How Psv S Cultural Components Impact On Their Operation Education Essay

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Every organization's process is based on their assumptions, value, artifacts, norm social codes, heroes, history, language & etc. simply such organization's culture. e.g., our values based on money, time, facilities, technology, space and human resources and their skills. Results of cultural effects on organizational operations are organizational members' behaviors, technologies, strategies, image, products, services, appearance, dress codes, and willing nesses. Organizational culture is very important to consider when controlling, planning activities, introducing new concept, and maintaining day to day activities.

How PVS's culture impact on their internal control

Internal Control is a process, effected by principal's & staff guiding and other personnel designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of objectives in the following categories: effectiveness and efficiency of operations; reliability of financial reporting; and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It further defines Control Environment the control environment is an organization's culture, beliefs, and values. It includes the integrity, ethical beliefs, and competencies of its people, which are visible in principle's operating style, how principle assigns authority and responsibility, and how principle organizes and develops his children.

As an example people who are engage PVS system hugely believe their school premises as victorious land. That thought students encourage facing and win challenges with competitors .actually it build up a huge self confidence & control in students and teachers mind to reach their goals and objectives. And another cultural component of PVS is Buddha image house in front of school gate play a main role in their day to day activities and in special occasions. Buddha image have change large behavioral change in students why in past students worship Buddha image as a result of principles command but in now a days it has became a hobbit of students. As well as they worship and go through Buddhist guidance before their special events such as exam, start of new program ,Sport meet & etc. exactly they Start & end their work day preaching Buddhist hymns. According that we understood they are automatically controlled as vigil by load Buddha.

How their values impact on their operations

PVS's value is a" Born to learn". That is they practically show to world through their various well defined programs to improve students' talents. Such as "kalapana lokaya "that is enhance mathematical skills also Every student have separate time to improve their knowledge through literature by reading Various type of books in their 3 type of libraries. As well as they improve their collaboration skills through sramadana campaighn in per week throughout 45 minutes. As well as there is a value as a appreciate students talents and skills that is they practically do through their annual prize given ceremony and "pathma praba" magazine.

There is a value as collaboration between principle, staff, society and children. The business world communication is imperative for the successful execution of daily operations is imperative for the successful execution of daily operations. Teacher should have better understand about cultural differences and overcoming language barriers .even though can be breakdown interaction of each other. We could identify by searching environment of PSV number of opportunities they used to collaboration from each other. There are various societies meetings (literature society, old boy society), Parents meeting, Staff meeting & etc

The mission, vision and strategy communicated by the principle with staff, children and society are the strength. That maintains the organization's stakeholders together and moves everybody in the same direction. Lack of clear direction, frequent and abrupt changes and arbitrary decisions in mission, vision and strategy contribute to the negativity in the organization culture. That smoothly influences the efficiency and effectiveness of school's operations. Such as recruiting children, coordinate any religious events, ceremonies, select prefect board and etc.Based on the level and clarity of leadership communication, can be decide whether such organization is in high risk or low risk or medium risk at a macro level environment in their operation

How their artifacts influence their activities

If Consider about layout plan of PVS that add specific value for School's operation like as that show proud of school for society and that build up respect, willingness in students mind .that mind set they guide to achieve their goals and improve good emotions regarding school activities. There is a separate building for principle office that is very important for held his works in independently and vey efficiency and effectively. As well as school lay out help to build up very smoothly and helpful relationship with parents through specific hospitality system such as separate visiting room for parents near to principle room as there are magazine, trophies of students for see parents and like that .also dress codes of students, staff and principle show their specialness as head of school, staff, prefect, scout member and likes. School badge also collect them separate value as a student of Sri Sumangala College. That is established as English school for provide Buddhist in English but now a days it became a school teach in English as well as in Sinhala. So Sumangalian Have good ability to use both languages that thing built good emotion regarding them in competitive race. They always try to speak in high volume because of their environmental effect that is a school situated nearest to sea and they called their teachers as Sir and madam or miss Further special thing is their badge shows a radiating dagoda and books made from Palmyra-umbrella. It reveals the affair between PSV and Rankoth viharaya.


Organization ethics want to show in all aspects of organization conduct. It goes beyond legal requirements and shows whether business is conducted on values of integrity, honesty and fairness. They always try to operate their activities in good faith as an example when they fulfill grade 1 vacancies they always try to create as their ethics and government rules and regulation. That reflects their honesty and fairness in operation. As well as can be see their ethical procedure by seeing their selection of prefect board why for select cream of the cream they use specific procedure within no of activities so they don't consider relationships or any other powers to select them. Then they behave in equality and honesty. Further as a example for improve students ethical behavior they use the big parade as a walk that is 'Sumagul walk'. Usually most of schools' children use their big match parade to use alcoholic item or any other unimportant and wasting activities. But "Sumagul walk' ignore that way activities and improve their harmony and collaboration.

Attitudes & Beliefs:

We could identify Sri Sumangala College's culture through observing children and teachers with their day to day work in some far. Every student have positive attitude as he is a Sumangalian. They have good respect for their staff and principle. Every student's attitude is developing their school as far as, for that they built up old boy society and they regularly held sramadana campaighn to enhance their school beautiful and formality. Then people who are engage with PVS system hugely believe their school premises as victorious land. That thought students encourage facing and win challenges with competitors. As they have huge believe as they are a most powerful school of Panadura area so they create and arrange their operation as leader of all Panadura area schools.

Type of culture

There are basically two types of organizational cultures as dominant culture and sub cultures. Through PVS's culture we could be identify both dominant and subculture .we can be say they have a dominant culture because of every person engage with PSV system worship Buddhist .another religious persons also worship in school premise for Buddha and there is no any ceremonial activity to offer any other religious' proper. According to procedure of PSV we identified their dominant culture is strong organizational culture because of there is a high shared ness and intensity for their core value regard Buddhist.

There are sub cultures can be seen no of times, as Staff, Primary school, Secondary school, cricket team, scout team and likes.

As an example sub culture in primary school can demonstrate through their huge visual basic learning, design of class rooms, language they called for their school as "podi skole" and primary school students wear white short, white shirt.PSV has strong and most popular history regarding scout activities so there is a specific history, dress codes, activities, goals, language. Also there is a subculture built for Cricket attitudes can be seen. There is a separate dress code such as T-shirts printed specific logo , specific tournaments events, awards, language words like such as big match, trophy, events such as "Sumagul walk" and etc.Then secondary school subculture values are they have specific dress code, separate prefect board ,technology based leaning, specific layout for class rooms and etc.