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The reflection report is a form of thinking, how to analyze based on knowledge and feeling. As a manager self analyze to think about weakness and strengths. In this report, it is need to focus on communication skills, time management, scope management, risk management, analysis, self motivation and management (self judgment, self evaluation, self reaction, and self satisfaction), problem solving, team effectiveness and project planning. The main objective of this report where we need to discuss following element:

Life long learning after this dissertation course experience

Experience and Importance of group work and relationship with team members

Importance to keep daily dairy for long run project like dissertation and research report work

Reflection is a series of step to note down for future reference and help

Importance of analysis and research we did for our project- processing of running project

Quality of work related to topic

Get the tutor and group members advise and note down in reflection dairy

Basically reflective knowledge is a method to examine him/her self internally and deeply and finding out the issue of anxiety, settle down by the experience which creates the meaning of self. And learns from the same repeating experience and changed him/her self effectively by the result experiences. Reflection practice is the form of self awareness and self appraisal and describes the result and outcomes of person's actions.

Recollection of Experiences (Weekly Detailed Dairy)





14 -06-2010

This week, we attended the introduction session of AMP Module given by Vincent Ong, and learnt how to write a report and how to do the format ect from learning support teacher. After that Academic Liaison Librarian the detailed information about the way to put the referencing in our report.

Next day activity was about the plagiarism and turnitinUK. JBK explained us regarding paraphrasing and feature of turnitinUK. They also helped us in search of related articles from digital library. I learned 1st time how to put key words in advance search and get the journals and articles like rational research to identity and support our discussion.

Rob explained us about the reflection report and how it is relevant with our report and what makes a good reflection report and what would be structure of Report. After that we collected handbook of AMP topic.

During this week we formed a group of 10 members as we all previously worked together so we know each other. One thing in our favour that working with known group can reduce time taken to start performing and

Beginning of this week we all felt excited and optimistic. As we received information about work we became more apprehensive, confused and uncertain and our topic also made us very uncertain and anxious. But after two days brain storming with group members and detailed discussion with tutor reassured us, and gave us clarification and showed right direction.

In general we learnt that wide range of resources and journals are available our library; it is analysed that without the tutor guidance, may be we would be on the wrong direction. We understand the importance of referencing

How to comparing and contrasting the material from different authors and importance of sharing ideas and referencing as well as we understand the importance of secondary research.

Learned about the importance of the time management in project and proper referencing; may be some problem will be encountered during the project like in personal planning and in managing a group.

Learning solution in this week would be like how to find relevant information more effectively and learned to need the maintained records about daily activities of progress.




Read the handbook with all material given by tutor. These two articles are very much help full for understanding the topic.

Today we started our project; we did research and found 5-6 articles about target market selection and difference between B2B and B2C practices.

Facing much difficulty in research about the relevant topic because the topic is much tricky and confusing. After two day struggle and with different key words as suggested by tutor, we came to at one time of start.

Need to understand the synthesis Main Report like how to draw evidence and evaluate and present our own thoughts in Report. The main report should be synthesis rather than descriptive.

A lot of hurdles came while searching the topics.

To day I get some useful articles and reading and getting some useful points regarding my requirements

This week we had a meeting on firday to solve the issues regarding the understanding of topics and their key wordings for search.



Facing and Feeling much difficulty while reading, reviewing and comparing the articles of different authors and different sides regarding my topic and key words.

Before start writing the literature review, needs to understand and study the Harvard System for proper referencing. So Google it and find and understand the many ways of putting referencing for article, journals and books such as with missing date, missing author's name , with more than one or two author's work etc.

Today, I started my work on dissertation and I made a folder of my all downloaded article and took the print and read two of them then make the synthesize point from them

I started my work from literature review which is the main body of the report in which we needs to put our ability to produce a quality of work here. I had written my synthesis point over there from two articles.

This week we had a 2nd meeting on Friday to solve the issues regarding the understanding of topics and share some ideas as well as searched article with each other also our project manager send us some use topic related to inviting tender in technological solution.

