions with the collegues and receive valuable feedback. From the communication with them, the author could strengthen the realtionship with collegues both in junior and top management position.

Most importantly, the research equiped the author with many precious skills that could not be achieved from other activities. Firstly, the author knows how to think critically with a strict outline that needed to be complied. Secondly, the author could improve the organizing and time management skills. It is not easy to complete a big piece of work in time. The author has to form the schedule and balance work and life to manage time efficiently. Moreover, writing up the disseration requires the author work independently. The supervisor only instructs the author how to conduct the research. The author himself has to read as much as possible and catch main ideas from the huge storage of information.

What contribution has the Dissertation made to the author's Continuous Professional Development?

Thourgh out the research, the author developed better understanding of PVEP's strategy and the process of forming and evaluating the strategy. The relationships with the author's collegues in the company as well as in oil and gas industry are also improved which help the author a lot in the future career.

By undertaking the research, the author has built useful skills such as critical thinking, research skill, design the quetionaire, organizing, time management and independent skill. All of these skills are valuable to the author in his current work and getting promotions in the future. With a clear and strict outine, the author could save time and ensures that the work is carried out tightly to the schedule. In addition, the reseach requires the author to self discipline so as to complete the work in consistent with the strict deadline. Furthermore, the research gives the author high confidence that the auhtor could organize the similar research in the future and develops it effectively.

Furthermore, the auhtor learns to overcome obstacles during the research journey. In order to interview twety respondents, the author had to set appointments with them. Sometimes, the repondents were too busy and the appointments were changed; or the interviews were interrupted by objective reasons. With a strict time constraint, the author had to keep up time and complete the interview with the highest results. Moreover, the author coped with many unexpected situations during the reaserch process such as personal affairs, business trip or sickness which had bad influence on the author's timetable. Despite of those difficulties, the author still fullfills the disseration on time. It can be said that through the research, the author could find solutions to any complicated problems in the future.

After accomplishing the research, the author also improves his English substantially in listening, speaking, especially reading and writing skills. Now he is confident in sharing views in academic English.

In conclusion, the master course and this research give the author a lot of benefits in term of valuable experiences and skills. These skills and developed realtionships from this research aid in improving the author's future professional development. Finally, the auhtor is glad that he could overcome all obstacles and be able to complete the reaserch with many pressure form work and life.