Today I also review the one more article which is presented in an international conference regarding issues related to ICT facing by SMEs companies. So exacted some main point from this article and note down.



Today I got my result; I had passed my in all modules. Thank to Almighty GOD.

I have decided to divide my work chapter wise as guided us by our AMP module Coordinator. So we come the point that work should be start from literature review section.



Facing many difficulties while reviewing the literature, comparison of all researchers and authors work regarding my topic. It is noticed that all researcher focusing the similar issue that affecting the operation while moving to B2C and suggests the same requirement and key consideration.

As I am having the first experience at this level of literature review and work but it is much interested and knowledgeable effort for me.

It is very easy to divert from the original topic during the literature reviewing process. I am facing much difficulty such as the diversion from my original topic in writing the report process. May God help me to do this in good and best ways related to my topic



This week I was not able to work on my report due to my some personal engagement and some family issues so I was out of station.



This week, I started to understand and revise some article and document on tendering. As I need to understand that how to invite the tender for technological and software solutions.

Facing much difficulties and issues while writing on inviting tenders for technological solution. Because invitation to tender for technical and non technical solution are much confusion and related work. But feel like interesting as I am having the new expertise and expertise regarding the tender. I don't have any experience of reading like these documents.

As I was stuck on the step of inviting tender so today I consulted with the team leader of our group so she help me out in understanding of this specific point that what are the key requirement for inviting the tenders as I was thinking on the format like that regarding tendering but she solved my issue and send some articles for literature review related to this. She is very much helping person and nice lady and she should be a good team leader.



I feel confusion in writing on inviting tender for web development that whether it should b E-tendering or normal traditional way.

Another issue that I m facing that in most of tendering article there is no proper author or researcher name. Mostly the company and organizational name are mentioned while inviting tender for the technological or software solutions.

Got some article and journal on tendering and outsourcing the IT related work and technological solution.

This week I have made my final schedule and divide the days to final review and how to close my work within the month of august.

Self learned and Understand the use of indexing and table of contents in word; how to use the proper referencing.



This week I met with my one of the group member in LRC and discussed about the e-book refereeing and how many references we can use and whether mostly should be journal's articles and could be from any where else? And discussed about recommendations. Should we need to suggest or put some recommendation related to our kind of work?

So she suggested that we should email to Peter Godwin as well as we get some information from LR guide or referring within digital library.

This week, I got some good article but this is my targeted week in my time table to finish all the literature review and writing. And should be focus and emphasized on the synthesis and comparison of the report in last 3 week.

This week, I need to scale down and windup my all review work.

Today is the end of this week and I have closed my literature review writing and my next stage is to syntheses the report and exacts the key point for analysis and discussion.



In our meeting we discussed about the difference between E-business and -commence, it found about a detailed reading that e-commence is linked to the B2B and e-business is linked with B2C.moreover from studies one thing come out that is digital-related products and digital-unrelated product.

Our project team leader explained and clearly differentiated that digitally related product i.e. software applications, mobile phones, digital cameras were more suitable for e-commerce, and more easily sold over the internet unlike digitally unrelated products like furniture which consumers would want examine physically before a purchase is made.

We also discussed and studied further on the key issues and consideration regarding the tender invitation for website development solution.

Today I started my work on review of my work with detailed and syntheses point of view.

Feel some ambiguity regarding references in analysis and discuss that should we need to put the Harvard reference within the analysis and discussion portion like we did in literature review?

To resolve this issue I put a email to our team leader and waiting her reply.



This week is very much tough and crucial as I totally put my effort on the revision and focus on my whole work and balance the report in a proper flow and come out and corrected some mistakes

After that I can better focus working on the conclusion and recommendation of the topic.

Today end of this week, I wrote down my conclusion and recommendation.



Working on reflection analysis report and syntheses my all work into final version.

Recompleted daily dairy log of my all 3 month works


Personal feelings and learning from the experience

Meeting and regular Google talk and email exchange about article and experiences and discussion with group leader. Some major difficulties were come in front while reviewing the literature, comparison of all researchers and authors work regarding my topic. As it is noticed that all researcher focusing the similar issue that affecting the operation while moving to B2C market and suggests the same requirement and key consideration for outsourcing processes. As I am having the first time experience at this level of literature review and work but it is much interested and knowledgeable effort for me. I enjoy a lot with my work and feel much happy at this stage and got much knowledge from last three month efforts. That how to make the comparison of other authors work and note down in own our wordings. Research work is really very much interesting but time consuming. I spend my neat hours and hours on this report and this work should be helpful and very much supportive for my future work and learning at this level and above this level.

It was very easy to divert from the original path during literature reviewing phase as well in writing report process. My God help me out to do this thing in good and best ways which linked to my topic. Issue regarding literature review and other relevant work are resolved very smoothly with the help of all my group members collective participation and efforts. We had arranged the meetings until all the members are cleared and much satisfied with there understanding of topic and data collection as we had three weekly groups meeting with team leader after the AMP week. My team has been very much generous with the commitment and time punctuality. My contribution was also remarkable by my members and I was linked with my group members all the time 24/7 through email, facebook and mobile. And I was much satisfied with my work and with group members' response.

Group Dynamics and Learning from the experience

Here I must mention one thing that my current group was not with the fresh new members. We were having same group in all our previous course work. So we were much comfortable and understand each other frame of mind and algorithm of work. And we understand the group dynamics and responsibilities. As a whole I didn't feel any problem in my work with my members. Since I was linked with my group members all the time 24/7 through email, facebook and mobile and all the group members were much satisfied with my work and with my quick response on any issue related to our work. I fulfill my all responsibilities that were given by our team leader. Out supervisor consultancy was very much helpful for us regarding the understanding the actual topic and how to search the relevant material from digital library. He did very level best to solve our issues and

Lessons for the future Projects

The lesson learned dairy was kept in order to bring together all the lessons I learnt during the Dissertation work, which will be provides as a guideline for other projects. The weekly diary was updated whenever there were learned during the project whether it was positive or negative lesson. From the experience with the proper management of work from the start and all the group members cooperation many positive and good lessons was learned for future projects. Such as weekly meetings, time management and good communication with members was tracking out our progress. Due to time management we have a lot of time for quality review and correction before the deadline.

The group learnt very much from experience as it helped me in rising good management skill and to achieve the objectives according to prefix quality standards within the time constrains through the planning and good control especially at initial stage. Daily log helped me out to plan and schedule the weekly tasks and overall progress of my work. Following are the key lessons I have learned for future project as a group.

Good understanding and friendly work environment.

Weekly dairy and meetings with group members

Time management and planning

Good communication and updated sharing.


The project was managed very calmly and smoothly with help of supervisors' guidelines from the first stage and good team's effective communication via email, phone and weekly meetings, motivation, planning and time management, risk management and most important is self management and motivation. Every team was very much delegated, punctual and showed their responsibility. The tool of weekly dairy helped me out to align and monitor my each stage and there objectives. We received the feedback and make the updates with weekly group meeting.

However, with good time management and understanding of work, our group members met the deadlines but we faced few issues and hurdles regarding understand of topic and research of relevant material like e-article, e-journal and books. But with effective communication between all members via meetings, email, phone all the risks and issues will be overcomes with the time beings.

Finally, my project was successfully finished with the mercy of Almighty God and the equal contribution of all team members and my mothers' prayer was with me all the time. At the end, I believed that good management skill and supportive project team as well as enough support from the supervisor in AMP Week are the reasons for no major issues, hurdles, and deviations. As good management and clear communication helped out greatly to avoid the likely issues and conflicts as every team members were aware of their own deadlines and their own responsibility. I must appreciate this new method of self recording for our daily work for such type of long project which kept us on right path and lesson for time management and reflection of our work for future prospects. I am much satisfied at this stage with my work and learnt a lot for future things as this whole experience of UK changes my lifestyle and it was the lifelong learning for me.